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									                  ST. ANN CATHOLIC PARISH
               St. Ann’s Vision “We are one body transformed in Christ.”
                                       THIRD SUNDAY OF LENT
                                           MARCH 7, 2010

      Lord God,
      at the beginning of creation, you planted
      a garden of surpassing beauty and harmony.
      Out of love, you created men and women
      to live in unity with you,
      with one another, and with all your creatures.
      Look on us now, for we need your tender care.
      Water us with your grace;
      tend us with your love;
      and in the midst of this Lenten journey,
      carefully prune our branches,
      that we might be free from all sin
      that keeps us away from you.
      Be for us a burning flame once again
      to remind us that we are on holy ground
      and that we long to see your face.
      We ask this through Christ, our Lord.

180 Samuel Blvd., Coppell, TX 75019 Church Office: 972/393-5544 Fax 972/462-1617   www.stannparish.org
                        The Third Sunday of                               The Little Calendar of
                               Lent                                           St. Ann Parish
                                                              (Regular Masses not shown here. See inside back page of bulletin.)
                          March 7, 2010
                                                           Monday                 March 8
                        MASS INTENTIONS                             6:30pmMen’s CRHP (Rm 304-SAC)
                       March 8 - March 14                           6:30pmSpanish Men’s CRSP (Rm 331-SAC)
    St. John of God                                                 6:30pmRosary for Cancer Patients (Chapel)
    Mon. 7am        Eugene Romo                                     7pm   Men’s Club (Rm 330-SAC)
           12noon Alfons Daverio                                    7pm   Spanish Hospitality Group (Rm 311-SAC)
           6pm      Ruth Gutierrez                                  7pm   Catholic Prayer Group (Rm 314-SAC)
    St. Francis of Rome                                             7pm   Twenty Something Bible Study (Life Lounge)
    Tues. 7am       Lloyd Malcuit                                   7pm   Ministry of Consolation (Deacon’s Offices)
           12noon Maria Carrero                            Tuesday                March 9
           6pm      Desmond Corcoran                               5:30am That Man Is You (Cenacle)
    Wed. 7am        Eugene Romo                                    8:30am Mom’s Morning Out (SAC Nursery)
           12noon Anthony and Martha Ho                            6pm    ESL (Rm 311 - 314 SAC)
           6pm      Adrienne Marshall                              7pm    Catholic Scripture Study (Rm 330-SAC)
    Thurs. 7am      Kathleen Garza                                 7pm    Spanish Choir Practice (CLW Room)
           12noon Britney Munoz                                    7pm    EMHC Training (Church)
           6pm      Franco Guizzetti                               7pm    Reconciliation (Chapel)
    Fri.   7am      Henry J. Ostermann                     Wednesday               March 10
           12noon Justin Perez                                     9am    Catholic Scripture Study (Rm 330-SAC)
           6pm      Adrienne Marshall                              9am    Familia (Rm 111-CY)
    Sat.   8am      Eugene Romo
                                                                   7pm    RICA (Rm 330-SAC)
           5pm      Deb Bowes
    Fourth Sunday of Lent                                          7pm    Prayer Shawl Ministry (Rm 315-SAC)
    Sun.   8am      Alice Schmalzried                              7pm    Choir Rehearsal (CLW Room)
           10am     Members of the Parish                          7pm    SHE (Cenacle)\
           12noon John Amato                                       7pm    Adult Education (Rm 331-SAC)
           2pm      Jose Leopold Abaron Gutierrez          Thursday                 March 11
           4:30pm Ton and Toan Nguyen                              9am    Familia (Rm 111-CY)
           7pm      Robert Romo                                    6pm    Womens CRHP (Rm 304-SAC)
                                                                   7pm    Women’s Spanish CRSP (Rm 331-SAC)
                                                                   7pm    Employment Network (Rm 330-SAC)
Daylight Savings Time begins next Sunday.                          7pm    Faith and Finance (Rm 315-SAC)
Please set your clocks ahead.                                      7pm    Spanish Holy Hour (Chapel)
                                                           Friday                   March 12
                                                                   9am    Catholic Scripture Study (Rm 330-SAC)
  Next week we will have a second collection for                   5:30pm Stations of the Cross (Courtyard)
 Catholic Relief Services. With all the devastation                6pm    Fish Fry (Assembly Room)
                                                                   6pm    Spanish Adult Formation (Rm 331-SAC)
in Chile and Haiti, Catholic Relief Services has an
                                                                   7pm    Spanish Prayer Group (Rm 116-CY)
  enormous task to care for the victims of both of                 7:30pm Family Movie Night (Cenacle)
              these natural disasters.                     Saturday                  March 13
                                                                  6:30am     SHE (Life Lounge)
                                                                  9am        Catholic Scripture Study (Rm 113-CY)
                                                                  6:30pm     Faithful Friends Dinner (Rm 323-SAC)
                                                                  7pm        Spanish CLW Leaders (Rm 315-SAC)
                                                           Sunday                    March 14
                                                                    9am      RCIA (Cenacle)
Bulletin Reflection                                                  2pm
                                                                             Adult Support for Cancer (Rm 315-SAC)
                                                                             NFP (Rm 315-SAC)
The parable in today’s gospel clearly warns that we,
like the fig tree, will be judged by our fruit. While God
mercifully provides us with time and opportunity, let
us give witness to our faith with deeds of kindness
and generosity!
Living Stewardship                                          Perla Calata, Steve Halebeck, Bill Carroll, Brian Shep-
We are grateful this week for all stewards in our           herd, Jaime Gutierrez, Robert Kirk, Fowler, Scott Lopez,
parish who recognize they are both recipients as well       Christopher Colon, Chris Apgar, The Marshall Family,
as caretakers of God’s many gifts and obligingly            Tom Ward, Adonna Meyer, Sandra Wilson, Doug Graff, Joe
place their gifts in service to their neighbor.             Graff, Freda Latham, Jean Wilkinson. All servicemen and
                LITURGICAL ASSISTANTS                             The Green Box will be in the Narthex every weekend through-
                      March 13-14                                 out Lent. If you have any nonperishable food donations,
 Extraordinary Ministers
 Sat      5pm     Cagle/Smith                                     please bring to your regular Mass. We must remember that the
 Sun      8am     Rogers                                          Miralac Food Service Center and Christian Community Action
          10am    Reiter                                          cannot take expired items. So please make sure the food items
          Noon    Kicinski
          4:30pm Gothman
                                                                  are in date.
 Sat      5pm     Ostrovich/Colanero                               The Bulletin Printers are in great need of new volunteers.
 Sun      8am     Armstrong/King
          10am    Cox, Lacobee
                                                                   Usually 2 people will sign up to print together. The days that
          Noon    Konopa/Stokowski                                 we print are either Wednesday or Thursday. If we get enough
          4:30pm Millhorn/Campbell                                 couples it might only be a once a month commitment. Please
 Ushers                                                            contact Julie at the Parish Office…(972)393-5544 ext 1111…
 Sat      5pm     Shea, Smith, Clancy, Cerda, Gasper, Schaefer,
                  Taylor                                           or bulletin@stannparish.org. Thank you.
 Sun      8am     Augustine, Webb, Williams, Lampitt,
                  Bridgeman, TBD
          10am    Polcari, Rael, Ward, Monaghen, St. John,
                  Keith                                                  St. Ann Mission Statement
          Noon    CRHP #38                                          We are a welcoming inclusive Catholic
 Altar Servers
 Sat      5pm     Cannon, Cannon, Whitacre                                          Parish
 Sun      8am     Armstrong, Carnahan, Halepaska                          centered in the Eucharist,
          10am    Dean, Chagoya, Guillory
          Noon    Anderson, Anderson, Black
                                                                     grounded in prayer, learning, living
          4:30pm Capps, Gantt, Halepaska                            and teaching our faith in service to the
 Altar Linens                                                                    community.
                  Marie Murphy/Angela Howard

