Doberman puppies

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					Doberman Puppies

 Make sure your Doberman is trained

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Doberman Puppies
Typically Doberman pinschers are considered by many to have an aggressive nature and they do
have that tendency.

However if correctly trained and looked after, Doberman puppies can grow up to be very good
family pets.

Doberman are very energetic and have tremendous strength and stamina who enjoy interaction
and leadership from the people around them.

Doberman pinschers in general although proctective of all the family with which it lives will
only be loyal and form a close bond to one person.

Possibly the most asked question about these dogs is, are they safe around children? The answer
is, if they are trained in situations involving children then yes, they are safe around children.

The thing to remember here is that Doberman puppies are not born aggressive. But many people
have Doberman pinschers for one reason and that is to guard and protect which they are very
good at but only when they are trained to be so.

Doberman Puppies – Only buy from a recognized breeder

If you want to have a Doberman as a pet then you need a puppy and you must get him from a
good breeder.

Training your Doberman puppy and getting him used to your home and surroundings is much
easier than trying to train a fully grown dog.

Be careful when playing, puppies like to wrap their jaws around your hands and arm when they
are small and enjoy you playing rough with them but you do not want your dog growing up
thinking this is ok. Remember an adult Doberman is a very strong and powerful dog.

If you have young children at home keep them and your dog under supervision at all times as
young children have a tendency to pull things like ears and tails, whilst your child will not mean
any harm your dog may not understand.

With older children this is not a problem as you can just tell them not to tease the dog.
When training your dog never correct or punish him physically (which goes for any dog) or you
will just be creating an aggressive dog.

Physical punishment will make any dog aggressive.

The American kennel club considers tail docking as a standard for this breed but depending on
where you live the docking of a tail may be illegal. Please ensure if your breeder has already had
this done that it was performed by someone with the proper qualifications.

Many believe this is cruel and unnecessary but I will leave you to make up your own mind on

You should be aware these dogs need lots of exercise and will not be happy with a quick walk
around the block if you have a big yard where they can run so much the better but there are not
suited to apartment life.

Doberman pinschers are a beautiful breed of dog and is becoming increasingly popular every

Doberman puppies are very cute but they will grow into strong powerful dogs and as long as you
are prepared for this you will be fine.
Make sure your Doberman is trained

             Image: graur razvan ionut /

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