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                                      Gold prices benefit in a risk-on environment

                                                                                 Wednesday, February 08, 2012

                                 Gold have exhibited a remarkable performance for the month of January, with
                                 futures rising by almost 11% while combined net speculative positions climbed 38.6%
                                 to 188k contracts for the week ended 31 Jan 2012. One contributing factor is the Fed’s
                                 extension of “exceptionally low interest rates” beyond mid 2013 to late 2014 as well as
                                 having the possibility of QE3 option “on the table”. The announcement saw DXY falling
                                 below 80.0, which prompted gold prices to surge above its psychologically important
                                 level of $1,700/oz.

                                 In our view, risk-on sentiments, rather than safe haven demands, lifted gold
                                 prices in January. Previously in Aug – Sep and Nov 2011 when Eurozone debt
                                 concerns were heightened, a positive correlation between the DXY and gold was
Treasury Advisory                seen, and this suggests that investors regarded both assets as safe havens. However,
                                 the demand for the dollar as a preferred safe haven over gold prevailed on two
Corporate FX &                   occasions specifically in Sep and Dec 2011, where a stronger dollar pressured gold
Structured Products              prices lower. This scenario has changed with the new year, with gold behaving like a
Tel: 6349-1888 / 1881            risk asset, gaining on a back of positive economic indicators, while VIX, or commonly
                                 known as a fear index, fell from its peak of 45 in Oct 2011 to a current 17.6. Under this
Fixed Income &                   new scenario, a weakening demand for dollar as a safe haven has tempted investors
Structured Products              back into gold, thus lifting prices above $1,700/oz once again.
Tel: 6349-1810
                                 We expect risk-on sentiments to persist for the next few weeks, and with it, a
Interest Rate
                                 weak dollar environment and strong gold prices. However, January’s gold rally has
Derivatives                      pushed its 14-day relative strength index into overbought territories at 71.7, suggesting
Tel: 6349-1899                   that some profit-taking may be in order in the near term. In fact, gold futures have
                                 closed lower from last week’s closing, falling below its $1,750 handle to a current
Investments &
Structured Products
Tel: 6349-1886                   Despite the rise in gold prices above $1,700/oz, we decided to leave our year-
                                 end gold forecast at $1,800/oz unchanged due to the lingering Eurozone
                                 concerns, where we expect investors to return to the dollar on safe haven demands
Barnabas Gan                     and reduce their gold exposures should the Eurozone debt crisis deteriorate (which is
+65 6530-1778                    exacerbated by S&P’s threat of reducing Greece to “selective default” rating when the             country concludes its debt restructuring efforts). On the positive side, should QE3 be
                                 rolled out in 2H12, gold futures could possibly exceed $2,000/oz.
      8 February 2012          Commodities Research


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      8 February 2012                                   Commodities Research

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