The Stations as they are observed now originated in medieval Europe when wars prevented Christian pilgrims from visiting the
Holy Land. European artists created works depicting scenes of Christ’s journey to Calvary. The faithful installed these sculptures
or paintings at intervals along a procession route, inside the parish church or outdoors. Performing the devotion meant walking
the entire route, stopping to pray at each “station.”

Today, images of the Stations (or simple crosses representing them) are on display in almost all Catholic churches. They serve
mainly as a focus for Lenten worship services. But the Stations can also be performed privately, at any time of the year, even at

              Fifth Station: Simon Of Cyrene Is Enlisted
                    To Help Jesus Carry His Cross                             Sixth Station: Veronica Wipes The Face Of Jesus
                 Easter Novena cards -
                 Your intentions may be included in a special Easter Novena of Masses. Nine consecutive Masses
                 will be celebrated for the intentions of those participating in the Novena. This Novena of Masses
                 will be celebrated beginning Easter Sunday April 4, 2010 through April 12, 2010.

 Masses may be offered for the living or deceased. This tradition of the Church applies the special fruits and graces
of the Mass by the will of the priest for the benefit of specific persons and intentions. This offers greater benefit to
the direct objects of his intention than is offered to all those Christian faithful whom the sacrifice always benefits
in general.

Easter Cards and Mass offering envelopes are located in the Narthex of the Church during Sunday Masses. Please
fill out the offering envelope, insert your offering and place the envelope in the collection basket. The beautiful
greeting card is yours to send out.

  Stations of the Cross
Come walk the path that Jesus walked. Every
Friday during Lent the Stations of the Cross will
be led by Deacon Ed Scarbrough in the courtyard.
Create a new family tradition. The Stations of the               Christ Renews His Parish ~ Discernment for the
Cross will be held in the chapel if there is inclement           Men’s English CRHP Spiritual Director.
                                                                 Discernment for the next Men's Spiritual Director to guide
weather. Join Deacon Ed at 5:30pm.                               the team of men that will attend the English Men's Sprint
                                                                 Retreat the weekend of April 10th and 11th, will be held
 John Michael Talbot would like to express his ap-
                                                                 Wednesday, March 17th @ 7:00 pm. Discernment will
 preciation to all for the work and prayers that made            be held in Deacon Pete 's Office, which is located under
 the evening of music, meditation and prayer so                  the Clock Tower. Please be in prayerful consideration of
 meaningful. Your generosity was most appreciated.               this wonderful ministry opportunity. Past Men's CRHP
 We want to thank all the volunteers and participants            Spiritual Directors are invited to attend this discernment
 who make the concert both prayerful and healing.                to offer prayer support. If you are prayerfully considering
 God bless.                                                      this calling, please contact Deacon Pete Markwald ~
                                                                 (972) 393-5544 ext. 1810.

                                                                 Men’s Retreat Weekend April 10-11
                                                                 For the men of our parish family, there is a Renewal Retreat the
                                                                 weekend of April 10. It is an opportunity to examine and in-
                                                                 tensify your relationship with Christ. It is a time to relax, pray,
                                                                 and rethink priorities; a time to become acquainted with others
  MARK YOUR CALENDARS! March H3 guest speaker                    in the parish and grow as a community. The retreat is an over-
  is Monica Ashour. Join us as she explores and explains the     night retreat beginning Saturday morning and ending Sunday
  Theology of the Body.                                          afternoon. Mass will be celebrated on the weekend, and deli-
                                                                 cious meals will be provided. There is no cost to attend. Space
  March 25th held at Ole’s Tex Mex (located on Moore and         is very limited so please register early. Please contact CRHP at
  Sandy Lake) @ 7 p.m.                                           972-393-5544 ext 1810
  Don’t forget: Bible Study EVERY Monday evening begin-
                                                                 Women’s Retreat Weekend April 24-25
  ning at 7pm, located in the High School Youth lounge (under-
                                                                 For the women of our parish family, there is a Renewal Retreat
  neath the clock tower).
                                                                 the weekend of April 24. It is an opportunity to examine and
                                                                 intensify your relationship with Christ. It is a time to relax,
                                                                 pray, and rethink priorities; a time to become acquainted with
                                                                 others in the parish and grow as a community. The retreat is an
  Divorced and Separated Ministry is starting their              overnight retreat beginning Saturday morning and ending Sun-
  new 6 week session beginning Sunday Mar. 7 at                  day afternoon. Mass will be celebrated on the weekend, and
  6:30pm. It will take place in the Deacons Confer-              delicious meals will be provided. There is no cost to attend.
  ence Room under the clock tower. For registration              Space is very limited so please register early. Contact informa-
  or more information call Gloria at (214) 587-3487              tion is in the bulletin.
St. Ann High School youth are preparing for a summer
                                                                             2010 – 2011
mission trip to the Diocese of Laredo to serve the poor                 Preschool Registration
in that area. The youth pay $500 to cover their cost of
housing and transportation. Additionally they seek to                        Now in Progress!
raise more than $20,000 primarily through the Lenten
“Fish Fry” events and “Yes I Can” fundraiser. We invite                     CLASSES AVAILABLE
parishioners to make this a part of their Lenten journey          18-24 mo.     Wed            9-2
as they fill the “Yes I Can” cans with coins and extra             2 yr classes M/F or T/T /Wed 9-2
bills from each week. The youth will be positioned at             3 yr classes T/T or M/W/F    9-2
all of the exits after each Mass during Lent handing out          4 yr classes M/W/F or M – F  9-2
empty “Yes I Can” film canisters and collecting filled              Pre-K         M-F            9-2
ones! Some parishioners also choose to make a one-
                                                                             Parish Registration continues.
time donation in the form of a check that can fit nicely
                                                                            Now open to the general public.
into the canister. Also, there is a new “online donation”
option where parishioners can make a donation online        Packets may be picked up in the Preschool office during the week,
from the “Mission Donation” button on the High School                                  9:00-2:00.
Ministry homepage. Thank you for your support of the                           972-393-5544, ext 1401
youth of our parish!”

