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					                                          6/2002 WIND   BLATT   1

          WIND BLATT
               The ENERCON Magazine

                  Insurers trust
                                 Inspection clause dropped

            Pages 2/3: Under stress
            E-112 blade on the test stand
            Pages 4/5: In the bath
            New impregnation for generators
            Pages 8/9: Under discussion
            E.ON grid expert on connection rules
   2 WIND BLATT         6/2002

Dear Readers,

With the national election behind us,
we face a new situation, and we must
again focus clearly on the future.
The election has shown us all that
wind power, as the principal dynamo
of the renewable energy sector, has
grown into an industry that no political
party can afford to ignore. There are
many reasons for this: innovative re-
search trends, permanent jobs, a
comeback for the old economy, thriving
small and medium-sized supplier             The test stand on the banks of the Weser.
companies, and the worldwide
admiration for German technology.

Of course, there are still weak points,
such as shady investment funds and
                                                                 E-1 blade
commercially dubious companies and                           260 tonne test stand built at SAM
projects. But these undesirable develop-
ments are also an opportunity to learn
a lot, a point of particular relevance to       An E-112 rotor blade is over 52 m                ver’s eye. At one end a rotor blade is
the discussion surrounding insurance                                                             flanged, tilted up at an angle of 10 de-
                                                      long and weighs 20 t, and its
(see the article on pages 6/7).                                                                  grees to the ground, raising its tip to-
                                               test stand is an equally impressive               wards the sky.
When I look back over the closing year,               structure. It weighs 260 t and
I think of these things: catastrophic                                                              The root of the E-112 blade is firmly
                                                    represents a huge investment,
floods, drought, climate change and                                                                clamped, and the blade itself is pulled
Johannesburg. This underlines to me                contributing to the maintenance                 towards the ground at six locations,
that there is no future without the                                                                looking more and more like a loaded
                                                           of ENERCON’s high quality
environment. Renewable energy sources
                                                                                                   catapult. The tension gradually becomes
are facing a great challenge. They bear                                        standards.
                                                                                                   visible, and a slight curve can be seen.
a huge responsibility, as an energy
                                                                                                   The stress is now 150 percent of the
supply system capable of satisfying
the needs of the future is developed.
Let us seize this opportunity!
With these thoughts I wish you a joyful
                                            T        he August sunshine beats down
                                                     on the remote airfield at the ASL
                                            site on the banks of the Weser. A heavy,
                                                                                                   maximum load to be expected in opera-
                                                                                                   tion. The stress test described here is
                                                                                                   one of four tests to which the blade
Christmas and a happy and healthy           white steel structure catches the obser-               was subjected before it was allowed to
new year.                                                                                                            travel by ship to the
                                                                                                                     prototype wind energy
Yours,                                                                                                               converter at Egeln. All
                                                                                                                     three blades were put
                                                                                                                     through the stress test.
                                                                                                                     For ENERCON develop-
Hans-Dieter Kettwig
                                                                                                                     ment engineer Rolf
Commercial Director
                                                                                                                     Rohden this is a matter
                                                                                                                     of course. “We simply
                                                                                                                     want to ensure that
     Cover photograph: Timmeler Kampen      Results of the blade deflection measurements, showing a minimal devia- every blade is absolute-
                                            tion between the measured (points) and calculated (line) values.         ly faultless, because it is
                                                                                                                     6/2002 WIND    BLATT        3

Photomontage showing the loaded and unloaded E-112 blade on the test stand.

on the test stand
one of the most safety-critical compo-              characteristics were analysed at Lem-          Dr. Dieter Jahn, responsible for special
nents in a wind energy converter”, he               werder.                                        wind sector projects at SAM in Magde-
says, adding that, after all, an aircraft’s                                                        burg, manufactured the test stand, de-
wings are subjected to a long series                To investigate the resonant frequency, the     veloped by ENERCON engineers, using
of tests before they are first used.                blade on the test stand was made to            principles derived from bridge con-
Apart from the stress test, the deforma-            oscillate. The ENERCON engineers were          struction. He also developed the mighty
tion, resonant frequency and elongation             pleased with the result: the data returned     steel substructure of the E-112 nacelle
                                                                      by the vibration sensors     for the trial set-up at the Sket factory.
                                                                      agreed with the calcu-       Dr. Jahn explains the benefits of the blade
                                                                      lated values. Nor did the    test stand: “The whole installation is
                                                                      other results differ sig-    neither fixed to the ground nor welded,
                                                                      nificantly from those de-
                                                                                                   but is entirely bolted. It can therefore
                                                                      termined beforehand:
                                                                                                   easily be dismantled and reassembled.”
                                                                      the blades withstood the
                                                                                                   It is also possible to use a pitch motor
                                                                      stress test without any
                                                                                                   to turn a rotor blade by up to 180
                                                                      damage, and the defor-
                                                                                                   degrees. In this way the blade can be
                                                                      mation of the E-112
                                                                                                   turned on both sides for testing, and can
                                                                      blade was found to be
                                                                                                   be brought into exactly the desired
                                                                      within the usual tole-
                                                                      rance of one or two
                                                                      percent of the calcula-
                                                                      ted values. Wire strain      The operating behaviour of the E-112
                                                                      gauges were attached         rotor blades is at present being investi-
                                                                      at the relevant points of    gated on the converter in Egeln. The re-
                                                                      the internal structure of    sults of this and other tests being carried
                                                                      the blade to analyse the     out on the prototype will be published
                                                                      elongation. The results      in a forthcoming issue of WINDBLATT. In
                                                                      of this investigation will   the meantime, the E-112 has demon-
                                                                      be utilised for the con-     strated its rated power of 4.5 megawatts
                                                                      tinuing development of       under suitable wind conditions several
Resonant frequency measurements:
time curve (above), frequency amplitudes (below).                     the blade structure.         times.
   4 WIND BLATT             6/2002

