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International reach
with strong foundations.

                                                Bank of Ireland’s offshore office enjoys the firmest
                                                foundations, operating from the highly rated and
                                                well regulated Isle of Man.

                                                The Isle of Man is a Standard and Poor’s AAA rated
                                                jurisdiction and has won the prestigious accolade of
                                                Best International Finance Centre at the annual
                                                International Investment Awards no fewer than
                                                seven times. The Island’s stability has provided a
                                                perfect backdrop for the steady growth in our
                                                offshore operation since Bank of Ireland (I.O.M.)
                                                Limited opened in Douglas in 1981.

                                                We are committed to tailoring bespoke solutions to
                                                meet clients’ individual financial needs, backed by
                                                friendly and efficient service that aims to exceed
                                                customer expectations every day.
Bank of Ireland’s offices in the Isle of Man.

    Why choose

    Whatever your location
    and status, you can rest
    assured that we can provide
    a highly personalised and
    efficient service, backed by
    the financial strength and
    international experience of
    the Bank of Ireland Group.

Bank of Ireland?

  1   Our Reputation
      Bank of Ireland, established by Royal Charter in 1783, is a diversified financial services
      group with a market-leading franchise in Ireland, well-established operations in the UK
      and a portfolio of niche skill-based businesses internationally. Today, the Group is strongly
      positioned with a conservative business philosophy, prudent approach to credit risk and
      diversified business portfolio and income streams. We are proud of our reputation as a
      traditional relationship-driven retail and commercial bank.

  2   Our Credit Rating
      Bank of Ireland is a highly-rated financial institution. Our strength of strategy, funding
      position, diversified earnings streams and leading market position in Ireland, alongside
      our growing presence internationally, are key elements underpinning our solid
      credit ratings.

  3   Our Flexible Proposition
      Bank of Ireland offers competitive rates for deposits and provides flexibility on the
      way the account can be structured, for example, flexible call accounts, term
      deposits and structured deposits, in all major currencies.

  4   Our People
      We pride ourselves on our professional and friendly customer service style, and we respect
      our relationship with all our customers. With our 225 year Irish heritage, we have a
      distinctive way of doing business – establishing solid, personal customer relationships that
      deliver results.

      We look forward to doing business with you.

Our offering
    Call Deposits
     competitive rates and instant access
    We believe that the need for regular or ready access to funds should not mean
    receiving meagre returns. In a fast-changing world, it’s vital that you can transfer
    and allocate your funds whenever you wish, and our Call Deposits are designed to
    combine ultimate flexibility with competitive rewards on your entire balance. Best of
    all, the minimum deposit is a mere £5,000 (or currency equivalent) and we are happy
    to accept funds in a wide range of currencies. Our Customer Services Team will
    always be pleased to advise you of current rates.

    Fixed Term Deposits
      rewarding commitment
    When you have funds available for deposit for the longer term, you can often benefit
    from our best rates of interest (dependent upon market conditions). We guarantee
    that interest rates will remain fixed for the contracted term, and we can accept
    deposits of £5,000 or more (or currency equivalent) in any one of thirteen major
    currencies. Once again, a call to our Customer Services Team will inform you of
    current rates.

    Special Edition Bonds
     new growth opportunities
    The increasing popularity of structured deposits is hardly surprising, since they
    offer the potential of high returns in a climate of low interest rates, whilst preserving
    the value of the initial deposit. Consequently, we are pursuing opportunities to
    launch Guaranteed Equity Bonds where markets are favourable. These are available
    in tranches and have fixed terms, allowing you to potentially enjoy significant returns
    from the world’s stock markets without risking your capital. However, please note
    that the value of your investment could be eroded by inflation.

    International Payments
      keeping your business moving globally
    Trust Bank of Ireland to help you make fast and efficient payments around
    the world and facilitate rapid transfers of funds into your accounts. Speedy and
    secure electronic payments can normally be made using the SWIFT (International),
    CHAPS or BGC (UK only) networks.

    Foreign Exchange
      all the currencies you will ever need
    Our Treasury Desk delivers competitive exchange rates in all the major currencies,
    and we are able to provide immediate quotes for individual transactions. Naturally,
    indicative rates are always displayed on our website, but our Treasury Team are
    able to tailor a personalised solution that fully meets your requirements.

Contact us
Bank of Ireland
PO Box 246, Christian Road,
Douglas, Isle of Man IM99 1XF
Tel: +44 (0) 1624 644222
Fax: +44 (0) 1624 644298

Important Notes
.   Bank of Ireland is a registered trading name of Bank of Ireland (I.O.M.) Limited, which is licensed by the Isle of Man Financial
    Supervision Commission to take deposits. Incorporated in the Isle of Man No. 17696c. Registered Office: 4 Christian Road,

.   Douglas, Isle of Man. Bank of Ireland (I.O.M.) Limited has capital and reserves exceeding £84 million (March 2009).
    Bank of Ireland (I.O.M.) Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Governor and Company of Bank of Ireland, which is
    regulated by the Irish Financial Regulator. The solvency of the Isle of Man subsidiary entity is dependent on the financial standing
    of the parent / group entity, although depositors should, in the first place, form their own view of the financial soundness of the

.   Isle of Man entity based on publicly available information.
    A copy of the most recent audited financial statements for Bank of Ireland (I.O.M.) Limited can be viewed at the registered office

    or can be supplied upon request.
    Bank of Ireland (I.O.M.) Limited is registered under the Isle of Man Data Protection Act 2002.
    As the Isle of Man is a separate territory to the UK, customers are advised that in the event of death, it may be necessary to

.   obtain a Grant of Probate in the Isle of Man before your deposit can be released to your personal representatives.
    Deposits made with Bank of Ireland (I.O.M.) Limited, are covered by the Depositors' Compensation Scheme contained within

.   the Compensation of Depositors Regulations 2008 (as amended).
    Deposits made with Bank of Ireland (I.O.M.) Limited are not covered by the UK Financial Services Compensation Scheme,

.   established under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.
    Interest will be paid without the deduction of income tax to all investors resident outside the European Union, however it is the
    responsibility of individuals to discharge any tax liability they may have. The liability of non EU tax payers will depend on the
    current tax legislation in the country of residence (and may depend on the individual's nationality). With effect from 1st July 2005,
    interest on deposit accounts for account holders who are resident in the European Union may have a Retention Tax deducted

.   from the Gross Interest payments. This is to comply with the European Union Savings Tax Directive.
    Complaints: We hope you never have cause to complain about our products and services. However, if you do,
    please write to the Customer Services Department. A copy of our complaints procedure is available upon request.

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