                            MINISTRY OF CONSOLATION
             MONTHLY SUPPORT GROUP                                DIVORCED OR SEPARATED SUPPORT
              Thursday, March 18, 2010 7:00 PM-8:30 PM                    Sundays, Starting, March 7, 2010 6:30 P.M.
                           Deacon Suites                                                 Deacon Suites
    If you are suffering from the loss of a loved               Dealing with the effects of divorce or
    one, job, home, health or marriage…you are                  separation? This group helps those in need
    invited to attend this monthly support                      to confront the challenges that face them:
    group.                                                              •Sessions run for 6 weeks beginning February 7
                                                                        •Sessions are from 6:30 P.M. to 8:30 P.M.
                                                                        •Pre-Registration is Required
    This group is led by two trained volunteer
                                                                        •No Child Care is available
    facilitators and provides a safe place for                         To register contact Patti at 972 571-9584
    participants to share their experiences.
                   Adults Only Please
    To attend please contact Deacon Pete 214 762-8370

                                                              ELDER CARE
                        This ministry will no longer be meeting monthly but will continue to provide support and
                        information for persons and caregivers dealing with issues of aging.

                        For Assistance please contact Diane Piper, 972 393-4511 or drpiper@verizon.net

                        Tip of the Week: Senior Adult Services offers case management, meals, transportation, minor
                        home repairs and more to seniors age 60+ in Addison, Carrollton, Coppell and Farmers
                        Branch. Call 972 252-4464 for more information.
                                                                                     St. Ann Catholic Parish

Mothers of Young Children is providing the opportunity
                                                                                   Dinner then a Movie
to parishioners to help decorate the church for Easter with
Lilies. The Easter Lilies serve as a memorial for living or                          A Lenten Journey
deceased family members and friends. They will decorate                         Friday Nights after Fish Fry
the chapel, Narthex, Assembly Room and the Perpetual                                 This weeks movie
Adoration Chapel as well as the church. Envelopes are
now available in the Narthex and can be placed in the col-
lection baskets during any mass now through March 28th.
Any questions, please call Diane Chaar at 972-983-9716
or Caroline Parra at 972-304-8065.

Golf Scramble Tournament
St. Ann 's Parish Spring Golf Scramble Tournament is
scheduled for Saturday April 24th with a 7:30 am shot-
gun start at Riverchase Golf Course. The tournament is
open to all parishioners, friends, and neighbors. Create
your own foursome, threesome, twosome, or sign up as a
single. Tournament is limited to the first 132 paid play-
ers. Cost per player is $85 (after April 1st fees go up to
$95 per player), which covers green fees, cart, range balls,
beverages, prizes, and lunch. Sign-up sheets will be made
available after each mass: look for Golf Tournament sign
by the courtyard (morning or noon masses) or southeast
exit (evening masses). Or sign-up by either email to Ed-
dieProve04@yahoo.com or call 682-553-9523. Include your
name, golf handicap, email address, phone number, and
where applicable team name.

Extraordinary Minister of                                                                    ALL Women of St. Ann’s Parish
Holy Communion Training Class                                                                      are invited to a

Is God asking you to serve His people as                                      Day of Reflection at Montserrat Retreat Center on Lake Dallas
an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion?                                                                      for
St. Ann Parish needs additional Extraordinary Ministers                                 The Fruits of the Holy Spirit
of Holy Communion to serve on teams at our                                                      Presented by
Masses. If you have a love for the Eucharist and                                            Elizabeth T. Moulin
                                                                                                   Spiritual Director, Retreat Director
have received the Sacrament of Confirmation, please                                                     Supervision and Seminars
come to a training class for new Extraordinary Ministers
                                                                                             Saturday, March 27, 2010
of Holy Communion on:                                                                           9:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Tuesday, March 9, 7:00-9:30 p.m.                                Cost: $25.00 which includes the Presentations, Mass, Snacks, Lunch and Dinner with
Training is held in the main church.                                                                   wine

This class is also for any Extraordinary Minister of             To make your reservations, please mail the form below and your check to:
Holy Communion who currently serves on a team, or              Lynne DeKreek, 2716 Skinner Drive, Flower Mound, TX 75028
serves as a sub, or serves at daily Mass, and would            Checks made payable to St. Ann’s

like a refresher class & practicum.                            NAME_________________________________________________________________

For more information contact:                                  ADDRESS______________________________________________________________
Cyndy Mathews at (972) 745-2511                                PHONE________________________________________________________________
ccmathews@verizon.net or                                       EMAIL ADDRESS_______________________________________________________
Roberta Ward at (972) 462-8408
                                                               For Additional Information, please call:
robertaward@verizon.net                                        Lynne 972-539-0040, Mary Lou 972-966-3773, Linda 972-539-3607
                              Lenten FISH FRY
                                  March 12, 19, 26
        Proceeds benefit the purchase of building supplies and materials for the annual
                                       Mission Trip of:

                                                6:00 PM – 7:30 PM
                                            In the Assembly Room
                           Super Value Family Pass only $25 each week
                                    (2 Adults + 3 Children under 12, purchased at door)

            Use your credit card to buy tickets on line at: www.stannparish.org

    Menu* For Friday, March 12                                    The Ministry wishes to thank
  • Shrimp Corn Chowder      • Garlic Mashed Potatoes
                                                                  the following groups for their
  • Margarita Baked Fish     • Spanish Rice                       assistance in last week’s Fish
  • Fried Fish of the Week   • Mexican Corn                                    Fry:
  • FRESH Citrus Salmon      •Assorted Salads                   • Paradisus Dei
  • Macaroni and Cheese      • Assorted Desserts                • Young Families
  • Pasta W/Marinara Sauce • Iced Tea, Lemonade,                • And a special thank you to K. Payne for last weeks
                           Water                                GREAT fish cookies.
                 * Menu Subject to Change                                         YOU MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!

