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Tips For Planning A Baby Shower For A Friend


									Tips For Planning A Baby Shower For
A Friend

                               If you are planning a baby shower for a friend there is a full array of
                               things you must remember prior to the celebration. A shower might
                               look like a simple occasion, however if hope for the party to be
                               super successful there are certain items you must make sure to
                               plan for.

                               Determine a comfortable location.

                                If the event is to be a shock you shouldn't plan to have it at the
                                house of the mom to be. You must make sure that the location is
                                large enough to accommodate all the guests, without being too
                                formal. Usually these occasions are just a group of friends
                                assembling, so it is often nicer to be able to unwind in someone's
                                house or yard than have to be on your best behavior in a
restaurant. It's cheaper too. Of course, you might require extra supplies or seating.

Obtain the centrepieces together.

You can have pink or blue put together arrangements if you know what gender the baby is going
to be, or you can also select other neutral colors that can still make sense within a baby theme.
You can get ceiling streamers with baby or animal shapes cut out of them, or balloons with storks
printed on them or a full host of other adornments ranging from funny and cute to classy and high

Supply some nosh.

Be certain that there is some sort of meal for your guests. Even if you are carrying out the party on
a tight budget you will need to organize some snacks. Make sure you check if anyone has food
allergies, and if kids are coming you will require child pleasant foods as well. You will also need
drinks. Decide if you feel it is right to serve alcoholic drinks when the mum to be won't be able to

Make sure there is a safe area for infants to play, if parents with youngsters are invited.

If you don't then you will have to be forever checking that the children aren't' getting in to trouble
or messing with issues they shouldn't be.

Put together a present list.

If you circulate a gift list, once you know which guests are participating, then you will be certain
If you circulate a gift list, once you know which guests are participating, then you will be certain
that the mum to be will not get lots of equivalent presents. If you know there are gifts she wants,
then be certain you put these on the list. Or, suggest that she organize a registry. Do your best to
make sure there are low cost presents as well so some guests don't feel that they have to
purchase a gift that is more high priced than they want or can afford.

Don't forget to send out the invites well in advance!

If you don't let people know when the baby shower is then all your time and effort will be wasted!
Or, some may already have other plans. If you send penned invites people are considerably
more likely to remember to attend the party than if you just point out it in person or make a call.
They will have a composed reminder that they can put in a prominent place in their home so that
they don't forget to come!

Finally, have fun! A baby shower is a joyous occasion so be prepared, but don't stress!

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