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					                         LEBANON SCHOOL BOARD MINUTES
                                  August 25, 2010
                                     6:30 PM

The Lebanon School Board met on Wednesday, August 25, 2010 at Lebanon Junior High
School in Lebanon. Board members present were Laura Dykstra, Christina Haidari, Bob
McCarthy, Alan Patterson, Jeff Peavey, Hank Tenney, Mary Jane Thibodeau, and Beth
White. Also present were Superintendent Gail Paludi, Assistant Superintendent Shirley
Ferguson, Director of School and Community Relations Dianne Estes, minutes taker
Margot de l’Etoile, and members of the public.

1.    Call to Order:

Jeff Peavey called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.

1. a Public Input

Mandy Simon of Pine Street, whose child will enter kindergarten this year, presented the
following ideas and questions:

     • What are the possibilities of a full-time kindergarten?

      Shirley Ferguson replied there are some families who do need to have the equivalent
      of a full day kindergarten so either students come to us for the half-day kindergarten
      program and have child care the other half, or if they have transportation issues they
      go to some place that offers a full-day kindergarten. Laura Dykstra added that some
      of the centers offer transportation from school to the day care center.

     • Why is transportation home from the morning kindergarten session and to school for
       the afternoon session not offered? How many children may not be able to attend
       kindergarten because of lack of this transportation?

      Mary Jane Thibodeau said Lebanon has looked at full-time kindergarten in the past.
      The costs for that, and for added transportation are significant. That doesn’t mean
      we won’t look at it again.

     • Her daughter will be attending the afternoon session. Does she attend school on half

      Shirley Ferguson explained that for the first semester early release time stays as is.
      Morning students would have kindergarten, but the afternoon students would not.
      After the first semester the afternoon students go to kindergarten in the morning on
      those days so that they don’t lose out.

     • Why does kindergarten start a week later than the other grades when meetings with
       teachers are only for 40 minutes?

Lebanon School Board -1
      Shirley Ferguson replied that during the first week of classes teachers will be doing
      visits with families during that time when the children are at home. Mary Jane
      Thibodeau said these were home visits in the past, and that process may have
      changed, but we found the home visits to be helpful to allow the teachers some one-
      on-one time with each student.

     • Are the majority of our first graders meeting expectations by end of first grade.

Ms. Simon emphasized she is happy with the school district, and understands both sides,
but wanted to share her concerns and be a voice for parents.

Al Patterson noted that Ms. Simon raises excellent points. The Board needs to look into
these seriously and come back with good answers and numbers. He would hate to think
there are children not attending because they can’t get there. Kindergarten is important.
He suggested that these concerns be referred to the Finance and Facilities Committee.
Laura Dykstra added that educational issues should be referred to the Education

Jeff Peavey informed Ms. Simon that subcommittees of the Board will be meeting in the
next few weeks and will explore her questions and concerns and report back to the full
Board. Al Patterson added that Ms. Simon is welcome to sit in on the Finance and
Facilities Committee meeting to listen to the discussion.

Jeff Peavey announced the dates of the September Board meetings: September 8 at 6:30
p.m. at Mount Lebanon School, and September 22 at 6:30 p.m. at Hanover Street School.

Laura Dykstra expressed her happiness for Unity’s affirmative vote for their building.

2.    Consent Agenda:

A. Approval of Minutes for July 28 and August 11, 2010

MOTION by Mary Jane Thibodeau and seconded by Beth White to accept the minutes
dated July 28, 2010 as presented.


Mary Jane Thibodeau asked if the football field trip happened and if the insurance issue
was resolved.

Gail Paludi said it was approved with our attorney, and the additional insurance was
taken care of. Beth White noted donations helped pay for the insurance.

VOTE:        5 YES     0 OPPOSED        2 ABSTAIN [Christina Haidari, Al Patterson]

Lebanon School Board -2
MOTION by Laura Dykstra and seconded by Bob McCarthy to approve the minutes
dated August 11, 2010 as presented.


Laura Dykstra asked how the workshop on bullying went.

Gail Paludi replied that about 30 administrators, guidance counselors, and special
educators attended. Attorneys Dean Eggert and Alison Minutelli from Wadleigh Starr &
Peters did a great presentation with a lot of good information and food for thought for the
leadership team, and also talked about the development of a new policy that the Board
will have to be talking about, and need for public input regarding that policy. Gail is
awaiting a sample policy currently being prepared by Wadleigh Starr & Peters.

VOTE:      5 YES     0 OPPOSED         2 ABSTAIN [Christina Haidari, Al Patterson]

B. Nominations and Resignations

Gail Paludi presented three Nominations for summer hires.

