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Holiday Closings


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									                                                                                                                                    third quarter

  AOD Federal Credit Union
  wants        you…                and your mortgage! We’re
                                                                                                    New Leaf Marketing, headquartered in
    even offering a reward of up to $500 when you                                               Anniston, one of our new Sponsor Employee
finance with AOD. Get the details at aodfcu.com or                                       Groups, is your one source for quality promotional
                                                                                      products and printed apparel. New Leaf Marketing has
 any location of AOD and stop paying too much for
                                                                                     been assisting major corporations as well as individuals
                           your mortgage!
                                                                                    locally with their promotional needs for over seven
    Your reward based on 1/2 of 1% of the amount borrowed (up to a                  years. During this period they have never missed a
   maximum $500). This offer applies to Real Estate purchases and/or                delivery date and pride themselves in 100% customer
refinances up to a 30 year term. This offer excludes Land Loans and Home            satisfaction. New Leaf Marketing is located at 1510
Equity Loans and Lines of Credit, and can not be combined with any other            Hillyer Robinson Industrial Parkway.
promotional offer. Promotion is valid thru 8/31/07. All loans are subject
   to credit approval. Rates, terms, and conditions are subject to change                     What Was That You Said?
                              without notice.                                      “Real generosity is doing something nice for someone
                                                                                   who will never find out”
                                                                                                                           -Frank Clark
                                                                                   “Ah, summer-what power you have to make
                                                                                   us suffer and like it”
                                                                                                                           - Russell Baker
                                                                                   "What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone
                                                                                   monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others."
                                                                                                                           - Pericles

                       Key Financial Data                                                                         Correspondence Address
                             (As of May 31, 2007)                                                                 Please be sure to use AOD FCU’s
 Total Assets . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $142,761,003.00                                   correspondence address (P.O. Box)
 Total Loans . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 82,439,630.37                                  when communicating by mail. The
                                                                                                                  post office may not deliver mail
                                                                                                                  addressed to a street address.
                                                                                     Correspondence Address: P.O. Box 608 • Bynum, Alabama 36253
                     Holiday Closings                                                           Phone: (256) 237-9494 • (800) 637-0299
                                                                                                         Fax: (256) 237-3285

Monday September 3, 2007…………………………..Labor Day
                                            2007 Annual Credit Union Car Sale

       Board of Directors
           Clyde Wesson

           Vice-Chairman                 The Annual Credit Union Car Sale
              Ken Reid                   was held March 29th – April 1st.
                                                                                Christy McCullough, Teller, with DVD
                                         Calhoun County’s new car dealers              winner Eddie McDowell

             Secretary                   were there with thousands of new and pre-owned vehicles. AOD was the only
          James Daugherty                Credit Union on site that weekend with our loan officers there for immediate
                                                                       loan approval discussing the best options for
                                                                       financing. This was the 13th year that AOD
                                                                       attended the annual Credit Union Car Sale and
             Jim Webb
                                                                       a record number of members participated in the
          Board Members
            Bobby Israel                                                        AOD gave away free beverages, koozies,
           Randy Wiggins                                                        license plate holders and key chains to
      Gordon “Doc” Williamson                                                   everyone who visited our tent. K98 WVOK
                                                                                and WHMA The Big 95 had live remote
     Supervisory Committee                                                      broadcasts on Saturday to draw out the big
                                                                                crowds. AOD had drawings for both a flat
            Chairperson                                                         screen TV and a DVD player.
           Faye Robertson                     Flat Screen TV winners
                                         Dustin, Jessica & Ethan (age 3) Kemp