               Resin like honey
                               New impregnation process for generator manufacture

              he generator is impregnated with     East Frisian town of Aurich. The air is        preliminary heating oven to the resin
      T       a resin in a specially manufac-
      tured vacuum impregnation plant. The air
                                                   fresh, and contains no solvent vapours.
                                                   And instead of the five generators, con-
                                                                                                  bath. Thorough application of resin is now
                                                                                                  achieved by capillary force instead of a
      trapped in the coils is evacuated, so that   sisting of rotor and stator, that were         vacuum. This is made possible because
      resin flows into even the smallest crevice   handled each week in 1995, it is now           the new resin liquefies when hot. “In fact
      in the windings.” These words are from a     possible to apply resin and corrosion          the resin behaves rather like honey at this
      description of the new impregnation hall     protection to 25 in the same time, since       stage”, explains Cord Druivenga. As soon
      at ENERCON Induction in 1995, at which       the entire coating process has been            as it comes into contact with the hot
      time Dipl.-Ing. Cord Druivenga had been      reduced from 20 hours to five. The             copper winding, the resin, which was
      working at ENERCON for just under            coating of the generator parts consists,       viscous at room temperature, liquefies
      two years. “At that time the first automa-   now as then, of two components with            completely. After a few minutes the
      tic generator impregnation plant seemed      different tasks: while the resin impreg-       generator is removed from the bath, and
      like a miracle of technology”, he recalls.   nation stabilises the copper windings, the     the resin has been deposited as a jelly-
                                                   covering coat of varnish provides reliable     like layer on the copper windings. When
      Today, though, the development of an         corrosion protection.                          the generators were manufactured using
      improved process has ushered in a new                                                       the old vacuum impregnation process,
      era at ENERCON Induction. It puts the        Cord Druivenga walks enthusiastically          between 20 and 30 percent drip losses
      technological capabilities of the past       through the hall, climbs over the edge of      and 43 percent volatile solvent loss were
      into the shade, is environmentally more      a stator ring deposited on the floor, and      normal. The figures are now just five
      friendly, faster, and delivers even higher   examines the material so closely that he       percent drip losses and up to three
      quality coatings.                            almost hits his nose against it. “You can      percent evaporation loss. But with each
                                                   see it quite clearly here. The resin is much   immersion, nearly 90 percent more resin
      No spots of red paint disfigure the new,     more evenly applied than before”, he           is taken up by the generator. “This gives
      gleaming white hall at the factory in the    remarks with satisfaction.                     us an improvement in quality. Fewer voids
                                                                                                  are formed as the resin is applied, and
                                                                       The secret of the new      this gives the windings greater stability”,
                                                                       process is to connect      comments Matthias Dutsch, managing
                                                                       the stator and rotor to    director at ENERCON Induction.
                                                                       an electric circuit for
                                                                       the impregnation with      As manufacturers of wind energy con-
                                                                       stabilising resin, sup-    verters, ENERCON themselves aim to
                                                                       plying sufficient energy   achieve the less polluting production
                                                                       to raise the tempe-        possible. The need to use substances
                                                                       rature of the copper       containing solvents was therefore always
                                                                       winding to 135 degrees     a thorn in the side of ENERCON’s boss,
                                                                       Celsius. This is done      Dipl.-Ing. Aloys Wobben. But it was only a
                                                                       inside an enormous         few years ago that environmentally
                                                                       forced-air oven that       friendly resins with the necessary pro-
                                                                       simultaneously heats       perties came onto the market. ENERCON’s
                                                                       the steel components       development department then immedi-
                                                                       of the rotor or stator     ately began to design a new impregnation
                                                                       ring to about 100 de-      process.
                                                                                                  ENERCON engineer Roland Schulz has
                                                                       A factory crane carries    investigated the matter of electrical
The new impregnation bath                                              the parts from the         power supply to the generator compo-
                                                                                                                         6/2002 WIND   BLATT        5

Matthias Dutsch, managing director at ENERCON Induction, checks an E-66 stator that has just come from powder coating.

nents. He stands in front of an entire wall        for insulation, even when the old process          While the new process was still in its
of control cabinets in the new impreg-             was still being used. The red top coat,            test phase at Wobben Research and
nation hall, and explains: “To heat the            however, also contained 45 percent                 Development, the laying of the foun-
E-66 stator electrically, for instance, a          solvent. Annoying side effects included            dation stone for the new production hall
direct current of 1,400 amps is needed.”           spattered work clothes and rust-red spots          was being celebrated at the other end
And because, from E-30 to E-66 stator              over the whole impregnation hall. The new          of Aurich. A total of 2.75 million euros
and rotor, eight different objects have to         powder finishing varnish in a discreet pale         has gone into the 860 m2 structure.
be impregnated, there are also eight               grey avoids these unpleasant side-effects          Even as the resin and powder suppliers
different DC currents required, which              altogether.                                        were still shaking their heads in doubt,
basically come from a single transformer                                                              the new impregnation hall at ENERCON
with the appropriate taps. While it is true        Following the resin bath, components are           was daily moving step by step closer
that heating the generators consumes a             first returned to an oven, where the winding        to becoming a reality. At the same
large amount of energy in a short time,            temperature is raised to 190 degrees by            time, tests were being carried out in
this must be seen in the light of the enor-        supplying it with electrical power, while the      ENERCON’s Research Department on
mous time-saving.                                  other components are heated by con-                coils for the power cabinets. They too
                                                   vection. This causes the resin to harden           were to be treated using the new im-
The additional robust insulation of the            irreversibly.The residual heat is exploited as     pregnation process and subsequent
generators is crucial for a long service           the subsequent powder coating is applied.          powder coating. Since then, ENERCON
life in damp and sometimes salty air.              In a closed chamber, ten automatic spray           have developed a fully automatic
ENERCON’s production equipment de-                 guns await the hot, grounded generator to          coating plant for them, and installed it at
signers, of whom Cord Druivenga is one,            cover it with epoxy powder. “The new top           Magdeburg-Rothensee as well as at
developed impregnation processes and               coat is not just cleaner, but also gives           Aurich.
drying ovens in the early 1990s with the           improved protection against moisture and
aid of which the salt-resistant finishing          corrosion, since the powder allows the             Cord Druivenga: “It does take some
varnish penetrates even into the inter-            layer thickness to be doubled”, explains           courage to convert production to an
stices between the generator’s copper              Mr Dutsch with pleasure. Whereas in the            entirely new process. And there were
windings. In this way, the ENERCON ring            past the liquid finishing varnish dripped          plenty of sceptics. That makes it all the
generator significantly exceeded the re-           away continuously, the powder coating now          more satisfying that everything is now
quirements set by the industrial standard          adheres tenaciously.                               functioning perfectly.”
6 WIND BLATT       6/2002

