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									Best Practice For                                                   Tips For Creating A Good Survey.
Market Research.
                                                                         Survey Design

                                                                         The layout and language used within the survey are
 Quantitative Market research is used to draw conclusions; it            imperative to collecting useable data. Use clear and concise
tests out a specific hypothesis. It uses random sampling                 language when writing questions. Use questions that begin
techniques so a broad range of the population will be included
                                                                         with who, what, where, when, why or how to avoid
in giving the results. It involves a large number of respondents.
                                                                         language pitfalls. Avoid loaded, leading, double barrel,
Examples of quantitative market research include surveys and
questionaires.                                                           ambiguous or compound questions. Also, avoid questions
                                                                         that use jargon or double negatives. Loaded or leading
                                                                         questions may hint to the respondent how you expect the
  Survey Research
                                                                         question answered, whereas, ambiguous or compound
  As with any research it is necessary to plan every step of your        questions can be confusing.
  survey before even typing a question. One of the most
  important places to start is to know who your audience is and
  where they are. Additionally in identifying your market you
  need to find people who will be most likely to participate,
                                                                         Survey Conduction
  finding people who care about your product/survey will more            There are many different ways to conduct surveys. Email and
  likely take part and give honest answers.                              online surveys have become the most popular methods. Some
                                                                         of the more traditional ways are through voluntary paper
                                                                         handouts, mail, telephone and face-to-face interviews.

                                                                          Email and online are becoming the most popular forums for
                                                                         conducting surveys. They are easier for people to respond to
  Survey Analysis
                                                                         and almost painless for the surveyor. Often results can be
  It is important to take the time to look over the data that you        directly downloaded from the survey's website to an analysis
  collect from the survey. Look at what points of the survey             program.
  really matter to you and what you want to do. Are the results
                                                                         It may be worth using a third party or neutral survey company
  what you expected or have they thrown up anything
                                                                         may be in your best interest. People may be more honest if
  unexpected that needs to be considered. Think about any
                                                                     .   they feel the people conducting the survey have nothing to
  factors that may influence the survey i.e. size of sample.
                                                                         gain or lose from their responses.

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