Solar Outdoor Lighting Tips And Ideas

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					Solar Outdoor Lighting Tips And Ideas
Of all of the kinds of lighting that you can install around your home, solar outdoor lighting systems are
the easiest and safest of all to install. This article will help you learn more about solar lighting and
help answer some questions that you may have as well.
The really good news is that there is absolutely no wiring at all in solar outdoor lighting. You shouldn't
get solar lighting confused with low voltage outdoor lighting instead. Low voltage lighting still has to
be plugged into a power outlet in order to function, even though the voltage level is very low and
relatively safe. But solar lighting is powered entirely by sunlight.
That means that each light contains a specifically designed solar collection panel that gathers energy
during the day, stores it up in rechargeable batteries, and then uses that energy to power the lights at
Not only are solar lighting fixtures extremely environmentally friendly, but they're also inexpensive to
buy, and cost absolutely nothing to run.
Some of the places that you can install solar lighting fixtures are on entrances to your driveway to
help illuminate it at night, at darkened areas of your walkway or steps, as decoration for your patio,
wood deck, or landscaping, and perhaps to bring attention to a particular architectural feature of your
home at night. Whatever function you choose, one of the big advantages to using this kind of outdoor
lighting is that you don't have to run cables or wiring of any kind. All you have to do is just install the
light itself by pushing it into the ground in the location you desire. You just have to make sure that
each light will be able to get a good amount of sunlight each day in order to function properly at night.
Amazingly, most solar lights are able to last a very long time on the light they receive from the sun
each day. In fact, many are able to last up to 15 hours on a fully charged set of batteries.
One thing you should know about solar lighting is that the light that is emitted is not as bright as other
forms of outdoor landscape lighting. Whether or not you consider this a disadvantage will probably
depend on your individual taste. Many people consider that the soft, more subtle light that these
fixtures put out actually help set the mood better than brighter lighting anyway.
As far as maintenance is concerned, there really isn't much. Basically, if a light stops functioning
there's not much to do with it other than just throw it away and replace it. If however, it only needs to
have the batteries replaced they are usually readily available at most home improvement stores.
So is you can see, a solar outdoor lighting system is quick and easy to install, adds character and
mood to your home at night, is inexpensive to buy, easy to maintain, and cost nothing to run.

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