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One of the most successful rock bands in the world was formed in 1983 in New Jersey and they
are still thrilling audiences all over the world. Bon Jovi concert tickets are hot property and every
gig and tour is met with excited anticipation from the legions of fans. Jon Bon Jovi is the
handsome lead singer and Richie Sambora plays guitar. David Bryan is on keyboards and Tico
Torres drives the band along with his drumming.

The band played sell out shows in London, Manchester and Dublin in 2006. In 2007, they
appeared at the O2 Arena in London, formerly known as the Millennium Dome. They also took
part in Live Earth, organized to raise awareness of climate change. These gigs created a great
demand for Bon Jovi concert tickets and the band announced that they are undertaking a big UK
and European tour in 2008. It's easy to see why the fans want to see them live as they never
disappoint and are more than capable of giving a great performance in large venues. Several
dates on the upcoming tour will be played in sports stadiums. The decibel level will be pushed up
on these occasions!

In addition to being a successful live band; they have enjoyed a lot of chart success over the
years. Nine of their studio albums have gone platinum and they have reached number one in the
Billboard 100 with four of their single releases. Fans buying Bon Jovi concert tickets can expect to
hear all the big hits, such as Livin' on a Prayer, Keep the Faith and the ballad, Always.

The 2008 Tour begins in May in Germany and takes in Gelsenkirchen, Munich, Leipzig, Hamburg
and Stuttgart. There is another German date in June when the band plays in Frankfurt. The month
of June is a busy one with the band traveling long distances. Bon Jovi concert tickets will be put on
sale for Brussels, Southampton in England, Helsinki and Trondheim in Norway. There are also
gigs planned for Ebreichsdorf in Austria and Randers in Denmark.

The band also plays in the imposing Olympic Stadium in Barcelona, Naas in County Kildare,
Ireland and Amsterdam. UK dates have been arranged for London, Manchester, Glasgow,
Coventry and Bristol. The date for Birmingham is yet to be decided, as is the show in Paris. The
tour is a good mixture of capital cities and smaller towns, giving lots of fans the opportunity to buy
Bon Jovi concert tickets, outside of America.

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