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					Generally speaking, there are two kinds of plastic surgery;
reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery. Reconstructive surgery are
procedures dedicated to correcting physical features that have not
developed fully because of genetic defects and diseases. Reconstructive
plastic surgery procedures are also commonly used to restore physical
features back to their original state after they have been damaged in
accidents or in natural disasters.      Reconstructive plastic surgery
has helped many people who have been disadvantaged in life because of
genetic defects or tragedies that have occurred later in life. Often
reconstructive plastic surgery is performed on the very young and is able
to give children a chance to live a normal life. Reconstructive surgery
is not only for the young however, as developmental deformities can occur
by way of disease or accident as well. Reconstructive surgery can also
help reduce the appearance of scars on anyone who has had to undergo
other kinds of surgery.

  The other type of plastic surgery is cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery
includes face lift, tummy tuck, breast reduction, breast implants and
nose surgery. Cosmetic surgery is a procedure designed to help people
enhance or improve their beauty. Perhaps the most common cosmetic surgery
procedure is nose surgery, which will help make noses smaller and more
aqua-lined. Other common cosmetic procedures include breast augmentation
and laser skin resurfacing. These procedures are happening everywhere.
The newspapers are splashed with announcements that a certain celebrity
has undergone plastic surgery and chances are good that you know women
who have had a procedure done.      The first thing you should do if you
are considering cosmetic plastic surgery for your body is to investigate
the credentials and reputation of the plastic surgeon you are
considering. If you have a friend who has undergone a cosmetic plastic
surgery procedure and you feel comfortable talking with them about it,
ask their advice. If at all possible, you should gather testimonials or
feedback from patients who have gone to these surgeons for cosmetic
surgery procedures. When you have narrowed your search down to the
several plastic surgeons that you are interested in, make an appointment
for a consultation. Talk to these plastic surgeons about the procedures
you are interested in and tell them your concerns. A good cosmetic
surgeon will spend careful time with you to answer all of your questions
and give you the best information and advice they have to offer.
Before moving forward with any plastic surgery procedures, you should
really give some careful thought as to why you want to have these things
done and what you expect to gain for the experience. Are you prepared to
handle the emotions these changes will into your life? Do you understand
the healing process and how long it will take? Are you prepared to face
your friends, family and coworkers when they might not approve of your
decision? If you are unsure, you may wish to talk further with the
plastic surgeon you have chosen and perhaps even seek professional advice
from a counselor. There are often support groups for people who are
interested in making friends with others who are having similar
experiences.      Whatever you decide to do, I wish you the very best in
making a knowledgeable and informed decision and hope that you will find
happiness in whatever that decision may be.      The other type of
plastic surgery is cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery includes face lift,
tummy tuck, breast reduction, breast implants and nose surgery. Cosmetic
surgery is a procedure designed to help people.... Learn more at and

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