        Inspection clause:
        not for ENERCON
                                           New policy conditions from insurers

               Hard times have dawned                   fit one now would require the converter to                    last year due to gearbox damage, 4,500
                                                        be redesigned and the blades to be ex-                        because of electrical failures and 2,500 as
          in the wind energy insurance
                                                        changed.                                                      a result of damaged rotor blades.
                  market. The insurance

              companies are looking to                  Above all, however, it is the “inspection                     The disparity that has arisen as a result of
                                                        clause” that is currently making life so                      the reduced premiums was the trigger for
                     minimise their risk.               difficult for the operators, and which is                     introducing the inspection clause that has
                                                        also to be found in Bookjans’ possible                        been included in all newly concluded
                                                        follow-on policy. The clause, agreed jointly                  contracts since August 2002. This trend
                                                        by the insurance companies, requires                          is going so far that it is difficult for the
 M         y insurer simply dropped a
           cancellation letter in my letter-
 box. And that after 10 years without a
                                                        specific servicing work and expensive re-
                                                        placements to be carried out on the wind
                                                                                                                      operators of certain converter types to get
                                                                                                                      any insurance cover at all.
 single claim on the insurance for my                   energy converter if the insurance cover is
 converters. That’s a downright cheek”,                 to be maintained. What Gerhard Bookjans                       The introduction of the clause was no sur-
 exclaims Gerhard Bookjans from Hilken-                 angrily dismisses as “sheer blackmail” is                     prise to ENERCON’s insurance expert,
 brook in Northern Germany angrily. When                the result of increasingly fierce competi-                    Rainer Rehwinkel. He is aware that such
 he bought an E-17 (80 kW) back in 1989,                tion that has developed in the insurance                      clauses are a matter of course in many
 he was one of the first to enter the wind              market over the years. It would appear                        other sectors, like the insurance of large
 sector. He insured the converter through               that insurers can only compete if they of-                    production machines. “Furthermore”, he
 LVM (Landwirtschaftlicher Versicherungs-               fer ever lower premiums. This is against                      says, “it means that the quality of the
 verein Münster), and this insurance rela-              the background of an almost constant                          wind energy converters is maintained at a
 tionship still exists. But he insured the              claims rate of up to 180 percent in the                       consistently high level, or even in some
 E-18 (80 kW) that he acquired two years                machine failure sector and 300 percent                        areas improved.”
 later through another company, whose                   for business interruption insurance. In
 letter of cancellation has now reached                 Schleswig-Holstein alone, more than                           The clause contains four principal points.
 him without warning. Nor are the alter-                10,000 operating hours were lost by the                       For rotor blades, it is required that after
 natives on offer any real comfort to                   operators of 484 converters monitored                         40,000 operating hours, or at the latest
 the “windmill” ow-                                                                                                                        after five years, they
 ner. Bookjans was            The development of insurance premium rates for wind energy converters                                        must be recondi-
 offered a follow-on                                                                                                                       tioned, and must also
 policy, but at condi-                                                                                                                     be visually inspected,
 tions that look more                                                                                                                      including inspection
 like a bad joke. A                                                                                                                        of the internal light-
 lightning protection                                                                                                                      ning protection, once
 system for rotor bla-                                                                                                                     a year. The gears,
 des was, for instan-                                                                                                                      generator and main
 ce, required. This may                                                                                                                    bearings must also
 be standard nowa-                                                                                                                         be    replaced     af-
 days, but the con-                                                                                                                        ter 40,000 operating
 verters made in the                                                                                                                       hours, regardless of
 early days of wind                                                                                                                        their condition, and
 energy do not have                                                                                                                        the stator and rotor
                          The figures apply to full cover, with an excess of 1,000 euros per claim.
 such a system, and to    Quantity discounts and outline agreements are not considered in the premiums mentioned above.                    windings of the ge-
                                                                                                                 6/2002 WIND     BLATT        7

