The Power of Co-Ventures and Networking

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					                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                          The Power of Co-Ventures & Networking
                                                         By George Papazoglou

    The Power of Co-Ventures & Networking by George Papazoglou

Once you combine forces with potential marketers by forming a common long-term, or short-term goal,
get ready to double, or even multiply your profits without spending a penny in advertising!

Here's how entrepreneurs form co-ventures to boost their revenue and customer base:

* Exchange ads with their e-zines.

* Exchange endorsements and testimonials.

* Vigorously support each other by mutually sharing and joining under profitable 2-tier, or multi-tier
associate programs.

* Share with their downline potential and profitable marketing techniques / ideas that are proven to
convey results.

* Use customized sign-up forms and summon prospects to opt-in into one or more newsletters.

* Create Private Forums for their partners for scheduled networking virtual meetings.

"How to "Secure" a Strong Partnership and Joint-Venture your Way to the Bank..."

If you want to create strong partnerships and profitable relationships with other potential networkers,
you have to stop using the "commonly shared" approaches through saturated communicative

"What do you mean?", you'd say. Well, some marketers approach most of the times the wrong people
to create a joint venture with the very same misfortunate message, like "I visited your web site at ......

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and thought that our new product .... would be a perfect fit for your visitors. We offer.... biggest
commission.... and....".

Three things come into my mind; boring, saturated and spam-looking message. Instead, you could try
another approach that is alluring for your future partner and works!

At first, you must always personalize your messages by creating two or more fields that you will later
merge into your proposal message with your processor.

You could say something like:

"Dear Josh,
I was surfing the Web for interesting content for my ezine, which caters information to affiliate
marketers and entrepreneurs.

Today, I visited your web site and to say the least, I was very impressed by your articles and the
fantastic products you endorse.

Since I always want to satisfy my subscribers with exceptional content and quality products, I think that
your articles will greatly benefit all of us; you, my subscribers and our profits.

My e-zine has a circulation of *** and I plan to release the next newsletter at **/**/**. It is an opt-in list
with avid readers and always delivers solid results.

If you're interested in increasing your subscriber base, reach a broader audience and engorge your
bank account, I'll instantly join under your most profitable program and endorse it to my list. Of course,
you get the credit for your articles, the exposure and me on your downline (plus numerous of my

Please send me an e@mail ASAP for further details.


David Stocker

P.S. I didn't tell you what I ask in return yet. Please contact me now because I aspire in a long-term
and very lucrative partnership."

What did you notice in this networking proposal? The entire letter is brief, to-the-point and focuses
solely on the impending benefits that your future partner harnesses - it's not another self-centered
letter that typically gets ignored.

You'd also notice that "David Stocker" doesn't ask something in advance - you need to stimulate a
response at first and then move on to the second part of your proposal...

After you receive a response from the prospective partner, you'll have the benefit of "weighing" his
personality and customize your communicative bridge according to his character.

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What you could ask in return is:

* Get your Partner to do the exact same thing as you'll do: Both promote each other's marketing
programs to their lists and web sites by "exchanging downlines".

Some Critical Rules for a "Healthy Partnership":

Never Undermine Your Partners; value your partnership religiously.
Develop a Strategic Marketing Plan before requesting a Joint Venture and be specific with your

For example, when I am about to join a promising marketing program, I wouldn't sign-up before I found
a powerful upline sponsor... so I could apply the strategy elucidated above. It's like creating your own
snowballing - spillover effect, by using your existing assets; an existent subscriber list, your partner's
list, your traffic and your partner's traffic.

Repeat and recycle this strategy with open-mind partners and watch your downlines and profits double
- without increasing your list, or spending advertising funds!

 George Papazoglou is the author behind Secrets of the Mega Associates and creator of the web site. This article may be freely distributed, provided that it is
reproduced at its' entirety, including author's credits, hyperlinks and this © Copyright Protection

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                                            5 Ways Networking Makes You Money
                                                                  By Jean Klett

 Networking as it pertains to making money could be defined as the interaction between a group of
people who share a common interest. Today it is most commonly thought of in terms of networking
websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and My Space.

So how can you make money from networking? Here are five tips that other successful Internet
marketers are doing.

1. Create a profile in a social networking website and include your website address. Take the time to
describe exactly what you do on the Internet and what products and programs you are involved with.
What you are doing is making it easy for people to find out more about you in a passive way.

As you interact with people on a daily basis in the social networking site a certain percentage of those
will click on your website URL. This gives you additional traffic that can convert into customers.

2. Are you in a network marketing business? It is much easier to recruit someone into your business if
they know who you are.

This is where social networking can be so effective because you are never actually prospecting
anyone. You are simply getting to know people and through this interaction some will join your

3. Discussion forums are another form of networking that you can use to your advantage. These give
you the opportunity to build credibility by posting useful comments in various threads. It also helps you
brand yourself as an expert which can lead to future sales.

4. Twitter is an extremely popular social networking site right now. By building up a large number of
followers you can quickly sell products at a moments notice whenever you post a useful Tweet.

These micro blog posts of no more than 140 characters, give you instant contact with your subscribers
and the more people you have following you the more potential sales you can make.

5. Many joint ventures are coming out of networking conversations. Whether you are doing social
networking online or meeting with people off line, the Internet makes it possible to work together in
ways that were never possible before.

Joint ventures give you opportunities to make money by pooling your talents with other people. Millions
of dollars are transacted online through joint ventures every year and you can get yourself involved in
these types of opportunities through social networking.

There's much more we could write about networking but these are five ways you can make money
doing it.

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Jean Klett is a business coach and mentor that assists serious entrepreneurs in building a profitable
online business with multiple incomes streams.For more information and to contact Jean, visit:

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