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Ann Rynd
    Mr. Reetz
Concepts English 9
 BRAVO English
Introducing Anthem
   Author Discussion
   Characters
   Plot
   Setting
   Themes
   Symbols
   Motifs
Ann Rynd
              Born in St. Petersburg,
               Russia, in February
              1917 - Bolsheviks
               brought about political
               governance by the
               working class
              Enter Vladimir Lenin
               and Communism
Ann Rynd continued…
   Rynd family lost their business and was reduced
    to a state of extreme poverty
   When Stalin became Premier of Russia, Rynd
    escaped to Chicago (1926).
   Anthem was Rynd's second work of fiction (1938,
   Rynd explored the idea that an individual's worth
    comes from him- or herself and not from what he
    or she contributes to society or to mankind
Anthem – The Characters
   Equality 7-2521
   The Golden One
   The Transgressor of the Unspeakable
   International 4-8818
   Collective 0-0009
Equality 7-2521
   the protagonist of the novella
   A street sweeper
   Struggles to deny his own individuality
   later renames himself Prometheus (bringer
    of light, fire, and progress in Greek
   deeply curious and desires freedom to
    explore and think
The Golden One (Liberty 5-3000)
   A beautiful peasant with whom Equality 7-2521
    falls madly in love.
   She adores Equality 7-2521 from the outset
    because he is stronger and sharper than the rest
    of her brothers
   She stands out from the faceless, nameless
    masses because she is incredibly beautiful
   Later named Gaea
The Transgressor of the
Unspeakable Word
   A martyr for the word “I.”
   The Transgressor of the Unspeakable
    Word suffers no pain as he is burned alive
    because he knows the meaning of
   Dies for cause of egoism!
International 4-8818
   Equality 7-2521's only friend
   Views Equality 7-2521 as a prophet
   4-8818 represents the citizen who secretly
    seeks his own meaning but is unable to
    realize it because he cannot take the step
    of breaking with his society.
Collective 0-0009
   Leader of the World Council of Scholars
   Collective 0-0009 represents the thinking
    force behind the evil collectivism of the city.
   fears and hates Equality 7-2521 for
    breaking the rules because he believes that
    only those decisions reached by the council
    can be of value
          Equality 7-2521 finds
           a hidden tunnel and
           hides in it to write.
          He knows his solitude
           violates all the laws of
           his society
          As a child, Equality 7-
           2521 wanted more
           than anything to be a
Plot Continued…
   Equality 7-2521 saw the execution of the
    Transgressor of the Unspeakable Word,
    who had discovered the word “I” and was
    burned to death for using the word.
   Equality 7-2521 conducts experiments and
    creates electricity
   Equality 7-2521 has also met the Golden
Plot Continued…
   The World Council is afraid of Equality 7-2521
    and they refuse to acknowledge his invention of
    the light bulb
   He flees to the Uncharted Forest where he is
    finally free
   There he discovers the meaning of the word “I,”
    Vows to launch a new race of men who will
    believe in individualism
   An unidentified city
   first half is narrated
    from a tunnel
    underground where
    Equality 7-2521 is
   second half is narrated
    from a forest
Setting Continued…
   takes place centuries after a great war
   one world government has taken over
   All scientific and industrial knowledge is
    lost and the masses appear to be living
    in a Dark Ages, with no freedoms or
   Individualism of any kind is strictly
    prohibited and punished
Themes – (The fundamental and often
universal ideas explored in a literary work)
   Equality 7-2521 finally realizes the
    significance of his existence when he
    discovers “I” – that he is the center of his
    own universe
   Rynd warns that losing sight of the
    individual and his or her needs will lead to
    the destruction of all progress and all
    forward movement.
    Themes Continued:
    The Value of Martyrdom

   willingness to die for an ideal marks a hero
    and distinguishes him or her from the rest
    of society
   Martyrs endure no pain because their
    cause brings them great joy.
Motifs - recurring ideas that help to
develop and inform the text's major
   Fear - the only thing man has to fear is his
    fellows, who will weigh him down and sap his
    strength if given the opportunity
   Naming – members of society are given
    numbers and social concepts as identifying tags
   Tags are another way of stealing their identify.
Symbols - objects, characters, figures, or colors
used to represent abstract ideas or concepts.

   Light – represents truth
   Liberty 5-3000 becomes the Golden One
   Equality 7-2521 becomes Prometheus, the bringer
    of light.
   Equality 7-2521's contribution to the world is his
    invention of the light bulb,
   The house in the forest has windows to let in the
Symbols continued…
   The Forest – provides main characters with
    a place to be re-born
   chance to live alone and be sustained by
    the work of his own hands
   “I” is discovered and individuality breaths
    new life!
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