nerator and the gear wheels must be          Rehwinkel. The EPK, as a financially            comprehensive machine insurance, may
examined. It is quite clear that implemen-   stable factor, gives the operator better        form the basis of a policy. One insurance
tation of the points required here re-       planning security than any insurance            company has already decided to offer this
presents a significant additional cost       can.                                            form of insurance against damage resul-
factor. In the meantime, insurers are                                                        ting from external influences in future,
working on an extension of their accept-     There is another area where ENERCON             without requiring lightning protection and
ance guidelines. This should make it         scores highly. “We have now in fact             without the inspection clause.
possible for the operator to take specific   reached a point where a distinction is
measures, such as regular inspection of      made between different converter types          It is not just older converters that are being
the converter by an expert, to obtain a      when the insurance risk is assessed,            looked at very closely by insurers. The
modification of the contents of the in-      and this works strongly in favour of            prototypes of the new multi-megawatt
spection clause. The extent to which this    ENERCON”, explains Mr Rehwinkel.                generation of converters often encounter
might happen is not yet clear.               Above all, the absence of a gearbox prone       mistrust, since there are so many potential
                                             to malfunctions has increased insurers’         uncertainties. Insurance was not a pro-
Since the ENERCON Partner Plan (EPK),        trust in ENERCON converters.                    blem for the prototype of the 4.5 MW
chosen by more than 85 percent of all                                                        E-112 converter, however, especially as it
German ENERCON customers, already            But what options remain open to the             is already protected by the EPK. A partner
guarantees 97 percent availability, and      operators of converters who neither have        for the supplementary insurance was soon
includes regular servicing and mainte-       an EPK nor are able to satisfy the con-         found, and the inspection clause was also
nance work as well as any necessary re-      ditions necessary to take out a new policy      omitted.
pairs, the work specified in the clause is   (higher premiums, larger excess, rotor
superfluous. For this reason, Gothaer, one   blades with lightning protection and the        The problem of insurance costs is also
of Germany’s largest insurers of wind en-    inspection clause)? It is therefore par-        familiar to some extent on the inter-
ergy, has decided to remove the clause       ticularly the owners of smaller, older          national wind market. It is Rehwinkel’s
from contracts whenever the EPK has          converters who are asking themselves            opinion that “foreign insurers will sooner
already been concluded. The Partner Plan     whether, under these circumstances,             or later take the same steps as the
thus protects operators from the in-         insurance makes any sense at all. Mr            German insurance companies”. Indeed
spection clause. “It is possible that in-    Bookjans has already reached a decision:        converter operators abroad already en-
surance premiums will rise further over      “Under those conditions – thanks, but no        counter the inspection clause when they
the coming years, but the insurance          thanks.” So that these operators are not        take out their insurance with a German
required in addition to the EPK will         left out in the cold, ENERCON have been         insurance company. It is, however, a
remain largely constant, because so far      in discussion with a number of insurers,        comfort for operators that ENERCON also
almost no claims have arisen in this         with the result that, if there is interest, a   offer the EPK, or a comparable scheme,
area”, is the opinion expressed by Rainer    slimmed-down version, referred to as            abroad.
8 WIND BLATT       6/2002

      Wind energy is growing
       faster than the grid
                     Dr. Uwe Radtke of E.ON on the new grid connection rules

     Dr. Uwe Radtke is the coordinator          more than 5,000 MW within our regula-             Radtke: At 3,000 MW we reach the
                                                tory zone. These are no longer just small     critical limit for permissible failure within
   for wind power in the grid planning
                                                producers; they have long since reached       the European UCTE grid. As soon as more
       department at E.ON Netz GmbH.            the dimensions of large power stations.       than 3,000 MW fail, the grid frequency
                                                The voltage is closely associated with the    leaves the permissible range. If an even
        He gives WINDBLATT his views
                                                reactive power, and here we have now          larger generation capacity were to fail, the
       about the extensions to the grid         specified a range corresponding to that of    European UCTE grid might collapse. And if
                                                large power stations. In addition, there is   at that point we did not happen to have
      connection rules that take effect
                                                the question of the operating behaviour       a balance between generated and con-
            in January and apply to the         on the grid when faults occur: in the past,   sumed energy in the remaining grid, a
             connection of wind energy          the small converters left the grid as         “blackout”, a collapse of the grid, could
                                                quickly as possible when the voltage          happen, with unforeseeable consequen-
            converters to the E.ON grid.        changed even a little. Nowadays the           ces. This is a risk that would become in-
                                                converters must remain connected if, for      creasingly real as the amount of wind
                                                instance, there is a short on the grid.       power grows, if the new grid connection
     WIND BLATT Dr. Radtke, what diffe-         We need their short-circuit capacity for      rules are not implemented.
 rences are there in the grid connection        the sake of system stability and grid pro-
 rules for the operators of wind energy         tection.                                         WIND BLATT Have the wind energy
 converters who feed power into the grid                                                      converter manufacturers already ap-
 after the 1st January 2003?                       WIND BLATT And what happens when           proached E.ON Netz and told them that
                                                a short-circuit occurs now?                   they can supply appropriately equipped
                                                                                              converters after 1st January, so that the
                                                    Radtke: The converters must re-           extensions to the grid connection rules
                                                main on the grid because, with the            can be observed?
                                                large number of converters now con-
                                                nected in North Germany, the capa-               Radtke: We first approached the
                                                city lost would soon pass the 3,000 MW        FGW (Fördergesellschaft Windenergie –
                                                mark.                                         the Wind Energy Promotion Association)
                                                                                              in an attempt to make the technical
                                                   WIND BLATT      So our lights would go     requirements we must place on manu-
                                                out?                                          facturers of wind energy converters and
                                                                                              on project developers transparent. Manu-
                                                   Radtke: Well, not exactly. If power        facturers have also had discussions with
                                                generation capacity fails somewhere, then     us regarding the implementation.
                                                immediate assistance is drawn from other
      Radtke: The new technical require-        power stations within the European UCTE         WIND BLATT And how far have the
 ments primarily affect two physical pa-        grid in order to substitute for the missing   manufacturers come?
 rameters: the frequency and the voltage.       power. But the UCTE grid does not have
 In the past, if the frequency wavered a        more than 3,000 MW available for imme-           Radtke: They are working on the task,
 little, wind energy converters have auto-      diate assistance.                             but have not told us how much progress
 matically disconnected themselves from                                                       they have made.
 the grid. We are now saying that the              WIND BLATT So the problem is not
 converters are to remain connected to the      yet acute. If the megawatt capacity in-          WIND BLATT What will happen if, by
 grid, like large power stations, in order to   creases in line with the growing number       the beginning of January, the manu-
 support it. We presently have wind energy      of wind energy converters, then what will     facturers are not yet able to deliver the
 converters with an installed power of          happen?                                       necessary technology? What must an
                                                                                                                   6/2002 WIND     BLATT        9