She commented that she is delighted we have a 6th grade teacher highly qualified in the
area of science who will be working for one year in that position to fill a leave. She has
had experience teaching middle school science.

MOTION by Laura Dykstra and seconded by Mary Jane Thibodeau to accept the
Nominations for Summer Hires as presented on both buff and pink sheets.


Al Patterson noted a $4,400 increase in salary for the 6th grade teacher. He had
understood there would not be an increase.

Gail Paludi responded it is because of years of teaching experience and the fact we
needed a teacher highly qualified in science. Laura Dykstra noted the Board cannot
suggest a salary. We have to follow their experience and qualifications. Gail Paludi
agreed that is correct. Salary is based on years of experience and education.

VOTE:      6 YES     1 OPPOSED [Al Patterson]         0 ABSTAIN

Gail Paludi announced that she has received a letter of intent to retire at the end of the
2010-11 school year from Daniel Whitaker, Director of Curriculum and Instruction at
Lebanon High School.

Laura Dykstra asked that this be reported on the next Nominations and Resignations
sheet for the archives.

Lebanon School Board -3
3.   A.R.E.A. Agreement – Discussion and Action:

Gail Paludi said there are a few grammatical changes but the only substantive change,
suggested by the attorney, is a clarification of net capital expenses at para J.6, Capital
Expense Charge. That paragraph defines net capital expenses by reference to
appropriations qualifying for New Hampshire building aid. The attorney says this is a
concern because not all capital expenditures qualify for school building aid, and at the
present time any project approved on or after June 30, 2010 to June 30, 2011 will not
qualify for school building aid. He recommends an amendment of the definition of net
capital expenses which would read: “Capital expenditures less any New Hampshire
building aid received that offsets capital expenses less any other revenue not generated by
taxation which reimburses or offsets the appropriation.”

Beth White noted the Grantham Board voted on this and approved it last week. The
Plainfield Board’s meeting was last night. She doesn’t know if they passed it with the

Laura Dykstra noted that Gail Paludi came into the process most of the way through and
asked if she is happy with this.

Gail responded that there was some discussion at the one meeting she attended regarding
the educational records piece and what records would be able to be transmitted from
Lebanon to Grantham and Plainfield. In fact that went back for review by the attorney
and the language was changed to reflect that anything released in terms of records would
have to reflect the FERPA (right to privacy) laws, and that language is in here. On
Monday, Grantham Superintendent Keith Pfeifer, high school principal Nan Parsons,
junior high principal Andy Mellow and Gail met to talk about what those records would
be and how they would be transmitted to Grantham. They are scheduled to meet with
Plainfield Superintendent Noelle Vitt for after September 14 to have the same
conversation about how the information will be sent to the other districts. Nan and Andy
felt comfortable with the conversation with Keith and based on what we can do under
FERPA Gail feels comfortable.

Beth White noted that at the AREA committee meeting we weren’t sure if it would be
possible for the high school to produce the information requested.

Gail responded that was one of the reasons for meeting, to see if it will be possible and if
it will be a tremendous amount of additional work for the principals. Both principals felt
comfortable as we talked about how this information could be sent to the districts. Andy
and Nan indicated that some of the information will need a little work to disaggregate the
data into Grantham students and Plainfield students, but none of what was discussed was
beyond the scope of what they felt was possible to do in a timely fashion.

Mary Jane Thibodeau asked about changing tuition for non-AREA students. Jeff Peavey
said the AREA committee won’t be having another meeting and the tuition decision is up
to the Lebanon Board.

Lebanon School Board -4
Laura Dykstra asked if the Lebanon Board members who were on the committee were
happy with the process. Beth White and Jeff Peavey said they were. Beth noted that the
committee would like to have two or three meetings a year to discuss topics of joint
interest other than the tuition rate, such as curriculum or things happening in the school

Jeff Peavey added that after three years we open it up. Beth White explained the
committee agreed that committee membership will change over time. They want whoever
is in place in three years to make sure they sit down at the table to review if this is
working for everybody, and make changes if it is not working for any one of the boards.

Laura Dykstra said she would like to see a good number of our board members coming to
the three meetings yearly, which has not been consistently happening, so that we have a
meaningful discussion. Beth White said we should also invite principals or teachers at
the schools, depending on what topics are. Beth and Jeff agreed the AREA committee
process has been a good way to get to know other board members and superintendents.
Al Patterson added that hearing Jeff Walla’s presentation, versus reading the document,
was beneficial. Sometimes a presentation puts things in a different perspective.

MOTION by Beth White and seconded by Laura Dykstra to accept the AREA
Agreement with the change recommended by the attorney at J.6, Net Capital Expenses.

