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The Most Hated Judge Take a Guess

With each season of Dancing with the Stars bringing all new celebrities to the center of attention it
is increasingly obvious that there are several judges who play a very large part on the show.
Trying to determine the exact role that each of the stars play is often varied, but it is possible for a
large number of people to easily pinpoint the one judge that they dislike. However, while everyone
tends to have different opinions, there are also several factors that make it increasingly obvious
that one judge in particular has the role of villain wrapped up tightly.

For the vast majority of viewers the inclusion of Len Goodman as well as Bruno Tonioli seems only
natural. After all, these two gentlemen are directly involved with the British version of the show
Strictly Come Dancing. One major difference between the original British version and the United
States version is the number of judges, for the British version there are a total of four judges,
which includes Craig Revel Horwood, Arlene Phillips, Len Goodman, and finally Bruno Tonioli.

Len Goodman comes from England and is a professional dancing judge, as well as instructor for
ballroom and also Latin dance styles. Beginning his dance career around 1962 he has ample
experience to pull upon and has demonstrated a very extensive knowledge of all of the dance
types, styles, varieties and even the alternative techniques that can be used. Due to the
overwhelming success of the British version, Strictly Come Dancing he was offered the position as
the head judge on the American version, Dancing with the Stars.

BrunoTonioli is a professional dancer as well as a choreographer. His professional credits have
ranged across a large number of projects with his most recent notoriety coming from both the
British version, Strictly Come Dancing but also the American version, Dancing with the Stars.
Pulling from his own experience as a dancer and even a choreographer he is able to offer the
contestants, both stars and professionals some great first hand advice and is also known for
making an appearance on the Australian version of the show, Dancing with the Stars.

Carrie Ann Inaba is an American actress, singer, and also dancer. She has also handled
numerous professional choreography needs as well, especially for various competitions, and
television shows. From all of the judges involved in the show Dancing with the Stars she is the
only judge who has no personal ballroom dancing experience or training. This has no doubt found
her repeatedly questioned on her ability to judge the competition. Pulling on her dancing skills,
she has proven in her own professional career that she is incredibly talented and has been
involved in the show since the very beginning.

Overall, if you had to just read the small pieces of information presented and pick the one judge
that you believe is the worst what do you think you would say? Most people can agree that it is
extremely difficult to actually pinpoint that one judge that is unanimously called the villain but for
some it is actually quite simple. The lack of experience in professional ballroom dancing tends to
make Carrie Ann Inaba the first choice; however, there are several reasons why she is often
considered the villain judge in the show.

For the majority of people who have watched the show for any great amount of time it is noticeable
that aside from the truth that many people all compete against each other Carrie Ann Inaba also
has a habit of being much harsher on the female contestants than on the male contestants. This
is regardless of whether the contestants are professionals or celebrities. This has created a large
amount of frustration amongst fans that felt that males were not performing to the same level as
the female but yet received better comments and ratings. Trying to avoid this reputation, it has
been obvious that Carrie Ann Inaba is working to change her image, but it is proving to be a bit
difficult for her to do since each couple has at least one female actively involved.

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