                                                                      Faith and Finance Ministry
                                                                 Thursday Nights – 7:00 to 8:30 pm –
                                                                          Room 315 SAC

                 Easter Egg Hunt                                   Topic of the Week – March 11,
 The annual St. Ann Easter Egg Hunt will be held
  Saturday, March 27, at 10a.m. in the picnic area
                                                                              “Giving & Growing”
behind the church. The Easter Bunny will be there
 to lead the festivities and sit for pictures with the         God has a plan for your life, including your finances.
                          kids.                                How you manage your time, talent and treasure are
  Contact Doug Lints at 972-462-0093 or e-mail                 some of the best indicators of the strength and vital-
                                                               ity of your spiritual life. Do you make best use of your
douglaslints@verizon.net. So parents; bring your               time, talent, and treasure for the task of building the
       cameras, and kids; bring your baskets.                  Kingdom?
                 See you at the hunt!
      Sponsored by the St. Ann’s Men’s Club.                   Join us if this topic interests you – no need to
                                                               pre-register. For singles and couples of all ages.
                                                               For more information visit the Faith & Finance web-
                                                               site, contact John Peterson at jpete8015@aol.com
                                                               or call 214-215-3776.

                                                                  A biblical based Catholic program. Through pre-
                                                                sentations, small group discussion and prayer, you'll
                                                                 learn how to break free from debt, live on less than
                                                                   you make, and invest and save with a purpose.
           What Does it All Mean?
           It is hard to not get overwhelmed by all the bad news and trag-
           edies! Listen to the news, scan the web, read the paper. It can
           seem that it is all bad news: the earthquake, the death of a dear
           friend, the bad economy, violence. It can lead one to wonder—
           What does it all mean? Where is the Good News? What is a
           person of faith, a person of hope supposed to do with all this?
           Come here the answers to the great questions in life!
           Sunday, Mar 21st          Kick-off Sunday         Fr. Alphonse opens with
           Sunday homilies
           Monday, Mar 22nd          Main church, 7 p.m.     The Meaning of Betrayal
           Tuesday, Mar 23rd Main church, 7 p.m.      The Meaning of Pain
           Wednesday, Mar 24th       Main church, 7 p.m.     The Meaning of Life, a
           homily at the Mass

           Childcare with an R.S.V. P. to pattyb0205@hotmail.com.

Our Parish Lenten Mission!
March 21st- March 24th, 2010
                                                                                 Worldwide Marriage Encounter
                                                                                “ Whoever is in Christ is a new creation: the old
                                                                                  things have passed away;    behold, new things
                                                                                 have come.”(Second Reading) Let Worldwide
                                                                                 Marriage Encounter help you renew your mar-
                                                                                riage/ priesthood. The nex Worldwide Marriage
                                                                                 Encounter Weekends are April 16-18 and J     une
                                                                                11-13. Dates fill fast, register early. For more
                                                                                   information visit our website at: http://www.
                                                                                  dfwme.org. To register, Angelo & Shanna
                                                                                          9               or
                                                                                Nasche, 72-317-2400, e-mail them at regis-
SAINT ANN SINGLES WOULD LIKE TO INVITE ALL SINGLES                                               ter@dfwme.org.
FOLLOWING EVENTS:                                                               Second Saturday Food Bank Trip Saturday
                                                                                March 13th:
                                                                                This is the same trip our group from St. Ann
We will sit on the choir side of the facility, in the pews next to the piano.                                      as
                                                                                has been making to the North Tex Food Bank
Local Diner is at the corner of Sandy Lake and Denton Tap. Contact              every second Saturday for years. We meet in
Beth Flatt 469-867-5224 bethblue5@yahoo.com                                     the parking lot behind St. Ann Center (near the
                                                                                basketball goals). We will meet at 7:45 a.m.
MARCH 10th – SINGLES BIBLE STUDY-7:00 PM at Brian Whitburn’s                    departing at 8:00 and returning around noon.
Townhouse. Please                                                               No appointment necessary but please RSVP if
Bring your bible to Study the upcoming Sunday’s reading. bwhitburn@             you plan on participating.
yahoo.com 972-743-7039                                                              Close-toed shoes are recommended for
Singles Bible Study will also be held on March 17th, 24th, and 31st.
Please RSVP by 6:00 PM if you plan to attend.
                                                                                    Children between the ages of 10 and 14
MARCH 12th- FISH FRY at ST ANN’s-6:00 PM-Come to the St Ann Fish                         must be accompanied by an adult;   pro-
Fry and meet                                                                             vide at least one chaperone for every 5
Some fellow Catholic Singles. Contact Karen Wieman, karen_wie-                           to 7 children.
man@msn.com 214-649-0654                                                                                               as
                                                                                More information abou the North Tex Food
                                                                                Bank can be found at http://www.ntfb.org/
MARCH 26th- MOVIE NIGHT – In honor of Lent , we will be watching
the movie JESUS.
7:00 PM at Brian Whitburn’s Townhouse. bwhitburn@yahoo.com 972-
743-7039. Please                                                                                   St. Germaine says;
RSVP to Brian if you plan to attend.
                                                                                                   Teach a child to say “NO”
For more information please check the St Ann Parish website: http://
www.stannparish.org                                                                                anytime he/she feels uncom-
Click on ‘get connected’, click on singles group, that will take you to our                        fortable.
home page on the parish web site.
                                                                                                   Keep them safe.

