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					TEST REPORT                    Fiber Optic Distribution System

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Splitter Boxes                                                                                                            •	distributes	the	full	satellite	signal

1x2 and 1x4
                                                                                                                          •	easy	configuration	of	taps	and	splitters
                                                                                                                          •	the	most	easiest	part	is	the	"click"	of	the	cable	
                                                                                                                          into	the	taps	and	splitters
                                                                                                                          •	gives	all	connected	receivers	a	perfect	signal	

48   TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 02-03/2012 —           — 02-03/2012 — TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine   49
TEST REPORT                     Fiber Optic Distribution System


Even Simpler to Use
                                                                                                                                    Huber+Suhner CLICK!
                                                                                                                             Perfect solution to distribute the full
                                                                                                                          satellite signal to a multitude of receivers

Than Regular RF Splitters
                                                                                        Digital TV signal distribu-       and a number of two output
                                                                                     tion is more and more often          models (1x2) with the follow-
                                                                                     based on fiber optics. Among         ing ratios: 50%-50%, 30%-
                                                                                     the most important advan-            70%, 20%-80% and 10%-
                                                                                     tages of such solutions are:         90%.
                                                                                     extremely low signal losses             Apart from the splitters,
                                                                                     in fiber optic cables and wide       Huber+Suhner offered us a
                                                                                     frequency bandwidth. The             selection of their excellent
                                                                                     latter feature makes it pos-         fiber optic cables and connec-
                                                                                     sible to distribute the whole        tors, so that we were able to
                                                                                     Ku-Band in one band without          build a small network using
                                                                                     the need to select polariza-         only their components. All
                                                                                     tion or low/high sub-band.           components were perfectly
                                                                                     There are already LNBs with          finished off and the splitters
                                                                                     optical output available on          were clearly labeled. You will
                                                                                     the market, as well as com-          not have any doubt how to
                                                                                     plementary optic to RF con-          hook them up. In contrast
                                                                                     verters (re-modulators) -            to the RF stuff with F type
                                                                                     see the many reports on this         connectors, you do not have
                                                                                     subject in previous TELE-            to hurt your fingertips when
                                                                                     satellite issues. Fiber optic        connecting everything to-
                                                                                     cables have been in use for          gether in fiber optic instal-
                                                                                     many years now. The last             lations. Just a delicate push,
                                                                                     components you must use              you hear a click and a fiber
                                                                                     to build a fiber optic satellite     optic cable is connected to a
                                                                                     TV signal distribution net-          splitter. Now you may guess
                                                                                     work are optical splitter. And       why Huber+Suhner branded
                                                                                     this test report is just about       their new system CLIK!
                                                                                     them.                                   TELE-satellite      readers
                                                                                        The function of an optical        more familiar with insertion
                                                                                     fiber splitter is analogous to       losses expressed in decibels
                                                                                     a familiar RF splitter. Most         rather than the signal power
                                                                                     of them direct part of the           percentage description of
                                                                                     incoming signal to the “tap”         the splitter outputs may at
                                                                                     output where the terminal            first feel slightly uncomfort-
                                                                                     device is connected and the          able. But take it easy. One
                                                                                     other part to the “trunk”            corresponds precisely to the
                                                                                     output to which the remain-          other. We can easily convert
                                                                                     ing part of the cable network        original percentage values to
                                                                                     is connected. There are also         familiar “tap loss” and trunk
                                                                                     splitters that divide evenly         “loss figures” in decibels -
                                                                                     the input into two, four or          see the table.
                                                                                     more outputs. Depending on              We spent some time won-
                                                                                     the network structure and            dering what to measure to
                                                                                     the splitter position in the         make our test results as
                                                                                     network, we need splitters           practical for our readers
                                                                                     with different split ratios.         as possible. We decided to
                                                                                     Huber+Suhner have vari-              measure rather the RF sig-
                                                                                     ous models in their portfolio.       nal that will be fed to the
                                                                                     For this report, we have re-         receiver IF input than opti-
                                                                                     ceived optical splitters with        cal signal before and after
                                                                                     the following split ratios: a        a fiber optic splitter. In this
                                                                                     four output model (1x4) with         way, you have a good idea
                                                                                     25%-25%-25%-25% ratio,               what you can expect from

