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					Technical Analysis                                                                                             14 December 2011

Sensex: Daily Market View
Sensex takes temporary support near previous lows
We expected support near previous lows of 15766-545. Sensex opened 99 points
lower, and took an immediate support at 15771. This was very close to our support area
mentioned as 15766. Holding it by 5 points, Index recovered 309 points during the day.
Despite turning volatile in closing minutes, it managed to end 132 points or 0.8% higher.
Metal Index recovered the most, up by 2%. However, Small-cap Index remained under
pressure and finished 0.75% lower. A/D ratio also ended marginally -ve. The action
formed Thrusting Line, a Bull candle which can bearish in a downtrend. This, however, is
dependant on the follow-up action above its head at 16079, and weakness below its tail
at 15771.
Thrusting actions can turn out to be bearish if they prove as temporary supportive
activity, which we suspected it could be. We may now consider failure of +ve follow-up
above its head as weakening sign. Despite holding our immediate support area, the
intra-day action turned out to be extremely volatile. Indeed, it measured almost 750
points up and down. Volatility was seen especially in the closing session, which may
have left many players on long side. With overnight Global cues being negative, it can
prove troublesome for the carried forward positions.
After opening on a subdued note, if the efforts fail to generate convincing follow-up
above Thrusting Line’s head at 16079, we may see reversal of overnight long positions.
However, the negative bias can continue only on weakness below yesterday’s low of
15771. Expect “Harami” action otherwise. On one higher degree, previous up-move had
consumed 8-9 days from 15479 to 17004. Its complete retracement in time lesser than
9 days, would maintain the bearish lower top lower bottom structure since Nov’10.

BRICS Securities Limited                                                                    Vivek Patil asa1@vsnl.com
Technical Analysis                                                                                                  14 December 2011

Sensex: Daily Market View

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