operator who wants to connect his con-          ways depend on the results of a specific       When the grid has been appropriately
verter to the grid expect?                      grid calculation – each case is examined       expanded we will be able to accept 100
                                                individually. The provision of sufficient      percent of the wind power.
   Radtke: We have a set of transitional        reactive power ensures that as far as
grid connection rules which came into           possible 100 % effective power is trans-          WIND BLATT Doesn’t the Renewable
force back on 1st January 2002. From 1st        mitted. This is why we say that the reac-      Energies Law (EEG) specify that power
January 2003 they are binding for every         tive power must be compensated locally         companies must purchase wind power?
wind energy converter that is connected         wherever possible, in order to minimise
to the grid. On the other hand, we must         transmission losses.                               Radtke: That is correct, and the Power
say that it is not possible to test whether                                                    Industry Law (EnWG) obliges us to provide
a converter satisfies our requirements             WIND BLATT E.ON’s new rules also            a reliable supply. Wind power, like any
when it is commissioned. At the time of         provide for a reduction in power from          other power source, can only be accep-
commissioning, the operator of the wind         wind energy converters if there is a risk      ted and transmitted if this does not in-
farm must definitively declare that he          that they will overload the grid. In other     volve any risk for people or equipment,
satisfies our requirements.                     words, E.ON will itself throttle back the      and if the reliability of the supply is not
                                                converters. To what extent will a loss of      compromised. The Renewable Energies
   WIND BLATT But if the converter is not       revenue occur?                                 Law thus logically obliges grid operators
capable of doing this, the operator can’t                                                      to expand the grid if this is commercially
really make such a declaration ...                 Radtke: That is hard to say. In any         reasonable. And whereas the installation
                                                event, it is a random variable that might      of further wind power capacity is racing
    Radtke: If the converter is not capable     amount to several hours in a year. For this    ahead, expansion of the grid takes a great
of satisfying our connection rules, it must
not be connected to the grid. We have
suggested to the wind energy converter
manufacturers that they develop, in co-
operation with the test institutes, test pro-
cedures that will permit compliance to be
supported by appropriate measurements
and to be certified.

   WIND BLATT But what would be the
legal consequences if a short circuit
actually happens and the operators of
converters newly connected to the grid          case to arise it will always be necessary      deal of time, in particular as a result of ap-
are not ready?                                  for several different events to occur si-      proval procedures. The politicians and ad-
                                                multaneously. One is that we must be in a      ministrators must do their homework here.
   Radtke: If the converter operator does       phase of strong winds, and the power de-
not satisfy the applicable grid connection      mand in the grid must simultaneously be            WIND BLATT How will power reduc-
rules, he is also responsible for any           at a low level. At the same time it must be    tions be documented in the E.ON Netz
consequential damage according to the           very hot, because our operating equip-         control rooms, so that the operators can
principle that he is the cause of that          ment is designed for a particular ambient      easily understand what has occurred?
damage.                                         temperature. So there is a series of ran-
                                                dom variables that must occur together             Radtke: Instructions to reduce power
    WIND BLATT Let us turn to another           before a power reduction will take place.      in the context of generation management
aspect of the grid connection rules: re-        But it is certain that we will have to apply   will be automatically documented in the
active power. Is it possible that the power     this generation management, if only be-        operational journals of the responsible grid
companies will be willing to permit addi-       cause the necessary development of the         control system.
tional converters above the maximum             grid is not proceeding as fast as the addi-
limit of a wind farm’s rated output that you    tion of wind energy converters. We are         Editor’s comment:
have specified, if these are capable of         assuming that the installed power from         ENERCON’s development engineers have
preventing a voltage rise?                      wind converters in Germany and in the          been looking into this problem for a con-
                                                E.ON regulatory zone will double over the      siderable time, and are well on the way to
   Radtke: These decisions on the level         next five years. We regard generation          implementing E.ON’s requirements by the
of connected power for a wind farm al-          management as a temporary measure.             beginning of 2003.
10 WIND BLATT        6/2002

   Data transmission with our own satellite dish: nowadays an everyday occurrence for ENERCON India.

      India leads the way
                      High-tech solution for ENERCON’s Asian construction sites

             urt Stürken, responsible for           things are organised differently in India,         leagues in Mumbai (formerly Bombay)
   K         ENERCON’s project manage-
   ment division, is always on the move.
                                                    but the high ENERCON standard is imple-
                                                    mented here uncompromisingly”, was the
                                                                                                       and Daman.

