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									                                                  Mrs. Ballenger’s
                                              Oct. 30, 2009

 Reading/Language Arts                            Math
                                                      Pumpkin math/science
         Shared Reading: Fluency poems,             Problem solving
          “Potion”, “Scary Halloween”                Patterns: shapes, numbers
         Dfferentiated instruction in the           Graph with tallies
          classroom through leveled books            Computation practice
         Phonemic awareness
                                                     Math games day-thanks mom helpers!
         Wrote in journals every day: the
                                                  Check out this web site! Give it a try.
          children are trying to answer the
          questions “who,” “what,” “where,”
          “when,” “why” in their stories
                                                  If you haven’t checked out my web site yet,
         Handwriting: Proper form of
                                                  give it a try. I have many links to educational
          lowercase letters
                                                  games and activities that support our first
         Comprehension: Making meaning
                                                  grade curriculum.
          through read alouds: Pumpkin
          Circle, How Spider Saved
          Halloween, Dogzilla, and more
                                                          Remember to return
                                                          the Halloween candy
Science/Social Studies                                    math homework on
     Virtue-industrious                                  Monday morning!
     Pumpkin growth cycle - We learned about
      the pumpkin life cycle through stories,
      discussion, and a project. We will be keeping
      our class Jack-o-lantern for several days to              Art/Music/P.E.
      watch the process of decomposition. Next                           Art specialist: Substitute
      spring we will plant some of the seeds to                          Music specialist: Indian
      repeat the growth cycle.                                            songs with rhythm
                                                                          instruments, seasonal songs
                                                                         P.E: cooperative Halloween
 A BIG thank you to my October                                            games and fitness
 classroom volunteers and room parents:
 Mrs. Cousins, Mrs. Zemenak, Mrs. Hughes, Mrs.
                                                               Next week the children attend
 Fasules, Mrs. Corona, Mrs. Dougherty, Mrs.
                                                               school all day Monday & Tuesday,
 Johnson, Mr. & Mrs. Jukic, Mrs. Moorhead, Mrs.
                                                               and Wednesday morning ONLY. My
 Jones, Mrs. Weber, Mrs. Dugan, You are awesome!
                                                               conference schedule is online and a
                                                               copy is in the office, too.

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