50   TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 02-03/2012 —
the whole system in which                 the other.                                                                                                           non ideal optic-to-RF con-                  work with even 36 optic
Huber+Suhner CLIK! Splitter                  We tested 5 CLIK! Splitter                                                                                        version - not because of op-                outputs provided that your
Box is used. Our test system              Box models. The table below                                                                                          tic splitters imperfections.                optic LNB generates about
included: 90cm dish aimed                 presents the insertion losses                                                                                           We also measured the                     7 dBm of output power what
at HOTBIRD satellite on 13°               specified in manufacturer                                                                                            noise performance and we                    is a quite typical value. Such
E, an optical LNB, optic fib-             data.                                                                                                                are happy to inform you that                configuration consists of one
er cable, optic splitter and                 You can see the results in                                                                                        in line with theory, optic fib-             1x4 splitter which splits the
optic-to-RF signal converter              the attached graphs. Please                                                                                          er cable and optic splitters                LNB output to four optic fiber
(re-modulator) that was de-               mind that on top of the op-                                                                                          practically do not add any                  cables. On every fiber optic
livering the IF signal suitable           tic splitter losses, there are                                                                                       noise. No matter what out-                  cable, eight 1x2 splitters are
for a satellite receiver. The             losses caused by nonlinear                                                                                           put we tested: 90% or 10%                   installed: four 10/90, two
optical LNB generated light               transfer function of the op-                                                                                         MER or C/N readings were at                 20/80, one 30/70 and one
in the 1310 nm band. The                  tic-to-RF signal converter.                                                                                          maximum (MER was above                      50/50. In such configura-
light carrier was modulated               Because of that, the losses                                                                                          14 dB). This means that your                tion, you get the output lev-
with 0.95-5.45 GHz RF signal              for 10, 20 and 30% outputs                                                                                           receiver connected to such                  els from -10.7 dBm through
which was Ku-Band low and                 may appear slightly higher                                                                                           network would also show                     -13.2 dBm. This is quite a
high sub bands of both po-                than specified for certain                                                                                           very high quality readings                  sufficient level for an optic-
larizations stacked one over              frequencies. This is due to                                                                                          (close to 100%).                            to-RF converter. Now, if your
                                                                                                                                                                  Using a proper combina-                  optic-to-RF converters are of
Splitting ratio %   2 x 50  30/70                20/80      10/90       4 x 25                                                                                 tion of Huber+Suhner CLIK!                  quad types, you will be able
  Maximum       dB 3.8 each 6.3/2.1             8.4/1.4 12.0/0.8 7.7 each
                                                                                                                                                               Splitter Boxes, you can eas-                to connect not 36 but 144
Insertion loss                                                                                                                                                 ily build a distribution net-               regular satellite receivers!

52   TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 02-03/2012 — — 02-03/2012 — TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine   53
  After taking our meas-
urements, we can honestly
confirm that this is not just
theoretical possibility but
something that can be real-
ized in real world. Time has
indeed come to focus and
switch to the fiber optical

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                                                                                     accesories available from
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                                                                                        Fiber Optic Cables and Distribution, Switzerland

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                                                                                      Manufacturer                 HUBER+SUHNER AG, Fiber Optics Division
                                                                                                                   Degersheimerstrasse 14, 9100 Herisau/Switzerland
                                                                                      Telephone                    +41 71 353 4111
                                                                                      Fax                          +41 71 353 4647
                                                                                      Model                        CLIK! Splitter Box
                                                                                      Description                  Optic splitter
                                                                                      Operating wavelength 1310 nm and 1550 nm
                                                                                      Operating bandwidth          +/- 40 nm
                                                                                      Power handling               500 mW for 1x2 and 300 mW for 1x4 models
                                                                                      Operating temperature – 40 to +85° C
                                                                                      Fiber type                   Corning SMF-28e XB

                                                                                                                     Expert Opinion
                                                                                            Very good workmanship – everything fits per-
                                                                                    +       Very easy installation
                                                                                            Loss insertion agrees well with manufacturer
                                                                                                                                                          Jacek Pawlowski

                                                                                            None                                                                Test Center

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