 The Diocese is looking for good couples to be Spon-
 sor Couples for those planning on getting married.
 We are looking as a possible date of Saturday, April 10,
 2010 for a FOCCUS/IFL sponsor couple/facilitator train-
                                                                      Ironically, though women seek out abortion as a
 ing workshop and will be opening it to parishes in the
                                                                      solution to stressful circumstances, abortion itself
 deanery #5 but will not make it firm until we have com-
                                                                      can become a contributor to long-lasting stress of
 mitments from a minimum of seven (7) couples.
                                                                      a different kind. Many women suffer from
 It is a one day workshop from 8:00am to 3:30 pm and the
                                                                      flashbacks, depression, anger and self-punishing
 parish will be billed at a later date for materials - FOC-
                                                                      behaviors. We can help.
 CUS Manuel and IFL packet.
 For more information and to register please contact                                  Abortion AfterCare-Healing
 Deacon Pete at deacpete@verizon.net or his cell phone                          214.544.CARE healing@racheldallas.org
                 B usiness Directory
Keith A. Barfield, CPA             www.kbarfieldcpa.com                                                              WK   214/630-8457
Trinity Wellness Center, P.C.-Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Body Balancing, Pain Management, etc.                         972/317-WELL
Appliance Fixx Air/Heat Repair and Sales ~ Don Berry                     Emergency Phone 214/878-2751 or           WK    972/466-0808
Christopher J. Everett - Wills, Probate, Business, Guardianships, Real Estate Closings - chris@cjeverettlaw             972/767-5901
James A. Pranske, Pranske Law Firm, james@pranskelaw.com, Parishioner since 1996                                        214/295-4800
Soto’s Automotive, Inc., 390 Southwestern Blvd. - Danny Soto              972/462-0887, H: 972/462-8771, CELL           214/906-2299
Valvoline Instant Oil Change 254 S. Denton Tap Road Next to Vintage Car Wash The Cavalle Family                         972/745-3426
ANY-TIME JUMPS: Rental-Inflatables, Jump Houses, Tables and Chairs, Castillos Inflables                                    214/909-0943
Rolling Oaks Memorial Center, Coppell’s Municipal Cemetery. www.rollingoaksmemorialcenter.com, contact Tom Omick        972/304-6123
Amy Rea - Nurturing, learning, fun, In - Home Childcare for 2-5 yrs old Childrenscottagechildcare.com                   214/228-8534
Claudia Arango-Home Childcare Newborns to 18months (maximum 3 babies) licensed colombiangirl61@hotmail.com              972/821-1717
Dr. Michelle D. Martz- Chiropractic, Nutrition, Herbs/Homeopathics, Massage, Family Wellness                            972/317-WELL
Steve Fluegel, Computer stressed, PC Service in Your Home,                  www.computerstressed.net                     214/432-1079
Coppell Concierge, LLC - errands & personal assistant services - www.coppellconcierge.com - Gloria Molina Paxton         972/754-6719
Craig W. Spillman, Ph.D., Counseling Institute of Irving 1300 Walnut Hill Lane, #200 Irving                              972/550-8369
Diana Morin, L.P.C., L.M.F.T. Counseling Youth and Adult Coppell                             Dianamorin@aol.com         214/344-6629
Josh Cordonnier, LPC-I. D.C.C.C. Counseling Youth, Adults, and Couples From a Catholic Perspective                      937-638-1971
Deeann Bennett, D. D. S., F.A.G.D. Family and Cosmetic Dentistry                     220 S. Denton Tap #102              972/462-9000
Donna L. Kiesel, D.D. S., P.A. Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, 1703 E. Beltline, Ste. 200, Coppell, TX 75019               972/420-4488
Glynn K. Solomon, D.D.S., F.A.G.D. Family Dentistry 188 W. Parkway Blvd., Coppell                                        972/745-7745
Melissa Rozas, D. D. S., Dentistry for Infants, Children, & Adolescents 632 E. Sandy Lake Road, Coppell TX 75019         972/393-9779
Peter V. Lecca, D. D. S., Restorative Dentistry 275 South Denton Tap #150 www.peterleccadds.com                          972/304-0968
Drs. Wayne & Julie Scott, DDS Family Dentistry 722 Denton Tap Road Suite # 100                                            972/393-2400
Life/Health Insurance, Long Term Care, Medicare Supplements Alliance Benefits Greg Ward greg@allbenefits.net               214/692-9800
Eli Dragon, CHFC, MBA, Retirement Planning, IRA’s, 529 plans, 401k Rollovers                                            972/393-0376
Sean Kernan, CFP® - Mills & Kernan Wealth Management – Comprehensive, fee-based financial advice                         972/745-9044
John Peterson, CFP® - Financial Planning for Life’s Important Decisions                     john.peterson@lpl. com      972-471-1930
Jazzercise Melissa Wise classes @ Ballet Academy of Texas in Coppell                       www.jazzercise.com           214/226-9262
Flooring and Granite Bathroom and Kitchen Remodels. Countertops. We bring Showroom to your home. Call Jo Anne           214/783-2981
Cathy Escobar. Specializing in Color, Cuts and Perms. Salon on the Creek 684 S. Denton Tap, Coppell,TX                  214/914-7675
Cadence General Contracting Services, LLC – Residential & Commercial, full spectrum of construction management           214/762-7674
Windhaven Home Improvement-Kitchen/Bath Remodeling, Tile, Drywall, Paint, all types of improvements                     972/898-2144
David Amacher, State Farm Ins., Auto, Life, Health, Home, Renters, Annuities Home: 972-304-9200,                         WK      972/899-6570
Chris Claudio Farmers Ins. Save 30-40% on Home, Auto, Renter, Business and Health Insurance Blue Cross/Blue Shield Rep 972/247-7669
Barbara P. Schmidt, LUTCF, CLU, CASL, Agent. StateFarm.com or call 24/7                                                           972/717-1516
Bill Meenan, Nationwide Insurance, Auto, Home, Life, Commercial, Retirement & Financial Services                                  972/394-7970
McBride Benefit Solutions,LLC:Indiviual and Group Life/Health Insurance                                                            214/325-4870
The Only Certified Color Consultant in the N.Texas Area. www.ThomasLynnInteriors.com Call Christina Hudon                         972-955-0725
Praytor Landscape- Design, Installation, Fences, Concrete, Arbors, Outdoor Kitchens, Lighting Jay Praytor CLT                    214/882-6864
Award Winning Jason Osterberger Designs - Landscape design, installation, maintenance and irrigation                             214/741-6800
Garden Gate Designs - Consultations, Landscape Designs, Installs, Stonework - All Types                             Missy Smits  972/342-0554
Jaime Cardoza Lawn Care:Lawn Maintenance, tree services, landscaping/Residential and Commercial(se habla espanol)214/6682204
Diamond Lawn: Lawn & Tree/Shrub Care, Irrigation, Full maint. programs for Residential & Commercial properties 972/418-LAWN
Olsen Landscape Services, Inc. - Lawn Maintanence, Tree Services and Landscaping/ Residential and Commercial                     972/902-6277
Tony’s Landscaping: Tree Pruning, Sprinklers, Sod, Planting, Walls, Concrete, Painting, Fences, Lawn Maintenance                  469/867-2103
Diana F. Morin LMFT From a Catholic PrespectiveCoppell Dianamorin@aol.com                                                         214/344-6629
Cyndi Hernandez-Supreme Lending/Better Business Bureau Accredited A+Rating. Work with someone you can trust                       972/816-3605
Ken Whisler – PrimeLending - Parishioner since 1995/Ask about the $400 donation program! kwhisler@primelending.com ph# 214/223-5282
Kent Steiger - Metlife Home Loans Living and Serving Coppell since 1988 ksteiger@metlife.com                                      972/471-5494
Michelle D. Martz, DC, DACBN-Support/Wellness Counseling for Allergies, Chronic Illness,Auto Immune, Cancer                     972/317-WELL
George A. Moninger, M. D.10 Medical Parkway #102, RHD Medical Center, Plaza 3                                                    972/241-2564
Jonathan Cargo, O.D. 1135 Kinwest Pkwy, Suite 100 Irving, Tx 75063 www.cargoeyecare                                              972/432-2020
Dr. Laura Pels, Coppell Vision Center - 541 E. Sandy Lake Road, Coppell, TX 75019                                                972/393-3937
Dean B. Spingola, DMD,MD Baylor Irving-Coppell Medical Ctr, 440 W. Interstate Hwy 635, Plaza II, Ste.445                          972/401-8301
Frank Stich, DDS, MSD, 495 S. Denton Tap Road                                       www.drstich.com                               972/462-7892
Rehab Services Unlimited-              Karen L. Cook, MA,OTR Evaluation, consultation, & treatment                                972/317-7775
Pediatrics: Angela C. Mix, D.O., FAAP/Presbyterian Hospital of Plano Campus                         westplanopediatrics.com       972/608-0774
Johann Hubert Fast Twitch Speed/Personal Training All Age Groups-Cooper Certified/Toning-Strength-Cardio Training 469/487-6393
Personal Training & Nutrition Counseling : Visit www.foodandfitnessonline.com for fast results call Tony Paradis                   214/636-2921
Pet Sitting by Penny, Penny Glasscock, www.petsittingbypenny.com, email: catsdogsandmore@live.com                                972/393-2585
Giacomo of Coppell Photofraphy - High School Seniors, Family, Event              www.giacomoofcoppell.com                          214/343-6178
GreatPhotography-Workshops,classes & portraiture, Rob Hull,           www.GreatPhotography.com                                      972/462-7314
Allergy & Asthma: Alvin J. Aubry, Jr. M.D., 4301 N. MacArthur Blvd., Ste. 203, Irving, TX                                           972/258-6535
Cardiologist: David May, M.D., Ph.D., 614 Edmonds Ln., Suite 101, Lewisville                                                        972/434-1988
Clinical Pediatrics: Ernie Fernandez, M.D., F.A.A.P., 8355 Walnut Hill, #205, Dallas                                                214/987-0117
Coppell Emergency Care Center: Charles J. O’Hearn, MD. serving your precious family, saving you priceless time since 2002.          972/899-7000
Dermatology: Carolyn B. Lyde M.D., Dennis E. Newton, M.D. - 324 w. Main Ste# 200 Lewisville                                         972/436-0358
Diabetes & Endocrinology: Elizabeth Obialo,M.D. 2008 E. Hebron Parkway #120 Carrollton 75007                                        972/492-9901
OB/GYN: Monica Lopez, M.D. 1625 Lancaster Dr. Grapevine, TX 76051 www.wih.cc                                                      817/416- BABY

