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Re Stringing


									Want To Save Money on Re-Stringing Your Tennis Racquet?

Do you play tennis? Do you want to save money? Perhaps you should
consider buying your own tennis stringing machine.

It is quite easy to learn to string a tennis racquet. Once you are
familiar with your own stringing machine you will be surprised how fast
you can re-string. There is, of course, a huge advantage in not having to
take your racquet to the pro shop and wait a day and then go back to pick
it up. This waste of time can be frustrating and inconvenient.

If you buy your own tennis stringing machine you can re-string your
racquet at night and have it ready for playing the next day.

Another advantage of owning your own machine is that you can try a lot of
different types of strings as well as different tensions without costing
you too much.

Many people who string for themselves or their family cover the cost of
the machine in fewer than the first 12 months of owning it. They last
many years with only minimal maintenance so it is worth doing your
research to find out which one will suit you best.

Other than the tensioning mechanism there are many other factors to
consider when buying. These factors include the types of clamps used on
the stringing machine - usually either floating clamps or fixed clamps.
The fixed clamps also have variations such as the type of base and
whether the top of the clamp which holds the string acts independently of
the base or not. The method by which the clamp holds the string is also
another factor to consider.

In addition to the type of clamps available there is also the type of
gripper which is attached to the tensioning mechanism. This will vary
depending on whether you are using a drop weight stringing machine where
the weight needs to be brought parallel in order to achieve accurate
tension in the string bed or whether you are using a spring tension
winder with a rotational gripper or whether the gripper is on an
electronic machine.

The number of mounting points which attach to the racquet head is also a
feature which varies on each tennis stringing machine. The most common
number of points are either the 2 point mounting system or the 6 point
mounting system. There are also variations within each of these systems
which provide either greater support for the racquet head and shoulders
or faster stringing due to easier access.

When choosing an option it usually comes down to personal preference as
long as you are comparing quality stringing machines when comparing each
of the racquet mounting options. Obviously a tennis stringing machine
which is made of inferior metal will not provide good support for your
racquet when it is under tension while stringing, especially if you are
using a 2 point mounting system (in comparison to a 6 point mounting
Sure, a tennis stringing machine can save you money but there lots of
other reasons why you should buy one. The reasons include: greater
consistency in tension, improvements to your game, experiencing different
strings and the list goes on.

There are many features to consider so do your research before you buy.
Once you become the owner of a tennis stringing machine I know you will
enjoy the savings as well the convenience of being able to string your
own racquet.

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