   He supervises ENERCON’s project mana-            praise offered by Mr Stürken.                      Kurt Stürken was nevertheless surprised
   gement throughout the world. He re-                                                                 to see a container with a satellite dish on
   cently visited ENERCON India in order to         Because of India’s sheer size, trans-              the roof during his visit to the largest
   find out more about the work of the local        portation within the country can on occa-          ENERCON construction site in the state of
   project management team. Together with           sion take a whole week. Accordingly,               Karnataka, in the south of the country. His
   his Indian colleague, K. H. Trivedi, he          errors such as delayed, incomplete or              first guess was that the dish belonged to
   plans to intensify cooperation between           incorrect deliveries cannot be corrected           the Indian army’s military intelligence ser-
   the parent company and the large Indian          so quickly.                                        vice. But when he saw ENERCON personnel
   subsidiary. A far-reaching exchange of                                                              nearby, it dawned on him that it was simply
   experience and knowledge is worthwhile,          ENERCON India have been using the SAP              a telephone connection to head office.
   thanks to advanced communication tech-           computer program for some time now to
   nology.                                          control working procedures. This German            K. H. Trivedi explained the reason for this
                                                    software is one of the world’s most widely         type of communication to the German en-
   “I knew that our Indian colleagues were          used systems for the management of fi-             gineer. Regular problems on the telephone
   well-organised, and did not need to fear         nances, production, purchasing and other           lines create problems for communication
   technical comparison with ourselves.             company processes. India is well-known             with the production sites. At the same
   Still, I was impressed by what I saw. Of         for its IT expertise, and the enthusiasm           time, however, it is important that the pro-
   course, due to the huge distances, some          for the subject is shared by our col-              duction managers are informed in detail
                                                                                                                     6/2002 WIND    BLATT        11

Construction of an ENERCON wind farm in the state of Karnataka.

about the progress of construction work on       the system offers. This approach could be         harmonisation of working methods and
access roads and foundations. K.H. Trivedi       used in the future to increase productivity       organisational structures. “It is our job
explains further: “In turn, we need to know      in other countries.                               to provide even more support to our col-
when transporters have left the production                                                         leagues, and in India there is a great deal
locations, and we can also inform our col-       ENERCON India does not just use the               of interest in our expertise in terms of
leagues of the stocks available at the con-      same SAP software as ENERCON in                   practical implementation. But we are
struction site.” The whole company, inclu-       Germany, but also uses the Lotus Notes            building a motorway in both directions
ding the service and marketing depart-           communication system. This means that             here, and we are preparing the ground
ments, is kept constantly informed about         there are no difficulties in making the           for worldwide implementation within the
the progress of construction so that em-         German ENERCON databases available to             ENERCON group”, is Kurt Stürken’s
ployees can optimise the flow of materials.      India. And this significantly simplifies the      summary.
Periods of waiting, if they do occur, are re-
cognised earlier and can be put to good use.

Another advantage of SAP is that the data-
base can also be used to exchange infor-
mation with a time delay. In contrast to a
telephone call, two parties are not simul-
taneously necessary for communication.
In view of the fact that in some regions it
can even be difficult to establish a fax
connection at the construction site, the
system used in India is opening up new
ways of working.

The project manager from Aurich is
highly impressed by the possibilities that       Computerised construction container at the wind farm.
12 WIND BLATT        6/2002

          A wind of change
         in Stoiber country
                 ENERCON suppliers from Bavaria delighted by sales figures
    Wind energy is popular in the home-          went to Bavaria. ENERCON is supplied
                                                 by more than 150 companies in the
   land of the politician Edmund Stoiber,
                                                 mountainous Stoiber country. WINDBLATT
   leather shorts and thigh-slapping folk        therefore surveyed some of the largest
     dances. In Bavaria, wind conditions         Bavarian suppliers on the subject of wind
                                                 energy and the economy. The questions
   may not be ideal everywhere, but the          we asked were:
       region’s economy is benefitting all       1. How long have you worked
   the more from the boom in the sector.            for ENERCON?
                                                 2. What special knowledge in your
                                                    company is used here?
   d       uring 2001, ENERCON GmbH
           alone paid more than 50 million
   euros to suppliers in Bavaria. If the other
                                                 3. What proportion of sales were
                                                    attributable to ENERCON in 2001?
   companies in the group are added, the         4. How important is this volume
   figure exceeds 52 million euros.                 of business to your company?
                                                 5. How many jobs are sustained by
   The proportion of purchases from Ba-             the work you do for ENERCON?
   varian companies amongst ENERCON’s            6. What potential do you see for your
   suppliers speaks for itself: in 2001, six        company through the expansion of
   percent of the 800 million euros spent           wind energy?                               IMO: Wind sector as engine of growth.

    1. Gusstech have worked for ENERCON          1. IMO Industrie-Momentenlager Stoll           1. SKF have worked with ENERCON
       since 1994.                                   & Russ, based in the greater Nu-              since development of the E-32 in
    2. The comprehensive knowledge and               remberg area, have been supplying             1989.
       experience of our engineers, crafts-          ENERCON since 1994.                        2. The company offers expertise in the
       men and technicians in the manufac-
       ture of high quality castings.            2. IMO blade bearings must do their job           fields of roller bearings – servicing –
                                                     24 hours a day, 365 days a year in            lubrication – sealing – monitoring.
    3. In 2001, about 30 percent of our sales
       were to ENERCON.                              hundreds of E-40 and E-66 conver-          3. In 2001, SKF’s sales to ENERCON
    4. ENERCON are our number one cus-               ters.                                         reached 3.2 million euros. This corre-
       tomer by a large margin, as can be                                                          sponds to 0.1% of total group sales.
                                                 3. The medium-sized manufacturer of
       seen from the sales figures.
                                                     large roller bearings has increased its    4. This business is very important to
    5. About 30 jobs are secured by
                                                     deliveries to Aurich by a factor of           SKF, particularly as ENERCON helps to
       ENERCON’s orders.
                                                     seven over the last seven years.              ensuring full capacity of large bearing
    6. If total sales to wind energy converter
       manufacturers (approx. 35 percent) is                                                       production at Schweinfurt.
                                                 4. In recent years, wind energy has been
       considered, and indirect supplies to          our no. 1 growth sector, providing us      5. With the present sales volumes, we
       gearbox manufacturers for such con-           with double-digit growth.                     could assume 16-20 employees.
       verters is added, then nearly 50 per-
       cent of our sales is associated with      5. Today, ENERCON secures almost one           6. The wind sector offers enormous
       wind energy.                                 in ten of the 100 jobs at IMO.*                growth and innovation potential.
                                                                                                                           6/2002 WIND     BLATT       13

Walter Bau: Slipforming of a concrete tower.          An SKF worker with a large bearing for a wind energy converter.