Hank Tenney joined the meeting at 7:05 p.m.

VOTE:      7 YES     0 OPPOSED        1 ABSTAIN [Hank Tenney]

4.   March 2011 Meeting – SB2 Towns and School Timeline –Discussion and Action

Jeff Peavey noted that the Board has already approved the March 2010 meeting – SB2
Towns and School Timeline.

5.   Board Member School Visitations – Discussion and Action

Jeff Peavey announced the Board member visitation assignments as follows:

Laura Dykstra: Hanover Street school and will float as need be to fill in
Christina Haidari: Mount Lebanon School, Hanover Street School
Bob McCarthy: Seminary Hill School
Barbara Parker: Mount Lebanon School
Al Patterson: Lebanon Junior High School
Jeff Peavey: Lebanon High School and will try to visit each school once a month
Hank Tenney: Lebanon Junior High School
Mary Jane Thibodeau: Lebanon High School
Beth White: Hanover Street School

Lebanon School Board -5
Gail Paludi reported that at the leadership team meeting she talked to the team about
visitations by the Superintendent and by Board members. They discussed the feasibility
of taking a particular topic or curriculum area for each month throughout the year. Each
month we could focus our school visits on a particular topic in order to have a common
knowledge and understanding of what is happening around the district in that area. Then
the principals would come to the second Board meeting of the month for a presentation
by teachers or administrators and discussion around that particular topic. For example
the first month would be getting to know you, letting people know who all of us are.
Then in October a focus on technology, looking at the different things in different schools
that are happening in the area of technology. They talked about Special Education as a
November topic. Then we would ask for input from the Board and the leadership team as
to other areas of interest in the curriculum. It would be a nice opportunity for all of us to
be focused on particular areas, and for the building administrators to share what is
happening at their schools in that area in a public forum.

Beth White commented she likes the idea that all Board members would have a similar
experience each month. Gail added that on her visits, she would spend some of her time
focusing on the topic.

Laura Dykstra said the topic and bringing people to Board meetings is nice, but her
bigger interest is visiting with the children and in one-on-one helping a teacher work
through an assignment with a group. Gail replied that is what the visitations would be.
The presentation would be at the Board meeting, not at the school visit, but the hope
would be that at least once during the visit you would see something in that month’s area
of focus. Shirley Ferguson suggested that Board members let the principals know their
particular interests. She is sure they would try to accommodate those. Hank Tenney said
he likes the idea of the principals coming to Board meetings, but would prefer open
dialogue rather than a specific topic. Mary Jane Thibodeau pointed out that over the
course of the year several topics would be discussed. Hank expressed concern about the
time the discussions would take at Board meetings. Gail Paludi suggested scheduling
half an hour early in the Board meeting.

Hank asked if the majority of the school visit would focus on the topic for each month.
Gail responded at least have an opportunity to view the implementation of whatever the
topic is so that there can be some dialogue around it: for example how do you view
technology in the buildings, what are the positive things happening in that area, what
areas need improvement and how do we get there?

Hank was concerned not to look as though we are intruding on the staff. Bob McCarthy
said he doesn’t think they are going to feel that because he spent a whole day going to
different classes and they were happy to see him. Gail Paludi said people are happy to
show their craft and would love for people to know what happens inside their classrooms.

Al Patterson asked the format for Board members to follow in setting up their visits. Jeff
Peavey said to call the principals to let them know the day and time you plan to visit so
they can make sure to fit it in. Gail Paludi repeated her offer to have Board members

Lebanon School Board -6
come with her for the September getting to know you visit. Her visitation schedule for
September is on the district calendar and she welcomes anyone to join her for any visit
she is going on. Shirley Ferguson will be coming also. The days are scheduled but not
the time. Gail will try to be flexible on time of day to fit with Board members’ schedules.

Beth White asked if the principals will have wish lists for the budget and that could be a
topic of conversation before we get the budgets in December.

Gail Paludi responded absolutely, but that the leadership group also talked about the
Board’s strong desire to get budget sooner, so they have moved the process up by a
month. Jim Fenn and she have their meetings with principals scheduled for early October
and hope to be ready to come forward with something for the Board in November. It will
be a little tough for them the first time, but in the future if we stick to that schedule
principals can start budget planning in the spring and have the summer to review it so
they are ready in September-October to do their budget presentations to the
superintendent and the business administrator and then to the Board.

Mary Jane Thibodeau said the Board never gets to see the principals’ first wish list. By
the time it comes to us it has been pared down. Is there a way for us to see the wish list?