           Vice Chairman
            Dan Munroe
                                         Did you know that AOD FCU
                                         Membership Pays?
    Secretary/Recording Officer          You work hard for your money. At AOD, we get it to you faster!
           Everett Kelley                When your direct deposit is scheduled for a Monday, the funds are available to you on
                                         Saturday. This means your money is ready for you to use sooner. Pay bills. Shop. Take
                                         the family to dinner. It’s your money and at AOD we get it to you faster.
President and Chief Executive Officer
                                         Subject to receipt from the originator (e.g. payroll, Social Security, etc.).
        Kenneth R. Reynolds
                                                 E-statements and E-alerts
       Chief Financial Officer
                                            Customize your account information!
           Jeffrey Napper
                                        Members now have the option of setting up “E-alerts” on their
                                        Internet Banking accounts. E-alerts allow members to setup Balance
      Chief Operations Officer          Notifications, Check Cleared Notifications, and Maturity Date
                                        Notifications. The notifications are sent to members at 10:00 am
            Nina Gilbert                each morning and are sent to the members’ email address setup for
                                        each notification. In addition, the email can be customized by the
                                        member, specific to the type of notification being sent.
     Chief Information Officer
                                        If you have any questions, please call a Member Service
           Victor Morales               Representative at 256-237-9494 or 800-637-0299 for details.
BOARD ELECTIONS                                         AOD Federal Credit                                  Also in attendance were the
                                                        Union Awarded Six                                   winners’ family members and High
                                                        Scholarships to local                               School representatives.
Two AOD Federal Credit Union Board of Director
positions must be filled in 2008. A three member        High School seniors                                 The 2007 AOD Federal Credit
Nominating Committee to oversee the nominating                                                              Union Scholarships have been
process has been appointed.                             Six AOD Federal Credit Union
                                                        Scholarship recipients were honored                 named in honor of charter members
                                                        at an awards dinner in April hosted                 Catherine W. Bowling, Joseph Burn,
If you would like to be considered for nomination to    by AOD Board of Directors and                       and James B. Perry. These members
one of the Board vacancies, an application may be       Management. The winners were:                       joined AOD when it was organized
picked up at any AOD Federal Credit Union branch
or by contacting any Nominating Committee                                                                   in 1950, and are from the original
member. Once you have completed the application,                                                            charter group of 45. The scholarship
mail it to any of the committee members listed below.                                                       recipients were also honored at each
                                                                                                            of their schools’ Awards Day
                                                                                                            ceremonies in May. Each $1,000
                                                                                                            scholarship will be paid at the
Gordon “Doc” Williamson, Chairman
                                                                                                            beginning of recipients’ freshman
445 Indian Acres                                                                                            year and will be issued directly to
Talladega, AL 35160                                                                                         the college, university, community
(256) 268-0435                                                                                              college or technical/vocational
                                                        Pictured left to right:                             school of their choice.
                                                                                                            Recognizing that tuition rates
Ken Reid                                                Jillian P. Brodeur, Saks High School
                                                                                                            continue to rise at a rapid pace,
1521 Forney Street                                      Brett L. Fleming, Pleasant Valley                   AOD Federal Credit Union’s newly
Oxford, AL 36203                                        High School                                         established scholarship fund will
(256) 831-0444
                                                                                                            assist members that plan to pursue a
                                                        Chad Weston Lloyd, Trinity                          college degree or certification from
                                                        Christian Academy                                   a technical/vocational school. AOD
Ms. Faye Cotney                                                                                             Federal Credit Union will award six
                                                        Benjamin Joseph Crosby, White
147 Montclair Circle                                    Plains High School                                  scholarships to high school
Oxford, AL 36203                                                                                            graduating seniors annually who
                                                        Meghan M. Lindsey, Oxford High School               have been AOD Federal Credit
(256) 831-0941
                                                                                                            Union members for at least one
                                                        Hannah Faulkner, White Plains High
                                                        School (not pictured).                              year.

