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					What Causes Lower Back

  Find Out What Causes Lower Back Pain

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What Causes Lower Back Pain
Find Out What Causes Lower Back Pain
What causes lower back pain – also known as lumbago; a very common disease among a large
percentage of the world’s population?

Most of the people in United States are affected by this disease due to work related strains and
accidents. It is also the second most neurological disease after headache.

Lower back pain can be sometimes very severe or mild. In most cases the pain occurs at the
center of the lower back with no major causes associated with it.

As the age of a person increases the strength of the bone and muscles tend to become more and
more brittle and less elastic. Men as well as women are equally affected by lower back pain.

Lower back pain can occur when anyone lifts heavy things there by overstretching and causing
strain or sprain in the ligaments or muscles of the back area.

What causes lower back pain is when the spine area becomes strained and a disc may rupture.
This rupture causes pain in the nerves which are connected to the spinal cord and controls the
movement of our body and send vital signals to our brain, and when these nerves roots compress
it causes pain in the lower back region.

Low back pain can turn into a serious trouble sometimes if not treated in time.

Some of the causes of lower back pain are strain, nerve injury or irritation, and some medical
conditions of bone and joints. Injury, ligament tear, and excessive use of joints and muscles are
some of the main causes of lower back pain.
Pressure on the nerve roots in the spine can be due to other factors like osteoarthritis,
spondylolisthesis, narrowing of the spine canal, all due to old age.

A herniated disc is also one of the causes, which can occur due to lifting heavy weights
repeatedly or incorrectly, or other damage to the spine.

Fracture of the spine caused due to any accidents compressing the spine, which may be due to
any strong force can cause lower back pain.

Women after menopause do suffer from osteoporosis which makes even a small pressure on the
spine to cause severe back pains. Long term usage of Corticosteroid is also one of the reasons of
back pains among many people.

A less common reason for lower back pain is a spinal tumor which grows on the ligaments or

Infection is also one such reason which is rare.

Intravenous drugs, surgery injections, and bacterial infections which spreads to the spine through
blood causes lower back pains. Spina bifida which is a disease from birth is also a cause of back

The other factor for low back pain is kidney infections. Pregnancy period is known to cause back
pain in women which can be temporary. Ovarian cysts and fibroids can sometimes lead to pain.

Most of the lower back pain can be treated without any need of a surgery.

Oftentimes, treatments such as analgesics for reducing inflammation will help to relieve back
pain, but if the pain does not ease, medical help should be sought as soon as possible. One needs
to understand what causes lower back pain and how it can be treated with the help of good
medical attention.
What Causes Lower Back Pain

        Image: David Castillo Dominici /

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