 1. Walter Bau have worked for ENERCON                  1. Epcos have been supplying ENERCON             1. FAG have supplied ENERCON since
    since the spring of 1998.                              since 1998.                                      1986.
 2. The following expertise is applied in                                                                2. The development and manufacture of
                                                        2. Epcos is one of the world’s leading
    our contracts: construction site logis-                                                                 roller bearings is our speciality.
    tics, manufacturing fully finished,                    producers of passive components.
                                                                                                         3. The proportion of sales has been
    cast-in-situ concrete towers for the                   ENERCON use energy stores such as
                                                                                                            growing continuously, and is current-
    E-66 simultaneously at different                       aluminium capacitors, power capaci-
                                                                                                            ly around 2 million euros.
    locations all over Germany, meeting                    tors and UltraCaps from Epcos.
    ENERCON’s extraordinarily high qua-                                                                  4. In the context of activities in the wind
                                                        3. Sales to ENERCON last year reached               energy sector, this is a very high and
    lity demands, conical slipforming with
                                                           5 million euros. This makes ENERCON              significant proportion. FAG’s world-
    variable wall thickness, pre-stressed
    steelwork in vertical bundles approx.                  one of the 10 largest customers in               wide turnover in the industrial and
    90 m long, special technology for slip-                Germany.                                         automotive sectors is more than
    formed concrete.                                                                                        2 billion euros.
                                                        4. ENERCON is an important customer,
 3. Around 30 % of sales in 2001 at our                                                                  5. Work for ENERCON contributes to
                                                           whose innovations set landmarks.
    Ingenieurbau München factory were                                                                       FAG’s overall success (approx. 18,000
    orders from ENERCON.                                5. More than 20 jobs are secured by                 employees). One can certainly say
 5. The work for ENERCON secures                           ENERCON.                                         that several hundred jobs depend
    approx. 140 jobs.                                                                                       directly or indirectly on sales to
                                                        6. The further development of renew-
 6. The continued development of wind                                                                       ENERCON.
                                                           able energy, and particularly wind
    energy is creating potential in the                                                                  6. Overall, FAG see great potential, above
                                                           energy, is having a very positive effect
    construction of cast-in-situ concrete                                                                   all with the new generation of con-
    towers for the home onshore sector,                    both on innovation and growth at the             verters, such as ENERCON’s E-112.
    construction of towers abroad and, in                  company. Epcos thus recorded above-              There is a growth market here for
    the medium term, in the offshore                       average market growth in double                  the roller bearing sector, even if the
    sector.*                                               figures.                                          pressure on prices increases.
* Walter Bau gave no response to question 4, while IMO made no comment in respect of question 6.
14 WIND BLATT        6/2002

           Human influences
          dominate the climate
                               An interview with climate expert, Prof. Dr. Stefan Rahmstorf

     Climate researcher, Prof. Dr. Stefan         physics, lead to a warming of the same          connection between lung cancer and
                                                  order of magnitude as the one that we           smoking, or the HIV virus as the cause of
              Rahmstorf, of the University
                                                  have observed. Thirdly, we know of no           AIDS.
      of Potsdam explains to WINDBLATT            other plausible reason that might explain
                                                  this warming. From time to time we hear             WIND BLATT You not only study the
             the state of affairs in climate      speculation that the sun may have               most recent changes in climate, but also
                                                  caused this warming. But the attempts to        climatic events reaching far into the past.
           research with reference to the
                                                  find such a correlation have all collapsed,     How reliable is climatic data from the
               human causes of warming.           and have been found to be untenable – on        past?

                                                                                                      Rahmstorf: There is very good data
                                                                                                  particularly for the last 420,000 years,
                                                                                                  because we have data from ice cores
                                                                                                  covering this period. There is also data
                                                                                                  from deep-sea sediments reaching back
                                                                                                  over many millions of years, but this of-
                                                                                                  fers less accurate time resolution. There
                                                                                                  is an astounding quantity of climatic data.
                                                                                                  Wherever something has accumulated,
                                                                                                  researchers find opportunities for analy-
                                                                                                  sis: on the seabed, in layers of snow at
                                                                                                  the polar ice caps, in the growth rings of
                                                                                                  coral or trees, or in limestone caves. A
                                                                                                  variety of isotopes and trace elements are
                                                                                                  investigated in order to draw conclusions
                                                                                                  about climate change in the past. For
       WIND BLATT Prof. Rahmstorf, the            the basis of sunspot activity, the climate
                                                                                                  example, it is possible to reconstruct
   discussion on whether human activity is        should, if anything, have cooled down
                                                                                                  temperatures over the last few hundred
   involved in climate change is still con-       over the last 40 years. All of this points to
                                                                                                  thousand years with relatively high pre-
   tinuing. So the question to you, as an         the fact that it really is human activities
                                                                                                  cision from ice cores. Other methods can
   expert, is: Are human activities changing      that have caused this warming.
                                                                                                  be used to reconstruct temperatures from
   the climate, or is it merely a natural
   phenomenon?                                                                                    deep-sea sediments; these results are
                                                     WIND BLATT If this is all so obvious,
                                                                                                  very consistent with those from ice cores.
                                                  why is there so much scepticism as to
        Rahmstorf: To begin with, it is certain                                                   Other parameters can also be deter-
                                                  whether human activities are to blame for
   that over the last hundred years the Earth     the changing climate?                           mined, such as the atmosphere’s dust
   has warmed up significantly – by 0.6 to                                                        content or even different gases, such as
   0.8 degrees. In comparison with the pre-          Rahmstorf: There are of course pow-          CO2, from the air bubbles in the ice. In-
   vious 1,000 years, that is an exceptional      erful interest groups who do not want to        formation can even be obtained from
   climatic development, no longer within         hear this, and who are looking for other        the sediments about sea currents in the
   the range of normal variations. Secondly,      possible explanations. In must also be          past.
   it is clear that the carbon dioxide content    said that practically every recognised
   of the atmosphere has risen by one-third       scientific theory has a small percentage           WIND BLATT What can researchers
   as a result of human emissions; this           of people who vehemently reject it –            learn from the past that is relevant to the
   must, for straightforward reasons of           whether it is the theory of relativity, the     present change in climate?
                                                                                                            6/2002 WIND   BLATT    15

