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									Tennis Serve: 5 Tips That Will Boost Your Serve

Are you vexing over your tennis serve? You can bet on the fact that your
tennis match won't be successful if you don't know how to execute the
serve in a consistent and effective manner.

I have noticed that many beginner tennis players are not able to strike
the perfect serve because they don't have a consistent manner of serving.
Here are 5 great tennis serve tips to guide you in making your serve
better and more challenging for your opponent:

1. Be relaxed when you are serving

Many tennis players have the skills but don't know how to relax during
the game. Relaxation is especially important when you are serving because
you cannot afford tensed muscles during the serve.

Relax your wrist and arm by resting your racket on your tossing arm
before you begin your motion. This will retain the elasticity in your
muscles. Also don't forget to breathe in and out through nose through out
the game.

2. Use continental grip for your serve

If you are using the frying pan grip, please change. The continental grip
is considered the best grip for serve. Ok, I admit that it is not the
easiest grip to learn for serve. However if you want to further develop
your game, you should learn it. It will give you more variety of serves,
such as flat serve, slice serve and kick serve. Try it to see the amazing
difference in your serve.

3. Don't underestimate the height of ball toss

The ball toss has a very big impact on your serve, but is taken lightly
by beginner tennis players. It is a very bad idea to toss the ball in
different ways. Toss the ball too high then you will upset the timing of
your serving motion, making it difficult to hit on aimed target of the
racquet's strings. However, if you toss the ball too low then it will be
tough for you to make an accurate and powerful serve. Therefore, you need
to find the perfect balance and stick to it!

Practice the ball toss and establish your own rhythm through repetition.
Repetition will eliminate unpredictable ball tosses.

4. Always remember that different serves have different ball toss

This is another important factor about ball toss which beginner tennis
players should practice. For example, during a flat serve keep the ball
at your right side and in front of you. Avoid tossing the ball too far in
front. On the other hand, during a slice serve, the ball should be tossed
over your head and a little towards the right side for right-handed
players. However suppose it was a top spin serve then you would toss the
ball a bit behind and above your head. For right-handed people, it should
be slightly towards your left. The top spin serve will add more spin to
your ball.

5. Keep your foot in control

You don't want to foul your serve by placing your foot in the wrong
position. Also if you foot fault then all your efforts in the serve will
go down the drain. To avoid doing that, during practice, place some sort
of marker like a cone or a towel in front of your foot so that whenever
you move your foot, you instantly catch on and stop! Keep doing this till
you stop foot faulting.

Keep these tennis serve tips in mind and practice! Soon you will find
more cheap points coming to you.

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