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					                            Percentage Pretest

Write down everything you know about percentages. You may want to include
meaning(s), any calculations you can perform, examples of questions etc.
Students work in pairs approx 5 minutes.

When you have finished join with another pair to compare your lists.

Each group is then asked to place their ideas onto a mind map. Once they have
finished the mind map the students are asked to highlight the boxes that every person
in the group can do.

Northern Beaches Secondary College Manly Campus                                         1
                     Probability Pre-Test                    Year 7

   1.       What are the numbers on a normal die?
   2.       If I have a 50-50 chance of going to the movies, what does this mean?
   3.       When I throw 2 dice at the same time, what are the possible totals?
   4.       A bag contains red and other coloured jellybeans. There is a 20% chance
            that if I pick out one jellybean it will be red. This means that for every five
            jellybeans one is red. Discuss this statement.
   5.       Where have you come across things involving chance in your daily life.
            Give at least two examples.
   6.       What do you already know about probability?
   7.       To start a game, a player must throw a die and obtain a 6. What are the
            chances of this happening?
   8.       Copy the probability line and place the following expressions along the

            fairly likely, even, unlikely, impossible, certain, highly likely.

                                             0.5                                 1

Northern Beaches Secondary College Manly Campus                                           2
                            Pythagoras Pre-test
Tick the box which best describes your knowledge of the work.

                                            I know this    I’ve heard of   I don’t know
                                            and can        this, but       this.
                                            answer         need to learn
                                            questions.     more
Identify the hypotenuse of a triangle.
State Pythagoras’ theorem.
Use Pythagoras’ theorem to find the
length of sides in right-angled triangles
Solve problems involving Pythagoras’
theorem, giving an exact answer as a
surd (eg 5 )
Solve problems involving Pythagoras’
theorem, giving an the answer as an
approximation of the square root
Identify a Pythagorean triad
Use Pythagoras’ theorem to establish
whether a triangle has a right angle.

1. Calculate the perimeter of this shape. Leave your answer in exact form.


  10 m

                   24 m

2. A ladder of length 9m reaches 8 metres up the side of a wall.
         Draw a diagram to illustrate this.

         How far is the foot of the ladder from the base of the wall?

Northern Beaches Secondary College Manly Campus                                       3

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