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					      JT-60 building
         (IOS TG)


                            ITER building
50m                           (T&C TG)
                            WE ARE HERE.
Shuttle bus from Holiday Inn MITO to Naka site

• Two shuttle buses, one large and one small, are arranged to bring you
from Holyday Inn MITO to the Naka site (ITER building) every morning.
• Buses are planned to start at 7:30am in front of the hotel. Please come
down to the entrance hall well in advance. If you do not stay Holiday Inn
MITO but would like to use the shuttle bus, please come to the Holiday
Inn MITO by yourself.
• Buses from Naka site (ITER building) to Holiday Inn MITO will leave
around 6:00pm everyday. Please check the exact time in the schedule and
do not miss it.
• Buses do not go to the JT-60 building. If you would like to go to or come
back from JT-60 building (mainly IOS members), you have to take about
5 minutes walk between JT-60 building and ITER building.
• Lunch tickets (390JPY/1 lunch) for all the ITPA period are sold at once during
   today’s first break at reception desk (at the entrance of this room).
• Please pay the exact money without change.
    • e.g. If you attend 3(4) days, 3(4) lunch tickets cost 1170(1560) JPY.
• We refund your unused lunch tickets, on the first break after lunch on April 2
   (T&C), April 3 (IOS).
At the restaurant
• Two types of “set meal” are served in the restaurant.
• Take your plate after putting your lunch ticket on counter.
    • Please use the ticket of the day (valid date is printed in the ticket)
• If you do not prefer the “set meal”, you may take either “noodle” or “curry with
   rice” and optional salad between the noodle and curry counter (if there is).
Wireless LAN

• Please use the following SSID and WEP key.
   SSID: Visitor-ITPA, WEP key: BE0B111A71
• After setting the above SSID and WEP key on the wireless LAN of your
computer, please use the web browser and follow the instruction on a web
page so that the security of your computer is checked.
• Please keep in mind that it will take much time. Additionally, it may
take more time if the security is not enough, ex., OS version is old, hard
disk is not virus-scanned recently. If you have a trouble, please contact
LOC members. In some cases, human inspection may be necessary for
Mac OS X 10.5, Windows XP SP3 and Vista.
• If you do not yet apply for the use of wireless LAN in the meeting room,
please inform your computer's OS and MAC address of wireless LAN to
LOC members or by e-mail to
We have the reception at the Holyday Inn MITO during 7:30pm - 9:30pm
31 March for both ITPA groups. Please join in and enjoy the reception.

Group dinner
Each group has its own dinner 2 April. Detailed time and place will be
informed. At the first day of the meeting, we will send a circular letter
round to all participants. In that circular letter, please write which group
dinner, IOS or TC, you will join in. The dinner fee is about 5000 JPY. Until
the morning 1 April, please pay the money to suzuki-san (IOS) or yoshida-
san (T&C).

Shuttle bus to NARITA airport
If you want to use the shuttle bus to NARITA airport, please write an
application form, which is distributed at reception desk (at the entrance of
the meeting room of ITER building), and hand it to LOC members.

Emergency call
If you have a trouble and needs help, please call 090-2466-2842.

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