           (For Parishioners Only) Your patronage of the above businesses and services is encouraged.
Paradis Pool Service ~ Weekly Service ~ Maintenance, Cleaning & Chemicals Equipment Repairs & Installs Mike Paradis                         O#972/325-1922
Mark LeGros- CPI, TREC Lic. #3361, www.inspectigator.com, since 1993,“When thoroughness matters most”                                            972/462-1343
Eva Bauer, ABR, CRS, CRP RE/MAX DFW Realtor,Top Producer Coppell, evab@rmdfw.com                        972/402-4104                           972/304-1849
Bruce Umstead, CRS, CRP, ABR, CSP, Keller Williams www.umsteadhomes.com ~ CRHP #7                                                         WK: 972/304-8788
Academy Realty-Phil & Lucille Del Vecchio, CHRP 34 Full line of real estate services inc. tax protest assistance & property management         972/679-5780
Mary Ann Novitsky, Keller Williams Realty, YOU DESERVE A PRO!                                                                                  214/207-6741
Jim Striegel, The Real Estate Connection,, serving Coppell, Grapevine, Southlake, Colleyville, Flower Mound, and Lewisville,                   972/899-0634
Team Pedragon - Machos -- ABR,IRES,Luxury Certified,(Se habla espanol) www.CJ-Richard.com                                                       214/405-7345
i Fratelli Ristorante & Wine Bar, 7701 N MacArthur - the Cole Brothers                                                                         972/501-9700
BufordRoofing.com Maury Buford-Owner- Commercial & Residential roofing,fences,skylights, gutters. Licensed/bonded.
                                                                                                       &                                      817/329-7663
Catherine Walhood, M.A., C.C.C./SP                                                                                                          469/644-6020
Keith A. Barfield, CPA www.kbarfieldcpa.com                                                                                              WK: 214/630-8457
David N. McCullough, CPA. Got Refund? Ask about a fixed price return.                           www.coppellcpa.com                           214-415-2312
Republic Title,Jay Turner,Attny,parishioner since 1984;8810 N. MacArthur Blvd., Irving,Tx 75063 jayturner@republictitle.com                   972-401-0222
Custom Family Travel for all your travel needs – Judi Samson – www.customfamilytravel.com                                                   972-365-4481
Hilda M. Kicinski, Viking Cruise & Travel, visit us at www.vikingcat.com Toll Free Number 1-888-535-0550                                 Local 972/506-7685
Dr. Marc Cattoor, South Flower Mound Animal Hospital, 2570 Northshore Blvd. Ste 100 Flower Mound                                               972/724-7297
Drs.Gregg and Patty Weber at All Care Veterninary 353 N. Denton Tap Rd.                                                                        972/393-7750
Brad Linder: Coppell Fitness Boot Camp, 24 Day Challenge, Training, Nutrition Programs www.GetYouInShape.com                                    214/603-8287
Cathy Kolker, D.C. Mangosteen Nutritional Formula: Free Presentation on “Living Healthier” drcathykolker.vemma.com 214-417-6808

