Cool Hunting

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					Cool Hunting

  Marketing Perspective on Product
  Design in Retail
Cool Hunting
 A term coined in the 90’s referring to
  marketing firms who looked to design
  and develop the newest trends.
 The marketing firms then sold these
  ideas to retail establishments who
  created the designs “risking” that cool
  was found and would be popular.
Cool Hunting
 The “hot new designs” influence...

 Art (ex. Magic Poster, Window Pictures, Wall Paint Colors)
 Retail Merchandise (ex. Tights, Baggy pants, Khaki’s, Knee
                  Length Socks, Not Socks)
  Music (ex. Reggae, Punk, Techno, European, Alternative)
 Shoes (ex. Knee length boots, Low Rise Sneakers, Design
                        your own shoes)
 Gaming (ex. Puzzle Solving games, War Rally Games, Real
                    Life Solutions Gaming)
     Travel (Ex. Costa Rica, Thailand, Backpacking)
Cool Hunting
 While some cool hunters physically hit
  the streets to find the newest trend.
 Others rely on members to provide
  the proof for what is the newest
Cool Hunters Movie Notes
 Alpha Consumer: A term used by
  marketers to define the “cool people”
  setting trends within their peer group.
  Usually the alpha consumer is setting
  this trend a year before it is
 Noncool: A term used to define the
  Alpha Consumer and their peer group
Cool Hunters Movie Notes
 Urban Pioneers: People who are established
   in music, fashion, film, marketing, and
 Examples of Urban Pioneers:
Irma Zandle – President of Zandle Group
   Founder of the trend industry
  Started the business of cool in 1986
  Zandle Group prints the Hot Sheet at
   $15,000 a subscription
Cool Hunters Movie Notes
 DeeDee Gordon & Sharon Lee: Founders of
  These two women are trend spotters who
  use the internet and over 20,000 contacts
  to predict the next trends.
  They define “kids” as ages 14-30
  Companies use LookLook as a huge
  consumer base to poll, for example Calvin
  Klein’s fragrance Crave. The name was
  chosen by LookLook’s “youth information

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