Gail Paludi replied she has done that in her last two districts, presenting an additional list
with the budget that has truly been the wish list so there is some understanding that if
money were not an issue we would love to have, for example, full-day kindergarten, even
if not financially feasible at this time. That brings a heightened awareness. Clearly we
know we have to be fiscally responsible and consider the best programs for children, but
there is a money consideration too. Gail will suggest it to principals and she believes
they would be happy to give the Board their wish lists.

Jeff Peavey reminded the Board of tomorrow’s teachers’ welcome back program with
breakfast from 8:00 to 8:30 a.m., followed by staff introductions, staff recognition, a talk
by Gail Paludi and a video. Laura Dykstra and Jeff Peavey plan to attend, and Mary Jane
Thibodeau and Hank Tenney will attend if possible.

6.   Policies ACE, ADB, ADC, DFA – Second Reading

MOTION by Laura Dykstra and seconded by Mary Jane Thibodeau to waive the reading
of the policies.

VOTE:      Unanimous


Laura Dykstra said these clean up our policies quite a lot. She asked are these directly
from the NHSBA. Gail Paludi replied these are sample policies suggested by NHSBA.
These are policies that are required by law.

Lebanon School Board -7
Laura Dykstra took issue with the second last paragraph of Policy DFA on Investment:
“The investment of funds will be left to the discretion of the Finance Committee without
prior approval of the Board.” No prior reference is made to a finance committee. It
mentions the Business Administrator and the Treasurer. She would like that sentence
reinvestigated. It is not consistent and seems out of place.

Jeff Peavey suggested that this one policy be tabled and Laura agreed. She wondered
what it is trying to define. Gail Paludi said she will check with NHSBA attorney Barrett

Hank Tenney said perhaps some school boards allow that to happen. He doesn’t think
any committee should have that power. Laura Dykstra suggested it could be the Finance
Committee means the treasurer and the business manager.

Gail Paludi suggested we strike that paragraph.

MOTION by Laura Dykstra and seconded by Beth White to accept the new policy ACE,
Procedural Safeguards Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Handicap or Disability; and
policy ADB, Drug-Free Workplace Drug-Free Schools; Policy ADC, Tobacco Products
Ban Use and Possession In and On School Facilities and Grounds; and lastly policy DFA
Investment as amended to delete the second to last paragraph of policy DFA regarding
the Finance Committee.


Hank Tenney questioned the last sentence in the third last paragraph of Policy DFA:
“The internal controls shall be reviewed periodically by the School Board and an
independent auditor.”

Mary Jane Thibodeau said she does not believe we have to approve it. She thinks the
mechanism is we accept and acknowledge receipt of the audit.

Al Patterson referred to Policy ADC on tobacco: on both p. 1 and p. 2 the wording is the
principal or designee “may” report violations to the local police department. That is
giving options and leaving leeway for someone not to report it and allows for favoritism.
It should say “shall”.

Laura Dykstra recalled discussions of this type of language with Jim Nourse when he was
the high school principal, and that we were advised to leave it as “may”, not as a
mandatory statement. She asked if these policies are written from a legal basis. Gail
Paludi responded that they are, but she can ask that question.

Hank Tenney noted that nowhere in the document does it say the superintendent has to be
notified and asked how we can add that. It is the superintendent who reports to the

Lebanon School Board -8
Beth White said that the Handbook has the procedure in it. She noted the policy
document doesn’t reference the fact that the resource officer handles some of this. Hank
Tenney said that is covered by the language “ the principal or designee.”

Laura Dykstra suggested we could add, “it is the responsibility of the superintendent
through the building principals or their designee to initially enforce this policy.” Hank
replied it needs to say the principals are notifying the superintendent. As he reads it,
technically they don’t even have to let the superintendent know. Al Patterson said you
don’t even have to let the police know; if you have someone you don’t want anybody to
know they were caught with tobacco, you can hide behind “may” and not tell anybody.

Mary Jane Thibodeau asked if this is one of the situations where we are legally obligated
to report it to the police? Al Patterson does not believe tobacco is, but if we have a
student using tobacco we have an obligation for health reasons to our students to stay on
top of this and ensure that there is some continuity to how it is dealt with.

Christina Haidari wondered since no one under 18 is allowed to buy tobacco, if they are
smoking on school property why wouldn’t it be reported? Beth White asked would the
same go with alcohol.

Al Patterson suggested we confer with legal council about the words “may” and “shall”.
If we change the wording it will eliminate a lot of this.

Mary Jane Thibodeau asked is there a situation where you wouldn’t necessarily want to
report it.

Gail Paludi noted where the school resource officer is involved, that officer is the police
department. In reference to Hank’s interest to having it reported to the superintendent,
she suggested at the end of the policy there could simply be a statement that says the
superintendent should be notified of all incidents.