                                                 Business Directory Information
                             When you are in need of a business service we encourage you
                        to check the business directory. These are all registered parishioners who
                                  have chosen to advertise in the bulletin, which helps
                                          with the cost of creating the bulletin.
                                    If you are interested in advertising in the bulletin
                            please contact Julie at the parish office. (972)393-5544 ext.1111
                                               or bulletin@stannparish.org

             St. Ann Children’s Prayer Garden
             Have them forever remembered at St. Ann. The brick pavers located in the Prayer Garden are
             available and may be inscribed with the name(s) of your child(ren) who has/have passed on, died
             of miscarriage or still birth.

                              St. Ann Walk way of Life
                              Take the opportunity to have your family name, group name, or a loved one’s name forever
                              remembered at St. Ann. The walkway is located along the East entrance of the church, and
                              contains the names of family, friends, and inspirational messages engraved on brick pavers
                              donated by St. Ann parishioners and friends.
             Participation is in either the Walk way of Life or Children’s Prayer Garden is $200 each. A portion of
             your donation is tax-deductible, and all proceeds go towards the church building fund. For Order Forms
             call or email Karen Case. The two sided form can be found in the “cart” in the Narthex. Please make
             sure you have entered your information on the appropriate side.
             For more information, contact:
             Dora Salas at (972) 393-5544 ext. 1105
                                                                     Mass Schedule
                                                                     Daily Mass 7am and Noon in the Chapel
                                                                     All Weekend Masses are in the Church
                                                                     Saturday Vigil Mass 5pm
      PERPETUAL EUCHARISTIC ADORATION                                Sunday          8am
                                                                                     12 Noon
        The Blessed Sacrament is exposed for                         Youth Mass 4:30pm
         24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the
                                                                     Spanish Masses 2pm
 PERPETUAL EUCHARISTIC ADORATION CHAPEL                                              7pm
               in the St. Ann Center.
 Committed adorers are needed to spend one hour each                 Confessions will take place directly after the
        week with JESUS in the PEA Chapel.                           Saturday 8am Mass. Additional confessions will
      To sign up for a weekly hour                                   take place Tuesday night at 7pm in the chapel.
      please contact :
      Marla Hubble PEA Coordinator
      504/400-8732 marlahubble@gmail.com                              If you are sick or someone you know is sick and
                                                                      unable to attend Mass, and would like to receive
                                                                      communion– please contact the Ministry of the Sick
                                                                      (972)393-5544 x1890.

