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Parent Meeting Agenda 2011


									                                            Bountiful Braves Baseball
                               Parent Meeting Agenda – Monday, February 20, 2012

1) Introduction / Welcome
   a) 4 Rules
       i) Be On Time
       ii) Work Hard
       iii) Be a Do-er! (Do Your Best & Hustle) & (Do the Right Thing(s))
       iv) Have Fun (That is up to each Person)

2) Coaching Staff
   a) Coach Stringfellow – Head Varsity Coach & Athletic Director
   b) Line of Communication – Through the Head Coach First if unavailable through Coach Everett.
   c) Assistant Coach – Aaron Everett
   d) Player/Assistant Coach – Cam Zollinger
   e) Volunteer Assistant Coach – Zach Jones

3) 3 Teams – Varsity, JV, Sophomore

    a)   Priorities – School – Eligibility (3rd Term Counts)
    b)   Practice Commitment – 9TH GRADERS
    c)   Game Commitment - SCHEDULES
    d)   Schedules & Calendar can be Found On-Line (Be Flexible) – Check the Blog first or find out from your son.
         i) Bountiful Braves Baseball on Facebook.
         ii), click on BASEBALL. Calendar at the Bottom.
         iii), can be updated instantly.
         iv) I try to send text messages to the players first, to let them know what is going on, after that, I encourage them
              to let you know.

4) Fund Raising – TEAM GOAL $25,000 (Everybody has an Individual Part of the Goal)
   a) Banners & Pennants (Advertising)
      i) Rich Hansen – Chair
      ii) Banner Renewals - $200, (NO NEW BANNERS), Pennants $150.
      iii) Player gets $100 credit for each one sold.
      iv) All donations for Banners or Pennants must be received by March 17th.
      i) $25 cost per card $16 player credit for each card sold. We would like every player to sell 15 cards. You can
           sell as much as you want though. All credit is earned by the player who sold the card. All money collected,
           is due by March 17th. There are prizes for highest seller and highest group.
      i) All funds collected will go to help pay for games in Anaheim and new Equipment.
      ii) Saturday March 19th – 10 am – 2 pm, on the field and in the field house.
      iii) All Players Expected to help, in Uniform.
      iv) Marketing Mueller Park Baseball and West Bountiful Baseball, $25 per player. Includes T-Shirt.
      i) Whatever a player gathers in just plain donations then they credit the entire amount either by check, cash, or
           on-line at
      ii) Write a letter to friends/relatives and ask for help.

5) DSD FEES – ($85.00)
   a) Participation Fee - $65.00 (Can be Covered through Fund Raising Efforts)
   b) Transportation Fee - $20.00 (Can be Covered through Fund Raising Efforts)
6) Anaheim Trip Fees - ($550)
   a) Lewis Stages Bus, Anaheim Red Lion Hotel, Quad Occupancy, Buffet Breakfast Every Morning.
   b) Cost of Trip covers everything but lunches, dinners, souvenirs.
   c) April 1 – Depart BHS at 12:00 p.m. via Charter Bus
   d) April 2 – JV Game at Tesoro HS (10:00 a.m.), Soph Game at Tesoro at 1:00 p.m., Varsity Game vs Katella at
      Boysen Park 7:30 p.m.
   e) April 3 – Bus to LA in the afternoon, MLB game at 5:00 p.m. (Giants @ Dodgers)
   f) April 4 – Varsity Game at Servite (11:00 a.m.), Lunch, Varsity Game at Mater Dei (3:00 pm.), Dinner at ESPN
      Zone at Downtown Disney (7:30 p.m.).
   g) April 5 – JV Game at Corona HS (10:00 a.m.), Soph Game at Corona at 1:00 p.m., Varsity Game vs Tesoro at
      Amerige Park at 1:00 p.m., Watch Cal-State Fullerton Game at 6:00 p.m. (Cal State Fullerton vs Pepperdine)
   h) April 6 – Varsity Game at TBA, Disneyland the rest of the day
   i) April 7 – Disneyland all day until 6:00 p.m., return to bus, Depart at 7:00 p.m.
   j) April 8 – Arrive at BHS 7:00 a.m.

7) Player Packet Fees – ($215)
   a) Majestic Team Jacket – Players will keep these. BRAVES printed across the front with name and number on
   b) 2 hats (1 practice and 1 game)
   c) 2 T-Shirts (White and Red)
   d) Red Belt and Red Socks
   e) Practice pants…if needed.
   f) Practice Jerseys for new players.

   a) White Game Pants – Any Brand, Any Style (low/high), must have a red piping.
   b) Gray Game Pants – (Blue/Gray Color), red piping is desired but not needed, no other piping is allowed.
   c) Red Sleeves (NO Black)
   d) Spikes – Prefer Red in Color, but white or black with red is okay. Black is okay but team color is RED.
   e) Batting Helmet – Prefer Red.
   f) Other Personal Gear….
   g) Each player will receive 2 jerseys (white and Gray), these are for games. Older players should have their practice
      Jersey from last year, new players will receive one.

9) All Fees After Fund Raising – Due by March 29th, 2009
   a) Bottom Line…we want everyone to help in fund raising!
   b) Can be paid through Fund Raising, Check, or by Credit Card. Credit card fees are 5% of total transaction.
   c) Donations can also be made at, click on DONATE
   d) Can be paid in the school’s office or on-line at MYDSD.

10) Parent Volunteer Committees
    a) See the Sign Up Sheet…Completely Voluntary! Not Required!
    b) Team Dinners – Carol Zollinger
    c) Team Fund Raising – Rich Hansen, Coach Stringfellow
    d) Team Banquet -
    e) Anaheim Help -
    f) Field Work -

11) Needs vs Wants
    a) Batting Cage Turf, still working on this one….
    b) Propane Heaters
    c) Safety Screens
    d) PA System
    e) Additional Areas for Fencing
   f) Bathrooms, Snack Shack, Press Box….Future Project!!!
   g) Eagle Projects
      i) Player “cubby racks”
      ii) Bench Replacement
      iii) Fencing Needs
      iv) Other Ideas

12) Forms (DSD and UHSAA Paper Trail)
    a) Physical Forms A – Newcomers, B – Returning BHS Student/Athletes
    b) Transportation/Medical Release
    c) Student Passenger in a Private Vehicle
    d) Parent Driver
    e) Hazing Forms
    f) Travel Forms
    g) 9th Grade Forms (For 9th Graders Only)

13) Field Work Day
    a) Saturday March 5th, Weather / Field Conditions Permitting – 12:00 p.m.

14) Questions

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