Beth White suggested we ask the building principals what they do now based on how
they interpret our old policy. Laura Dykstra said if this is the updated law or legal
standing and it is different, it doesn’t matter what they do now.

Mary Jane Thibodeau noted the old policy on tobacco said: “Any student found to have
violated this regulation will be suspended from school.” Al Patterson said that could
affect a student in their extracurricular activities, so it would benefit a student who wasn’t
reported versus a student who was.

Mary Jane Thibodeau observed that we need to make sure this matches up with what our
handbook says. The old policy says: “Anyone under 18 who is found to have violated the
regulation will be reported to the police for appropriate action.”

Laura Dykstra noted that the policies are our overarching ground rules, and handbook is
the procedure. Mary Jane Thibodeau said you have policies and then you have

Lebanon School Board -9
regulations as to how you treat that policy. That is what the “R” is behind the letters in
the old cases, e.g., JFCH and JFCH-R. Hank Tenney asked if we have no penalty for
students over 18. Mary Jane Thibodeau said it is not illegal for over 18, but the
Handbook would cover any student. Hank Tenney said we need to be sure the Handbook
and the policies don’t contradict each other.

Jeff Peavey suggested that Gail explore these points legally, and then the Education
Committee can look at it before our next meeting.

Bob McCarthy referred to Policy ACE, p. 1, para 2 in bold type. He asked who is the
special service director. Gail Paludi replied Phyllis McKenna. That is Special Ed, but
Laura Dykstra pointed out her title actually is Director of Special Services.

Jeff Peavey suggested tabling the entire document.

TABLED to September 8 for final reading.

Laura Dykstra withdrew her motion and Beth White withdrew her second.

7.   Lebanon Middle School (Tree, Brick, Flagpole) Donations – Discussion and Action

Laura Dykstra said the discussion should include naming as well as donations. We have
policy on this but do not have it before us so we may not be able to take action. Mary
Jane Thibodeau said there are two different policies. Naming of facilities is one special

Jeff Peavey asked for discussion to see if the Board wants to follow through with these
ideas so Dianne Estes can gather information.

Dianne Estes understands there was favorable discussion by the Building Committee
about sponsorship of trees for landscaping purposes. She reported Howe Library in
Hanover just completed a successful brick program and there is currently one for
Lebanon’s Kilton Library. There will be an area in the middle school, especially along
the patio area, that would be appropriate for a brick program. She will look into it if this
is something the Board wants to explore further.

Laura Dykstra said the Building Committee’s viewpoint is that sponsoring a tree is often
successful because it adds to environment in general and the environment of the school,
and gives people a sense of ownership. It is not very different from the bricks. Mary
Jane Thibodeau added we have a limited landscaping budget but we could go over that
and it might be helpful if people wanted to make donations or to sponsor a tree.

Dianne Estes pointed out there is a naming policy and a sponsorship policy which need to
be addressed. She said it would be wonderful to go with trees or bricks. She has three
companies sending her information. One is in Hudson, New Hampshire. The bricks can
be purchased for a nominal amount, and then you can charge what you want. She

Lebanon School Board -10
believes a tree would cost a lot more, and the number of contributors would be smaller.
Laura Dykstra said it would depend on the size of the tree, the species, and what we need
in what areas.

Mary Jane Thibodeau asked if the purpose is to raise money or make this a community
effort. At $100 a brick, what is the area size and how many bricks are we talking about,
and then where are we going to designate that money to go. You have to tell people who
donate bricks where the money is going.

The Board tended to favor a tree initiative over bricks. Beth White said with trees the
money is not in the budget, so we can ask people to donate the trees for that reason.
Hank Tenney noted that bricks would be subject to frost heaves and it is important to
think in the long term. Laura Dykstra added that the entire project would benefit from
additional trees being donated. The money would enhance the landscaping and that is
clear to the Building Committee.

Christina Haidari pointed out that groups of people as well as businesses might want to
donate trees, so involve them in the landscaping rather than making it a fundraiser. Mary
Jane Thibodeau observed that if someone couldn’t afford to donate a tree they could
contribute to the tree fund. Al Patterson added there are people who would love to give
$25 but can’t afford $200. Rather than putting plaques at individual trees, Jeff Peavey
and Laura Dykstra suggested a donation plaque by the front door that lists contributors to
the tree fund.

Laura Dykstra and Dianne Estes will stay in touch and consult with Ingrid Nichols of

Hank Tenney said that he and Al Patterson would be willing to donate the flagpole in
honor of the veterans of Lebanon but the Board needs to discuss if that is politically
correct or appropriate.

