Jerry Test Anwsers- Bowie by xiagong0815


									                         Jerry’s Seafood Waitress Test:

1. What are the different ways we prepare the Salmon?

      Blacken and Marinated, Baked in Garlic Butter or Reg. Butter, Sesame style

       (baked in a hoisen/teriyaki sauce.)

2. What comes on the Mariners Platter? Weight and amounts?

      8oz Haddock, 4oz. Crab cake, 5 Beer Battered Shrimp, 5 Spiced Shrimp, 3 lightly

       fried scallops.

      If the customer would like oysters. The platter comes with 8oz Haddock, 4oz.

       Crab cake, 4 Beer Battered Shrimp, 4 Spiced Shrimp, 2 lightly fried scallops.

3. What is the FC Seasoning?

      A simple recipe of Ground Black Pepper and Dry Mustard.

4. What is the difference between the Crab Cakes and the Bomb?

      The Bomb and the Baby Bomb is our signature dish. They are made with all

       jumbo lump crab meat. Absolutely no filler!!! Just a little mayonnaise to hold

       the meat together and a little old bay seasoning. Baked only. The bomb will fall

       apart in the fryer.

      Our crab cakes are that same jumbo lump crab meat, but we have to break up

       some of that jumbo lump so that the cake holds together a little bit better, for

       the simple fact that our crab cakes you have the option of frying it or baking it.

5. What is the difference between the Cream of Crab and Crab Bisque?
           The cream has curry

           The bisque has sherry

            Cream                                          Bisque

Heavy whipping cream                                Juices from sautéed mushrooms and

Curry                                               shallots and added to heavy whipping

Old Bay                                             cream, lobster base and cooking sherry.

Corn Starch to thicken

   6. What is Crab Imperial? What is a Caper?

           All Jumbo lump crab meat with Creamy Mayo and Capers. Caper is an

            unripened flower bud that has a tangy lemony flavor, much the same as green


   7. What are the portion sizes of the Steak lunch and dinner?

           Lunch – 6oz.          Dinner- 10oz.

   8. How many Crab Cakes comes with the dinner? And what is the portion size?

           Lunch- One 41/2 oz.       Dinner- Two 41/2 oz.

   9. How many BB in an appetizer? How many balls in an appetizer?

           BB- 7 Shrimp                    Balls- 6 balls (baked or fried)

   10. List the Desserts: starting with homemade first.

           Homemade Coconut                * Homemade Lemon Pound

           6 layer double chocolate cake         * Brownie Sundae
      Cheese Cake with strawberry topping              * Brayers Vanilla Ice cream

11. List the Dressings: starting with homemade first.

      Homemade House (a creamy blend of honey and lemon)

      Homemade blue cheese ( very thick)

      Homemade Russian

      Ranch              * French            * Italian

      Feta Vinaigrette         * Oil/ Vinegar                 * Creaser

12. What is a Crab Cake Combo?

      Crab Cake Sandwich (baked or fried) 4 BB shrimp or Spiced Shrimp, choice of

       soup, and 1 side dish

13. How much Crabmeat do we top the soup with?

      1 ½ oz.

14. How much CI do we top each St. Shrimp with?

       a. Lunch- 2 ½ oz

       b. Dinner- 2oz.

15. How much do all of our Fresh fish Weigh?

      10oz.

16. List the side dishes: Starting with homemade first.

      Homemade Stewed Tomatoes
      Homemade Applesauce

      Homemade Coleslaw

      Baked Potato            * French Fries               * Fresh Garden Salad

      Caesar Salad            * Vegetable of the Day

       a. What in the stewed tomatoes?

      Whole Huntz Tomatoes, Sugar, and Butter

       b. What is in the apple sauce?

      Apple sauce, vanilla, Cinnamon

       c. What do we put on the BP?

      Just butter, sour cream and chives on the side. (no cheese, bacon bits)

       d. What is in the Coleslaw?

      Fresh Cabbage, carrots and Dressing (Mayo, celery seed, dry mustard, sugar,

       apple cider vinegar.)