    Rahmstorf: We can learn how power-          about before. But I think that is very un-
ful the individual factors are in each of the
different climate changes, such as the
                                                likely.                                       Info Service
sun’s cycles, irregularities in the Earth’s         WIND BLATT Is it still possible to stop
                                                                                              Dec./Jan. 2002/2003
orbit or the CO2 content of the atmos-          climate change? And what role do re-          04/12/      Award of the European
phere. There have also been variations in       newable energies have to play in this?        2002        Solar Prize 2002
                                                                                              Berlin      Organiser, and information from:
CO2 content in the climate of the past –
                                                                                                          EUROSOLAR e.V.
during the ice ages it was significantly           Rahmstorf: We can stop climate                         Tel. +49 (0)2 28 / 36 23 73
lower than in warmer periods. CO2 was           change by sharply reducing the emission                   Fax +49 (0)2 28 / 36 12 - 13
not the cause of the ice ages, but simply       of climate-changing gases. If we want to        
intensified them; nevertheless, we can          stabilise the atmosphere’s CO2 content,         
learn from this how powerful the carbon         we would have to reduce the worldwide
                                                                                              10/12/      Kyoto is Business –
dioxide effect is. Analysis of the climate of   emission of CO2 by about 60 percent. We
                                                                                              2002        Mechanisms for
the past has important consequences for         do not have to achieve this straight away,    Brussels    CO2 Reduction
our understanding of how strongly human         but nevertheless within about 50 years.                   Organiser, and information from:
activities are modifying the climate.           That is an achievable goal. And renewable                 e-mission 55
Altogether everything indicates that in the     energies of course play an important role                 Tel. +49 (0)2 28 / 2 09 46 94
20th century the influence of human             here, in addition to improvements in                      Fax +49 (0)2 28 / 2 09 47 09
activities has become dominant.                                                                 
                                                energy efficiency and an altogether lower
                                                consumption of primary energies.
                                                                                              13/12/      Seminar
                                                    WIND BLATT Would the requirements         2002        Wind Energy Converter
                                                of the Kyoto agreement be sufficient if       Göttingen   Modules: Main Carrier,
                                                they were observed by every country?                      Tower and Foundation
                                                                                                          Organiser, and information from:
                                                                                                          Bundesverband WindEnergie e.V.
                                                   Rahmstorf: Kyoto is just a first step.
                                                                                                          (BWE) Service GmbH
                                                The Kyoto agreement was only intended                     Tel. +49 (0) 30 / 2 84 82-1 09
                                                as a start to climate protection, and not                 Fax +49 (0) 30 / 2 84 82-1 07
                                                the solution to the problem. For this           
                                                reason the specifications of the Kyoto          
                                                agreement initially only apply for the next
                                                                                              14-16/01/   10th Handelsblatt Annual Energy
                                                10 years. There are discussions as to how
                                                                                              2003        Industry Conference 2003
    WIND BLATT Could an entirely new            the reduction targets can be significantly
                                                                                              Berlin      Organiser, and information from:
finding, calculation or discovery com-          tightened after that. We are talking about                EUROFORUM Deutschland GmbH
pletely overturn climate researchers’           a long-term problem that cannot be                        Tel. +49 (0)2 11 / 96 86-34 31
present theories about warming?                 solved within 10 years, but for which 50                  Fax +49 (0)2 11 / 96 86-40 40
                                                years will certainly be needed.                 
    Rahmstorf: Our understanding of the                                                         
climate system has been increasingly               WIND BLATT Which regions will be           14/01/      Seminar
substantiated over the last 10 years – in       most affected by climate change over the      2003        Climate Savers in the Spotlight
particular the excellent new data about         next 50 years?                                Linz        Organiser, and information from:
the climate of the past, and our improved                                                                 OÖ. Akademie für Umwelt
understanding of former climate changes,           Rahmstorf: It is not possible at the                   und Natur
have made a major contribution to this.                                                         
                                                moment to make reliable regional fore-
I cannot see any probability of a revo-         casts as to how climate change will pro-
lutionary new understanding. In fact I          ceed. But it can be said that poor regions    30-31/01/   The Farmer as Energy
only expect a gradual improvement in our        will be affected most. That is not neces-     2003        and Raw Material Manager
state of knowledge. Theoretically, of           sarily because climate change will be         Vienna      Organiser, and information from:
course, one cannot rule out the possibili-      strongest in those regions, but because                   Energieagentur NRW,
ty that every climate researcher has been       they are the most vulnerable and least
mistaken, and that suddenly something           able to protect themselves against the
will turn up which nobody had thought           consequences.
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