Notes on Bert Corona Archives at Stanford by xiagong0815


									                          Notes on Bert N. Corona Archives

   At Stanford Department of Special Collections.
   Covers period 1923-1984
   Includes a file on SWCLR, dated 1968
   Information on the Sleepy Lagoon case
   Materials on MAPA
   Some early reports from Commissions such as:
     The Mexican-American, a paper prepared for the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights by
        Helen Rowan, 1968
     The Mexican-American and the United States, by Charles J. and Patricia L. Bustamante,
     Mexican-Americans and the Administration of Justice in the Southwest, U.S. Commission
        on Civil Rights, 1970.
   Salt of the Earth film
   Information on a number of NCLR affiliates
   Many newspaper articles

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