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					Sage Energy Operations
  February 26, 2010
 C2 Cost Containment Intl.

 Guest Speaker.
    Dale Merritt – Enernoc
         Demand Response
         Carbon Trak

 Sage Initiatives.
    Energy Star, utility reporting, self audit, action plan, strategy.
    S3 Sage Sustainability Strategy.

 Rebates, Rebates, Rebates.

 Recognizing Achievements.
Conference Calls
 Attendance is growing and your attendance is appreciated.
      Sept 21st Conference call - 17 attendees.
      Oct. 28th Conference call - 22 attendees.
      Nov.25th Conference Call – 31 attendees.
      Jan. 15th Conference Call – 44 attendees.

 Feedback Welcome
    Share ideas for the content of this call.
    Available to you with any questions related to these calls.
    bryan.boyce@jwmarriottdenver.com
 Kathie Bozzone
      Energy Procurement Specialist
      Phone: (800) 436-3470
      Cell: (530) 409-7270
      EFax: (866) 583-3620
      Fax: (309) 413-4950
      kbozzone@c2intl.com

 Update.
    Currently active in 8 states, and 20 properties. Others properties
     have already benefitted and more are pending.
    Electric savings projections have been in the range of 3% to
    Gas savings projections have been in the range of 6% to 25%.
    Please do not hesitate to contact Kathie with any questions. She
     has great knowledge and has proven to be very effective with the
     procurement side of our program.
ENERNOC–Demand Response
Dale Merritt
ENERNOC – Carbon Trak
Dale Merritt
Thank you Dale!!
     Dale Merritt – Business Development Manager
     900-189
     Franklin, TN 37069
     Main – 615-719-3298, Fax – 646-289-5859
     dmerritt@enernoc.com
     www.enernoc.com

   Demand Response

   Carbon Trak
Sage Initiatives
 Energy Star.
    Currently 29 active properties with a rating of 47.
    Must continue to get remaining properties on board.
 Utility Worksheet and Graph.
    Thank you to those of you sending this in and those who are still
     completing this task.
    I am working with each document so that it brings you great value
     and it increases your knowledge working with Excel spreadsheets and
     graphs. Accurate presentations impress G.M.’s and owners.
 Self Audit.
    A simple exercise to help you identify projects and opportunities.
 Action Plan.
    Shows that you have identified and are pursuing reduction projects
     for the facility.
 Strategy.
    Shows that you have developed a culture of awareness for all
     departments to participate in.
   Sage Sustainability Strategy
                   A Guide to our Future Sustainability
 Revitalizing the S3 Program.
     Put on hold due to economic conditions in 2009.
     To be reintroduced in March.
 Sage initiatives related to S3.
     Recycling Program.
          A front and back of house program will be introduced.
          Guest Room recycle containers for all Sage properties.
          Dare to be bold if you can or refined if you need to be. Some examples
           provided on the next slide.
     Linen and Towel Re-use program.
          This program may not require up front investment and allows our guests to
           participate, resulting in our savings.
          See if your water company offers free promotional literature to use in
 Carbon Footprint Websites.
     The “Corporate Reporting” document had your annual Carbon Footprint
      number recorded. Please keep yours updated at the following website.
     http://www.carbonfootprint.com/
     Or try this new site for great interactive viewing.
     http://www.conservation.org/carboncalculator
Example Containers
 Search the internet for recycle or standard containers you can
  put a recycle sticker on.
 Don’t be afraid to be bold if you like.
Rebates, Rebates, Rebates
 Energy Projects and Rebates.
       Some of our properties have already achieved great success utilizing these
       Rebates can come from your energy provider or even government agencies.

 National Utility Rebate Website.
       http://www.dsireusa.org

 Work with C2 or preferred energy consultant to execute projects.
   Contact me if you need one from our database.
       Typically, you pay labor, the rebate pays for the product, and you reap the
        rewards of reduction and savings for years to come.
       Soliciting more than one bid can help you validate information provided and
        make the right choices for your facility.