    P      l
           ease join us for          the rosary &
    Divine Mercy Chaplet after daily Mass in the Chapel.               Parish Administration Office Hours
                                                                       Monday through Thursday 8am – 8pm
Welcome to all new parishioners. We would like to in-                  Friday                   8am – 5pm
vite each family and/or individual to please register with us by       Closed Saturday and Sunday
stopping by the parish office during the week or picking up a
registration form off the welcome cart located in the Narthex                    E-Mail
of the church. The parish staff is better able to assist you at
the time of Baptisms, Marriage, illness or death. And, though Monsignor Leon Duesman lduesman@stannparish.org
we regret to see you go, please notify us if you move or have a Jennifer Lindsey     businessoffice@stannparish.org
                                                                 Julie Wehlage       parishoffice@stannparish.org
change of address or phone number.
                                                                   Julie Wehlage             bulletin@stannparish.org
                                                                   Karina Ramirez            parishoffice1@stannparish.org
Marriage: Getting Married? With the excitement and hurry           Karen Case                parishoffice2@stannparish.org
of preparing for your wedding day, have you prepared for           Dora Salas                parishoffice3@stannparish.org
your Marriage? This process could take 6 months to a year          Cathy Chomout             accounting@stannparish.org
to complete. Please contact Karen Case at parishoffice2@
                                                                   Andrea Gowans             development@stannparish.org
                                                                   Karen Shea                data@stannparish.org
Infant Baptisms (newborn-age 5)              Minimum three         Debbie Matalone           redirector@stannparish.org
month parish registration is required. Usually, an infant Bap-     Loreen Shillinglaw        religioused@stannparish.org
tism class is required before your child’s Baptism. It is sug-     Ruth Rivadeneyra          respanish@stannparish.org
gested that you take this class during your pregnancy. Please      Pam Newby                 ecdc@stannparish.org
stop in the office to pick up an Infant Baptism Packet.             Kathy McCallum            youth@stannparish.org
                                                                   Mike Leminger             youth2@stannparish.org
Children’s Baptism (ages 6 -10): Religious Educa-                  Kurt Klement              kklement@stannparish.org
tion has established a Rite of Christian Initiation of Children    Naomi LaRue               nlarue@stannparish.org
(RCIC) process for un-baptized children in which they par-         Nic Frank                 nfrank@stannparish.org
ticipate along with their parents. Call the RE office at 972/393-
                                                                   Deacon Ed Scarbrough      escarbrough8@aol.com
5544 ext 1204 for registration and further details.
                                                                   Deacon Kory Killgo        deaconkory@verizon.net
Annulment: If you are divorced and would like to pursue            Deacon Pete Markwald      deacpete@verizon.net
an annulment of your previous marriage or would like some          Curtis Stephan            music@stannparish.org
information concerning annulments, please contact Deacon Ed        euchmin@stannparish.org   Sundayschool@stannparish.org
Scarbrough; 972-393-5544 Ext 1807 or Deacon Pete Mark-             lectors@stannparish.org   maintenance@stannparish.org
wald; 214-762-8370.
St. Ann Parish Staff                                         St. Ann Parish Ministries and Organizations
And Formation Ministries                                    ORGANIZATIONS
Pastor: Rev. Msgr. Leon Duesman            972/393-5544 Alcoholism & Addictions: x1870                           972/393-5544
Rectory:129 Lansdowne Cir,Coppell TX 75019 972/393-7951       saaam@stannparish.org
Parochial Vicar: Fr. Patrick Olaleye       972/304-8966 Altar Linens:          Marie Murphy                      972/242-3010
                                                        Altar Servers:         Audrey Muse                       972/539-9793
In Residence: Fr. Fred Caldwell               ext 1102
                                                                               Mary Hicks                        972/355-0052
Deacon Ed Scarbrough                          ext 1807                         Lydia Goulas                      972/462-8470
Deacon Pete Markwald                          ext 1810  Brothers in Christ:    Eddie Provencio                   682-553-9523
Deacon Kory Killgo                            ext 1811  Carnival:              Rick Dubey                         469-951-1390
                                                                                      Ken Whisler                 214-223-5282
EUCHARISTIC LITURGIES:                                      Catholic Charities:       Nohelia Sotillo            972/462-0865
Saturday Anticipatory:   5pm                                Catholic Prayer Group: Cheryl Denise Pumphrey        469/682-6605
Sunday: 8am, 10am, 12Noon,                                  Catholic Scripture Study: Marianne Southwick         214/488-8895
& 4:30pm Youth Mass                                         EmploymentNetwork: TonyWaldschmidt                   972/462-8334
Spanish Mass Domingos-Misa en Español 2 & 7pm               Extraordinary Ministers Cyndy Mathews               972/745-2511
Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration-                                                         Roberta Ward           972/462-8408
                                                            Extraordinary MinistersScheduling: Al Reiter        972/462-7176
Marla Hubble 504/400-8732
WEEKDAY MASSES:                                             Faith and Finance:        John Peterson             214/215-3776
Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri 7am & 12Noon                     Familia:                  Tracy Zamboni             214/488-3435
Saturday                     8am                            Fine Arts:               Curtis Stephan x1501       972/393-5544
Reconciliation: Saturday 8:45am                                                      Maureen Vanacore           972/462-8027
                Tuesday    7 pm                             Feed the Poor:           Dominic Coletto            214/505-8425
                                                            Ministry of Loaves & Fishes: Marie Murphy           972/242-3010
RELIGIOUS EDUCATION                        972/393-5544     Good Samaritans:       Christy MacMaster             972/742-0236
RE Director: Debbie Matalone                    ext 1201                           Sandy Espinoza               214/469-2272
RE Prog Assist: Loreen Shillinglaw              ext 1203    Hospitality Supplies: Kathy Skierski                972/242-7857
RE Hispanic Assist: Ruth Rivadeneyra           ext 1205     Knights of Columbus: Bill Morris                     214/244-9464
                                                            Lectors Scheduling: Al Reiter                       972/462-7176
Sunday School Coord: Tena Allain                ext 1203
SAY Middle School Youth Ministry                            Magi Minis-tree:         Belinda Fernandes           972/745-7291
      Director: Mike Leminger                   ext 1301    Marriage Encounters Shanna & Angelo Nasche           972-317-2400
      Prog Assist: Kathy McCallum               ext 1302    Media Library:            Marty Walsh                972/462-0878
ST. ANN High School Ministry                                Men’s Club:               Greg Novitsky              972-251-0203
       Director:               Kurt Klement      ext 1601   Ministry for Disabled/Caregivers: Sarah Meyer        214/500-5501
       Catechesis/Confirmation:Naomi LaRue        ext 1602   Ministry of Consolation:
       Outreach Coord.          Nic Frank        ext 1603          Deacon Pete Markwald x1810                    972/393-5544
Info -Becoming a Catholic/RCIA Jim Courtney 972/745-7365           Maureen O’Malley                              972/401-3334
Christ Renews His Parish: Renewal Program                   Ministry to the Sick: Eddy & Denise Koch x1890       972-393-5544
        Deacon Pete Markwald 972/393-5544 ext 1810          MYC Coordinator          Misty Gallizzi              214/734-5647
                                                            Membership:             Natalie Meyer                469/293-7170
                                                            Natural Family Planning: Tony & Marianne Abadie      972/746-5142
PRESCHOOL: Pam Newby             972/393-5544 ext 1401
                                       or 817/481-8966
                                                            Nursery Coop Weekend Mass excpt Spanish Angela Walker 817/713-9062

PARISH OFFICE                            972/393-5544
                                                            Prayer Chain:             Tammy Snedeker            972/539-8390
Business Mgr.: Jennifer Lindsey                ext 1104               tesnedeker@verizon.net
Communications/Scheduling: Julie Wehlage       ext 1111     Prayer Ministry Spiritual Director: Barbara Sanders 817/430-4718
Admin/Hispanic Ministries Asst.:Karina Ramirez ext 1116     Prayer Shawl Ministry: Ginger Halepaska             972/245-0482
Receptionist: Dora Salas                      ext 1105                                   Laura Romero           972/444-8513
Accounting: Cathy Chomout                      ext 1106                prayershawls@verizon.net
Accounting Clerk: Lisa Meenan                 ext 1123      Respect Life:             Beverly Deville           469/441-4699
Safety Env/Wedding: Karen Case                 ext 1108     Schoenstatt Apostolic Movement: Gloria Salerno      214/587-3487
Development Director: Andrea Gowans            ext 1110     Sisters in Christ:       Rebecca Koch               972/462-7272
Data Base Management: Karen Shea              ext 1113      St. Ann Singles:         Karen Wieman               214-649-0654
                                                            CHRISTUS St. Joseph Village : Mary Wolaver          972/304-0300
PARISH MUSIC                                                Supper Club: Tim & Marie Machelski                  972/835-9469
Director:  Curtis Stephan                      ext 1501     Teams of Our Lady Davin & Angela Bernstein          972/325-1757
                                                            That Man Is You        Morgan Haiduk                214/649-5282
Spanish Choir Director: Juan Davila        469/230-4263
                                                            Twenty Something:          Josh Briones             817/538-4426
FACILITIES&PROPERTY:                                        Ushers:                   Jorge Gomez               214/458-3969
 Jose Ramirez                               972/523-2837                 jorge.gomez@halliburton.com
                                                            Young Families: Jeff & Ruth Sprick                    214/727-4043

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