                                                                                  “At AOD we put our Money
                                                                                    where our Mouth is…”
                                                                    A lot of financial institutions claim to offer the best rates on
                                                                    loans, but how many of them guarantee it? At AOD we say put
                                                                    your money where your mouth is. We’re so sure that we can
                                                                    give you the best rate on your auto loan that we’ll pay you $25
                                                                    if we can’t. Just show us the best rate you’ve been offered from
                                                                    any of our competitors, and we’ll match it, or beat it, or we’ll
                                                                    give you $25.
                                                                            OFFICIAL RATE MATCH GUARANTEE TERMS AND CONDITIONS
                                                                    Rate guarantee applies to verifiable new or used auto, truck, motor cycle, or
                                                                    recreational vehicle loan rates from other local financial institutions only. This offer
                                                                    is not applicable to all subsidized rate programs including but not limited to Auto
                                                                    Dealer Rates and Special Internet Advertised Rates. This offer is also not
                                                                    applicable to any "special rate" program of manufacturers' finance companies or
                                                                    any other rate offer that bundles the sale of the vehicle and financing together. The
                                                                    competitor's rate offer must be for the identical loan product and term of the AOD
                                                                    offer. AOD must be able to verify competitor's rate for which the member qualifies.
                                                                    Existing AOD loans do not qualify. AOD's Rate Match Guarantee can not be
                                                                    combined with any other promotional offer at AOD Federal Credit Union. All loans
                                                                    are subject to credit approval. Rates, terms, and conditions are subject to change
                                                                    without notice. Rate offered is based on credit criteria.
        Second Chance                                                                                    MEMBERSHIP
       Skip-A-Payment                                                                                    APPRECIATION
                                                                                                      Mr. Kurt Bailey has been a
Enjoy the summer with AOD’s Fee Free Skip-a-                                                          member of AOD FCU for
                                                                                                      over 34 years. Mr. Bailey
Payment. If you failed to take advantage of the Skip-A-
                                                                                                      was raised on a farm in
Payment coupon mailed to members in June, you will                                                    Coldwater, Alabama. He
have a second opportunity to skip your July or August                                                 attended school in Munford.
                                                                             Mr. Bailey started working at the age of 11 baling hay
loan payment. Ask any AOD staff member for details
                                                                             for $0.25/hr. At 15, he worked as a bag boy for Food
by coming by one of our four offices. You may also call                      Town grocery store. When he graduated from High
an AOD Member Service Representative at 256-237-                             School, he worked for US Pipe for a few months before
9494 or 1-800-637-0299.                                                      joining the Navy in 1972. Mr. Bailey served in Vietnam
                                                                             for almost 13 months in the SEABEES.

                                                                             When he returned to Alabama after his tour of duty, he
                                                                             bought a dozer and backhoe to start his own company.
                                                                             He contracted to complete dozer work on Ft. McClellan
                                                                             to level the MP barracks and the PX. In 1977, Mr.
                                                                             Bailey started his career with the Anniston Army Depot
                                                                             as a forklift operator. He also drove tanks at the test
                                                                             track for six months. Mr. Bailey served with the Army
                                                                             Reserves in the 20th Special Forces Airborne Division.

                                                                             Even though Mr. Bailey was involved in a serious car
                                                                             accident on October 4, 1982, his life changed very lit-
                                                                             tle. After an operation to put a 12.5” steel rod in his
                                                                             back, he was out of rehab in less than three months and
                                                                             back to work. He attended college at JSU and Gadsden
                                                                             State at night. In 1989 he started working at Building
                                                                             106 in Electronics. March 1, 2007 after 32 years, 7
                                                                             months and 2 days, Mr. Bailey retired from ANAD
                                                                             when he broke his leg.

                                                                             According to Mr. Bailey, he learned the value of AOD
*By skipping a payment you authorize AOD Federal Credit Union to             FCU during his time spent working at ANAD. Since
extend your loan due date by one month and understand that this may          then, he has used AOD for four auto loans. “Handicap
extend the maturity date of your loan. Interest will continue to accrue on   vans are hard to find someone to finance. I just call
the unpaid balance during the month you skip your payment and when           Shelia Cofield or Beverly Stewart, ask for the amount I
payments resume, the unpaid interest will be collected first. Members        need and I’ve never been turned down.” He especially
                                                                             appreciates the AOD staff because they know him.
must be in good standing to participate. AOD Federal Credit Union
                                                                             “The people here are always friendly and I consistently
reserved the right to refuse any skip-a-payment request. Payments made
                                                                             get good service, it’s just that simple.”
through Payroll Deduction or Direct Deposit transfer will be deposited
into your Share Savings Account for the month skipped and will subse-
                                                                             He currently resides in Oxford with his wife Bonnie.
quently be available for withdrawal. Mortgage loans, Credit Cards,           He has three children: son, J.W. working for General
Payment Shaver Loans, and loans newer than 2 months may not be eligi-        Dynamics Land Systems, daughter, Danielle 33, and
ble for the skip-a-payment program. Payment protection and/or GAP            daughter Jessica, 28. He has three grandchildren. In
insurance may not apply to the extended loan term. No more than two          Mr. Bailey’s spare time he collects gold, silver and guns
payments per loan may be skipped in any year.                                and enjoys attending gun shows.

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