 Water Savings and Rebates.
       Contact your local water provider for specific programs.
       Towel and Linen reuse in room collateral may be available for free.
 To Become LEED certified on Energy Star.
    Generate an eligible Statement of Energy Performance (SEP).
    Obtain a stamp and signature on the SEP from a certified Professional
    Obtain a signature on the Data Checklist from the Professional Engineer
     who verified your SEP (required for all applications).
    Complete the ENERGY STAR Recognition form.
    Download and sign a copy of the Letter of Agreement.
    Mail the following documents to EPA:
    Signed Letter of Agreement
    Stamped and signed SEP
    Signed Data Checklist by the Professional Engineer who verified your SEP.
    Contact me if you need a certified Professional Engineer or click on the link
     on Energy Star within your property profile.
The Nines - LEED Silver
G.M. - Fred Kleisner                                Chief Engineer - Michael Havnar

 July 7, 2009
 Mr. Scot Cameron
 Development Manager, Portland Hotel Master Lessee, LLC.
 1575 Welton Street, Suite 300
 Denver, CO 80202

 Dear Mr. Cameron:
 On behalf of the U.S. Green Building Council, I would like to congratulate you on
 achieving Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) certification
 for The Nines – A Luxury Collection Hotel. Your project's final LEED rating
 reflects 36 documented and approved points, which corresponds to the Silver
 certification level under the LEED for New Construction.
 LEED certification identifies the as a pioneering example of sustainable design
 and demonstrates your leadership in transforming the building industry. In honor
 of this impressive achievement and in appreciation of your participation in LEED,
 we are pleased to present you with the enclosed certificates recognizing your
 A simplified version of your LEED Project Scorecard, which highlights the details
 of your project, has been posted on our web site, www.usgbc.org. We look forward
 to working with you to share the good news about your accomplishment.
HGI Orlando–Florida Green Lodging
G.M. - Mike Fatta                                                Chief Engineer - Victor Escobar

 Subject: Congratulations from the Florida Green Lodging Program
 October 27, 2009

 To the staff of the Hilton Garden Inn at SeaWorld International Center,

 Congratulations! The Hilton Garden Inn at SeaWorld International Center has met all of the minimum requirements to earn it’s
 designation in the Florida Green Lodging Program.

 We would like to thank you for all of the hard work and dedication involved in earning this designation. You are truly environmental
 leaders in Florida’s hospitality industry.

 As a part of your designation, your property will be promoted to the media and to the public through ongoing outreach efforts
 including the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP) Green Lodging Web site. On this site, your property will be
 featured with a photograph and a link to your Web site. Please submit a high resolution photograph as a JPEG to

 An added benefit to designated properties is an online “green” tool kit to assist you in continuing to market your environmental
 initiatives to management, guests, employees and the community. Contents of the tool kit include marketing resources such as
 logos, design files and templates for press releases, signage and printed materials. To access the kit, visit DEP’s Florida Green
 Lodging Tool Kit site at www.dep.state.fl.us/greenlodging/toolkit.htm. If you have any questions about the tool kit, please contact
 Kristin Lock, DEP Project Manager at kristin.lock@dep.state.fl.us.

 In the coming weeks, you will also receive a certificate recognizing your designation and a Florida Green Lodging flag from DEP.

 If you have any questions concerning this designation or the Florida Green Lodging Program in general, please feel free to give
 me a call. Again, congratulations to you and all the staff and management of the Hilton Garden Inn at SeaWorld International
CY San Diego-Biggest Loser Contest
G.M. Jody Blackinton   Chief Engineer – Dave Campbell
Recognizing Achievements
Energy Star Top Performers, Most Improved, LEED Eligible
*Information must be up to date and accurate to be recognized.

 Top 5 Energy Star Performers
       Residence In Denver Downtown - 76
       The Oxford Hotel - 68
       Courtyard San Diego Downtown – 62
       The Blackstone 59
       Sage Energy Star score with 29 properties participating – 47
       Properties that were recognized on prior calls may need to update
        their data.
 Most Improved Energy Star Performers
       The Oxford Hotel – 16.3
       Westin Westminster – 13
       Towne Place Suites Denver Marriott South West – 9.7
       Hilton Hotel College Station – 9.3
       JW Marriott Denver at Cherry Creek – 9.1
 C2 International Update.

 Enernoc.

 Sage Energy Initiatives.

 S3 Sage Sustainability Strategy.

 Rebates, Rebates, Rebates.

 Recognizing Achievements.
Thank you!!
  Next Conference Call Topics
      C-2 Cost Containment Intl. update.
      S3 rollout.
      Useful websites database.

  Special Host – This is a surprise!

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