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					Over the holidays Costco gave away this cookbook using, naturally, costco-specific
products (which isn't too hard to substitute). Cookbooks are like serious food porn...i
could pour over the pages, salivating, oggling, for hours...and repeat it frequently.

I decided today to give two recipes a whirl: the meatloaf and the apple-cheese soup.

The soup (link to cookbook, go to page 77): it's actually pretty tasty, except I added
extra mustard powder and tabasco, since I generally think recipes are very bland in
flavor (I feel pretty confident in my spice-skills, since a coworker pointed out that
whatever I bring in always has the right amount of spices...which I tend to triple in a
given recipe). Oh and I used that fat-free oil (Enova) instead of butter, since the whole
planet knows I've got an aversion to butter. Only problem is that I was cooking while
reading and missed hte part that said to peel the apples before putting them in...ahh
well, it still tastes pretty spiffy.

You wouldn't think a cheese-apple soup would be good, but you gotta use granny
smith apples which makes it very tangy.

Healthy Mini Meatloaves: (link to cookbook, go to page 147) this is my first ever
meatloaf, to be honest I've never really had meatloaf before (unless a bite off
someone's plate once counts). It's good, VERY easy to make, except this is what I
would change:
- don't bother with the muffin concept...i dunno, maybe i'm weird, but i think a
traditional old skool meatloaf format would be better.
- I added like 5 times the thyme and i would definitely not hesitate to be liberal with
that. Plus I would add even MORE pepper than the boatloads that i added. Turkey's
not exactly the most flavorful meat.
- I would really, REALLY chop finely the mushrooms and onions...even maybe puree
them (if i had a mini food processor...not worth whipping out the big one...heh heh
that sounded perverted), i don't like big chunks of stuff in my food.

Overall, considering it's Costco, it's a very good cookbook. Instructions are clear,
recipes may look like they take alot of ingredients but they're all basic stuff nothing
crazy (One thing I hate about Rachel Rey's stuff is that they usually need some white i don't keep white wine laying around, let alone waste the rest of the
bottle...not a white wine fan)....

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