Mary Jane Thibodeau said we need to look at our policy. If we accept a donation in
honor of one group, will we be obligated to do that if another group comes forward?
Hank Tenney said these are decisions the Board has to make. The policy is important to
look at. We want to make sure we get it right. Bob McCarthy pointed out if you are
doing it for veterans you are doing it for people who served their country; you are not
taking a stand.

Jeff Peavey said on September 8 we will come back with the policies and make a final

Laura Dykstra believed the Building Committee schedule may not allow them to come
back with more information by September 8, but she doesn’t think the details and the
decisions are related right now. The Board has to say that in agreement with our policy
we support any kind of donation in honor or memory of, and then we will have 18

Lebanon School Board -11
months to work out the program. If we find that the Board wants the initiatives, and the
policies support that route, we will know to put our energy into it.

8.   Superintendent’s Report

Gail Paludi reported that the first SAU88 leadership team retreat took place on Friday,
August 20 at UVEI. She publicly thanked UVEI director Rob Fried and the employees
for hosting. It was a great day of conversation as a leadership team with guest speakers.
Gail also thanked Chief Christopoulos who talked about the emergency management
plan. They talked as a leadership team about where they see themselves as leaders and
how we are going to develop shared commitments as a leadership team.

Laura Dykstra asked who comprises the leadership group. Gail replied that she expanded
its focus to invite to that meeting all the central office leadership team, all the building
leadership teams and curriculum and instruction, and athletic directors. She will continue
to meet with that expanded group throughout the year to continue the conversations on
direction and focus for the district. About 13 or 14 were at the retreat. All told it is about
17 or 18 people.

Gail reported she has received a letter from Lebanon Administrators Group informing of
their intent to negotiate. We will need to talk about whether or not the team that exists
for the LEA negotiations will also negotiate the administrators contract or do we want to
consider creating another team to negotiate the administrators contract. She has learned
from Attorney Peahl that many districts do have different teams negotiating different
contracts if there are agreements being negotiated at the same time in the same year.

Today Shirley Ferguson facilitated the new teacher orientation. Gail thanked her for
organizing that and thanked the administrators and central office for coming.

Gail Paludi and Rick Mullaly met with Camilla Hennessey and David Brooks from the
Planning Board to talk about the survey for Sacred Heart School: whether we can just
survey the line between the school and the SAU building, or have to do a new survey.
They made us aware of the need to have 10 feet between the building and the line on both
sides. Also if we were ever to consider sale of the SAU building, because of the zoning
there will be a requirement regarding parking. The building itself may not have enough
space but there would be consideration by the Planning Board of other on-street parking
and availability so there might be a waiver of the ordinance requiring 40 spaces.

Mary Jane Thibodeau recalled hearing the Planning Board indicate the 10-foot setback
would be grandfathered. Gail replied that is not what they were told this past week. She
can investigate further.

Hank Tenney ask why they would require 40 parking places. Gail replied it depends on
what it would be used for given the zoning the building is in.

Lebanon School Board -12
Gail noted she had thought we might be able to just survey the line. Rick Mullaly
checked with the Department of Licensure for surveyors and it appears the existing
survey will be too old and that we will have to have the entire parcel surveyed – a larger
expense than we had originally thought. We have several bids for surveying, but only
one is for the whole parcel, so we will need to rethink that.

Laura Dykstra said, to refresh memories, this idea came from the ad hoc real estate
committee that we assembled about a year and a half ago. A number of city employees
attended. David Brooks is a city employee, not a Planning Board member. His partner is
Mark Goodwin, also a City employee. He attended these real estate meetings and it was
entirely his suggestion, presented in a simplistic fashion and Dr. Harris moved forward
with it. Perhaps David and Mark might want to have a conversation about the intentions
and ideas that Mark Goodwin presented to the Real Estate committee.

Beth White asked if the Board needs to vote to have the survey done. Gail Paludi replied
now that the scope of the project has changed she will bring more information at the next
Board meeting.

Gail Paludi talked today with Christina Hall at the City about the work being done in
front of Seminary Hill. It will not be finished as quickly as they anticipated. They
discussed the times of day when it would be inconvenient to have work being done in
front of the school. Gail talked with principal Martha Langill about times for drop off
and pick up that she would prefer, and asked transportation coordinator Wanda Hastings
to talk directly to Christina. We have a two-hour block at the beginning and end of the
day when there is going to be buses and parent pick-up and the need to get children in
and out of Seminary Hill School. Martha will do an alert now to her families to let
parents know there is still work going on and to allow more time for drop-off and pick
up. The entire project will be done sometime in October. As of today they were hopeful
to have water and sewer service done by Friday. There is still retaining wall, drainage,
and utility work to be done.

