National Surveyors Week Proclamation

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					WHEREAS, National Surveyors Week has long been celebrated to honor the men and
         women working in the surveying and mapping profession; and

WHEREAS, their skills in precise measurement and professional analysis of evidence are
         essential for resolving land boundary issues, and in the design and construction
         of the country’s infrastructure; and

WHEREAS, their artistic expertise in interpreting vast amounts of data facilitates the
         depiction of the nation’s geographic features in a variety of media; and

WHEREAS, three of the four presidents (Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln) on Mount
         Rushmore were surveyors at some time during their lives; and

WHEREAS, Jefferson’s vision of a land identification system for the new Louisiana
         Purchase was among the incentives for the Lewis and Clark expedition, and
         surveyors later placed monuments to perpetuate that vision as a part of the
         Public Land System; and

WHEREAS, professional surveyors licensed to practice in accordance with the statutes of
         the various states play an important role in the protection of ownership rights;

WHEREAS, surveyors also work within federal, state, and municipal governments, such as
         at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and National
         Geodetic Survey, where they establish and maintain the networks on which data
         can be uniformly identified and at the Department of Homeland Security, where
         they use geospatial technology to provide information that helps to keep us
         secure; and

WHEREAS, surveyors and cartographers are working in the United States Geological
         Survey to develop the National Map, which will help first responders and
         emergency personnel during emergencies and with the Federal Emergency
         Management Agency to modernize flood maps that will better assist
         homeowners and commercial landowners in protecting themselves and their
         property against flood damage;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, BUDDY DYER, Mayor of the City of Orlando, hereby do Proclaim
          the week of March 13th through the 19th, 2005 as

              in the City of Orlando and recognize the many contributions and the ongoing
              dedication of surveyors to the citizens of Orlando, Florida.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I hereunto have set my hand
and caused the Seal of the City of Orlando to be affixed
this 7th day of March 2005.

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