17. List all of our Beers:

       a. Draft:

      Stella                        * Bud Lite                      * Shock Top

      Bud American Ale              * Sam Adams Seasonal             * Sam Adams

      Guinness
       b. Bottle:

      Sierra Nevada Pale Ale                 * Bass                    * Amstel Lite

      Corona Light                  * Corona                * Odouls (non alcoholic )

      Heineken                    * Budweiser                * Bud Light

      Yuengling                * Coors Light                  * Miller Light

      MGD                      * Bud Light Lime               * Michelob Ultra

18. List our house wines:

      Chalone Chardonnay

      Red Rock Merlot

      Root I Cabernet

19. List the rail Liquors:

      Smirnoff (vodka)         * Jose Cuervo (tequila)             *Beefeater (gin)

      Bacardi (rum)            * Early Times (Whiskey)             * Cutty Sark (scotch)

      Jim Beam (bourbon)

20. List the ingredients in the Marinade:

      Pineapple Juice          * Soy Sauce            * Fresh Ginger

      Chopped Garlic           * Sherry

21. List the ingredients in the Stone Crab Sauce:
      Mayo              * A1            * Worcestershire

      Dry Mustard       * Half & Half

22. List all of our Beverages: including juices

      Pepsi             * Diet Pepsi             * Sierra Mist       * Gingerale

      Orange Soda       * Soda Water             * Tonic Water       * Shirley Temple

      Lemonade          * Sweet Tea              * Un-sweet Tea      * Hot Tea

      Coffee            * Pineapple Juice        * Cranberry Juice   * Grapefruit Juice

      Orange Juice      * Bottle Water           * Sparkling Water

       **** No Refill on juices

23. Write a brief history of how Jerry’s Seafood Started:

   It all started with a love for seafood. Born in Northeast Washington, D.C.,
   Jerry, owner of the popular restaurant "Jerry's Seafood", grew up eating
   Eastern Shore style seafood. After an injury he sustained on a construction
   job in 1974, Jerry's uncle said to him, "You need to go to work." He gave
   Jerry several quart jars of freshly shucked oysters to sell. And so it began.

   He first began selling his oysters out of the back of a '68 Chevrolet in the
   very shopping center Jerry's is located today. From there he graduated to
   selling from a used pick up truck. In 1976 he purchased a 10-foot long step
   van complete with a three-burner stove and a large refrigerator. From this
   crab truck, he sold fresh steamed hard shell crabs, spiced shrimp by the
   pound, clams and oysters and any other quality seafood he could find.

Jerry did very well to attract attention to his style of food. The Village Pub,
which was situated directly across the street from the crab truck, asked Jerry to
offer his delicious Maryland crab soup and Cream of Crab soup to their menu.
Eventually he was asked to come manage their restaurant / pub. He steadily
added his seafood items to the menu, and removed the pizzas and subs. He
was interested in losing the "bar crowd" and promoting the restaurant. He
soon rid the restaurant of the jukebox, dart boards and rowdy drinkers and
established what is now a landmark seafood restaurant in Maryland.

He officially purchased the restaurant in 1983 and he in turn sold the
restaurant in July 2003 to his Nephew Philip Gainey and long-term employee
Chong (Jason) Lee. Since then, Philip and Jason have been consistent in
turning out superior Eastern Shore Style Seafood and warm friendly service.

   Jerry's Seafood has been the subject of several favorable articles in the local
   newspapers and magazines as well as being mentioned on local TV and
   radio stations. Jerry's tries to focus on outstanding service that goes above
   and beyond what people would expect. According to Jerry's customers,
   Jerry's is the place to be if you're a local "mover or shaker", or if you just love
   great food. You can feel confident that any guest you bring will have a
   wonderful dining experience.

   Known for its crab entrees, Jerry's also offers various fresh fish that arrives
   daily, beautiful jumbo shrimp, and delicious homemade soups made fresh

Jerry's does not take reservations at it's Lanham location, it has always been
first come, first served. You will want to get there early or get there late
because most of the time in between you'll have to wait in line. The wait is
always worth it and you'll look forward to coming back. However, Jerry's does
accept reservations at it's new Annapolis location; All of Jerry's menu items are
available for reliable carry out and most are available for online ordering. You
can be confident that the quality is identical to what it would be if you were
dining in.

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