Al Patterson reported this is approximately an 18-month project. They plan to have
everything done in front of the school by the end of the week. The crew is trying to
accommodate the public. We give priority to Advance Transit now, and school buses
will get priority. Everybody works together. We need to know they are very conscious
about the buses.

Gail publicly thanked Attorneys Dean Eggert and Alison Minutelli for their presentation
on bullying. As time goes on she will be bringing more information to the Board
regarding the new policy that needs to be in place around the first of the year.

Moving toward paperless Board meetings, Gail has planned a brief half hour SAKAI
training by Allison Mollica at the beginning of the September 22 Board meeting. Our
netbooks will be imaged and ready to go for the September 22 meeting. Mary Jane
Thibodeau noted that Allison has e-mailed us SAKAI links to check out. She has also
sent Board members a tutorial about how to get on SAU e-mail. Gail Paludi said Martha

Lebanon School Board -13
MacDonald has also offered to give anybody assistance to get on our SAU e-mail. Feel
free to go to her. Jeff Peavey noted the importance of using our SAU e-mail account, not
our personal accounts, for all Board business.

Gail reported she has visited all the schools to look at the different projects At Mount
Lebanon the silo is in and the boilers are there. There is still a small amount of cleanup
work to be done. The building addition is beautiful. The silo is big. Michael did not
mention any complaints from the neighborhood. The entrance way has been started.
They were waiting for concrete to be poured. That project will continue but buses will
deliver at the other end of the school.

The Seminary Hill elevator has passed inspection. It is beautiful both inside and out. Al
Patterson has had the opportunity to watch that project and thinks the whole crew did a
fabulous job.

Gail reported the floor and lockers at the high school look beautiful and really make a
difference. There is cleanup but they are almost done. The roof work on Hanover Street
School will continue after school starts but she is told it will not be disruptive.

Shirley Ferguson and Gail will try to get to every building on August 31. It would be nice
to have representation at each school. Mary Jane Thibodeau asked Gail to let the Board
know their schedule: which school at which time, so there can be some representation at
each school.

9.   Assistant Superintendent’s Report

Shirley Ferguson thanked the Board for the opportunity to give a report.

Today was the final day for all professional development going on this summer. For the
past three days a math consultant has been working with a group of about 30 teachers.
The grade span was kindergarten through high school. There were great conversations
and ah-ha moments. Shirley thanked Math and Science coordinator Judy Filkins for
putting that together.

New teacher orientation was today. This year the group was small: six teachers new to
the district and one who was hired midway through last year. The new teachers are: first
grade at Hanover Street School, a sixth grade teacher at Seminary Hill, three Special Ed
teachers and a Tech Ed business teacher at the high school, and a language arts teacher at
the junior high.

Gail did the welcoming, and Shirley went through all curriculum documents. Judy
Filkins helped with Math and Shirley thanked Language Arts Communicator Judy
Klunder for being there too. Director of Technology Bill Waste did the orientation to
technology in the afternoon.

Lebanon School Board -14
Shirley has received word that our $235,000 Title 1 grant has been approved. She is
working on the Title 2A grant.

10. Business Manager’s Report


11. Committee Reports:

A. Education Committee

Shirley Ferguson announced the Education Committee will meet twice a month from
4:00 to 5:30 p.m. at the SAU conference room on Wednesdays alternate to Board
meetings. She has suggested September 1 and September 15 for the first two meetings.
Laura Dykstra noted the timeframe will be difficult for her, but is willing to try it and see
if it can work.

B. Personnel/Negotiations

Mary Jane Thibodeau expressed reservations about having a second group to negotiate
the administrators contract. Information would be the same working with both groups
and the same people should be working on both contracts.

Gail Paludi responded we are having difficulty finding a common time to meet. To then
find more time to negotiate a second contract is her concern.

Laura Dykstra asked what is the endpoint and Mary Jane Thibodeau responded you have
to be done by December 1. If you get to impasse and need to go to mediation, that can
take weeks to get scheduled, so you have a deadline in your ground rules when you set

Jeff Peavey suggested adding a fourth member to the committee, ensuring there would
always be three members present. Board members agreed this is a good solution.

Jeff Peavey appointed Christina Haidari to join Laura Dykstra, Al Patterson, and Beth
White as the forth member of the negotiating committee. He advised they select the chair
at their first meeting.

Gail Paludi said our attorney is holding September 2 at 10:00 a.m. for the conference call
meeting which will be at the SAU office.

C. Finance and Facilities

Jeff Peavey reported the committee met a couple of weeks ago. Jim is on vacation for
two weeks and the 31st is the first day of school. We will need to set future meetings.

Lebanon School Board -15
D. Staff Development Committee

no report

E.   Hartford Area Career and Technical Center Board

Hank Tenney reported they will meet on September 21 at 10:00 a.m.

F.   Building Committee

Laura Dykstra has e-mailed the savings list to Board members today. As the plans
approach 99% completion we start to get more prices. This list will serve to show what
to bring back when the bids come in if there is a margin. We have shaved about $1.5M
from that last round of estimating. We will have a short meeting this Friday, August 27
at the Banwell office only to review the CHPS checklist. Anyone is welcome to come.

As we are now going to be putting out requests for true bids the committee decided to run
an ad last weekend to notify the community at large that we are looking for local
workers, local companies. We have had some calls come in already. Three web-based
agencies are referenced at the bottom of the ad. Hopefully vendors check those websites
and already knew about the project because they have been checking those websites, but
if not, they are referenced there.

The committee may meet on September 3 to go through the owner’s responsibility, with a
regular meeting on September10 at Sacred Heart School.

Mary Jane Thibodeau advised the $1.5 million savings just brings us back down to
budget. Mary Jane said a list of all the companies that received a prequalification was e-
mailed to the Board today.

Hank Tenney reminded the Board that we made a promise to voters to get the word out to
as many local contractors and vendors as possible. The Valley News ad is one way to do
that. We need to let people know this is an open process and we want local people to be
able to bid and have an opportunity to help build this facility.

Laura Dykstra raised another topic the full Board needs to consider: defining “local”.
An example is an excavation company based about an hour from here but has eight
people who live in Lebanon. But perhaps a company that we associate with Lebanon
may have no workers who live in Lebanon. She gave Trumbull-Nelson credit for asking
on their qualification questionnaire how many workers live in Lebanon. It would be nice
for the Board to have a conversation about the parameters soon. Site work and concrete
is going out this week.

Al Patterson noted that there are companies on the list that employ a lot of people who
live in Lebanon and others who have no Lebanon employees. It is important that a
company is reputable and does a good job but it is important to have people from our

Lebanon School Board -16
community working on our school. We do need to define what is local. Hank Tenney
cautioned that we also have to take the bids into consideration. We hope bids are close so
we can stay local and we will get that opportunity when the bids come in.

Beth White asked if contracts for a specific aspect can be given to more than one
contractor. Laura Dykstra replied there are a few we know are good at one part of a job
but not at the whole spectrum. All that is going to be factored in and T-N are the experts
and should guide us. Sometimes breaking out is not the best efficiency. Jeff Peavey
noted a general contract can hire local subs to do the work. Mary Jane Thibodeau
observed we will have some knowledge of that, right down to subcontractors.

12. Other Reports:

A. Recreation Liaison

Bob McCarthy said the next meeting is scheduled for October 18. However he will be at
Planning Board meetings on August 27 and September 6 because of the Mascoma River
Greenway project going before the Planning Board.

B. Athletic and Co-curricular Council

Mary Jane Thibodeau will e-mail LHS Athletic Director Kelley Carey to get the
committee going.

13. Other Business:

Mary Jane Thibodeau complimented Gail Paludi on her welcoming article in the back to
school news that we recently received in the mail.

14. Future Agenda Items:

Laura Dykstra wants the Board or the Co-Curricular Council to consider the hours we
pay an athletic trainer for our programs are not enough. She knows about ten athletes
who are not practicing already because of injuries.

Gail Paludi has been discussing this with Kelley Carey. Kelley has someone she could
bring on as a trainer. Hank Tenney said it is important to find out what that training
covers. Gail replied she understands two groups perform some responsibilities in that
area but the person Kelly has been talking to is actually an athletic trainer. There would
be no additional cost as the other services would go away. Kelley would be happy to
explain what we lose and gain and Gail suggested scheduling her to talk to the Board at
the September 8 meeting.

Mary Jane Thibodeau pointed out it is fine to have the conversation so we all know, but if
in fact it is already in her budget and not going to cost additional money, and she is
rearranging her budget, we shouldn’t have any problem with it.

Lebanon School Board -17
MOTION by Mary Jane Thibodeau and seconded by Bob McCarthy to go into non-
public session pursuant to NH RSA 91-A: 3, II (c) and (e) at 8.59 p.m.

ROLL CALL VOTE:         Unanimous

The public meeting resumed at 10:10 p.m.

MOTION by Hank Tenney and seconded by Laura Dykstra to adjourn at 10:10 p.m.

VOTE:     Unanimous

Lebanon School Board -18

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