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									International Field Program
       Summer 2008

                  Graduate Program in
            International Affairs (GPIA)

         September 2007
The International Field Program seeks to:

- Provide practical field experiences beyond the
classroom through work primarily with NGOs, IOs, and
government and local agencies.

- Provide GPIA a unique opportunity to link its
classroom-based curriculum with ongoing research in
the world of practice.

Since 2002, the GPIA has worked in Buenos Aires,
Bogotá, Rio de Janeiro, Dominican Republic,
Barcelona, Geneva, Cameroon, Kenya, Senegal,
Johannesburg, Hong Kong, Kunming (China) and India.
Spring Preparation
• Related GPIA course (where required)

• Language courses (where required)

• IFP program seminar / workshop run by each program
coordinator, meeting approximately once a month through the

      – Syllabus and reading list
      – Lectures, discussion
      – Films

•Weekend workshop(s)
Summer Course Requirement

To receive six credits and a grade, students are required to:

– Successfully complete full-time summer internship
– Fully participate in on-site projects and program activities.
– Complete a final paper / project.
– Present their work during fall semester at The New School.

Each program’s specific requirements will be determined by
the respective Coordinator.
Application Process - Overview
Students must submit:
   • GPIA Summer International Field Program Application
   • Recent CV or Resume with contact information for one reference
   • Brief essay (approximately 500 words) explaining why you want to
   participate, your relevant skills or experience, and how IFP fits into
   your future studies and goals
   • Evidence of language proficiency, if required
   • Photocopy of front page of passport
   • Completed New School release form
   • Doctor’s note confirming you are medically cleared to travel abroad

  Application materials and more information:
  Application Materials must be sent to:
Fixed costs:
    •Tuition (6 credits)
    •GPIA Summer Program Fee
Variable costs:
    •Travel to and from program site
    •Local travel and transportation
    •Living and personal expenses beyond housing
    •Visas and vaccinations (if required)

Financial Aid
A limited amount of financial aid is available for the summer programs. All
students will be considered for financial aid. Awards are need and merit
based. Financial aid is tuition remission.

For loan information, please contact the financial aid office.
2008 International Field Programs

1. International Rescue Committee – Program Coordinator: Mark Johnson

2. East Africa – Program Coordinator: Mark Johnson

3. Mumbai, India – Program Coordinator: Vyjayanthi Rao

4. Hong Kong – Program Coordinator: Everita Silina

5. Kunming, Yunnan Province, China – Program Coordinator: TBA

6. Buenos Aires, Argentina – Program Coordinator: Alberto Minujin

7. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Program Coordinator: Peter Lucas

8. Bogotá, Colombia – Program Coordinator: Lisa Guáqueta
      International Rescue Committee
The International Rescue Committee (IRC) provides students a unique
opportunity to work on emergency education and youth protection projects
in different IRC country sites.

Internships will be designed to contribute to needs of specific country
programs and introduce students to the fields of child protection and
emergency education within the humanitarian assistance sector.
Internships aim to enhance the students’ academic, work and life

Program Coordinator: Mark Johnson
                             East Africa

In its first year, the Kenya and Ethiopia program will offer students the
chance to work in East Africa on projects related to HIV / AIDS outreach
and treatment, community health, education, economic development and
capacity building.

In Kenya, the projects will be located in a village on the Kenyan coast
working with the East African Center for the Empowerment of Women and

In Ethiopia, work will be in Addis Ababa with the African Services
Committee, which works on HIV / AIDS outreach and treatment.

Program Coordinator: Mark Johnson
For the Mumbai IFP, GPIA teams up with The Tata Institute of Social
Sciences, one of India’s most respected Social Science and Social Work
Universities. This year, TISS and GPIA will offer internships with Mumbai-
based NGOs working on women’s empowerment, public health and urban

A preparatory course on South Asia will be offered in the Spring. Those
selected for the IFP will be required to take the course.

Language requirement: One semester of Hindi language course.

Program Coordinator: Vyjayanthi Rao
                         Hong Kong
The summer program in Hong Kong, in partnership with the Hong Kong
America Center, offers students the opportunity to engage with a
unique hybrid metropolis. The Hong Kong program gives students the
possibility to work on human rights issues connected to transnational
movement of people but other subjects such as media, sustainable
development and urban issues are also part of the experience.

The program will comprise an internship, a weekly academic course,
and optional group outings.

Students may also have the opportunity to travel to Guangzhou and
attend a three-day student conference on environmental health in the

Program Coordinator: Everita Silina
The Kunming IFP provides students with a unique opportunity to explore
minority or environmental issues in Yunnan Province, a region recognized
for its rich ethnic and bio diversity.

The New School’s local partner is the School for International Relations at
Yunnan University, one of southwest China’s oldest comprehensive

Your area of interest: Internship with national or international non-
governmental organizations or independent research with expert faculty
Academic: Local, national and international experts offer seminars on
contemporary China
Culture and Language: Lectures, outings, and basic Mandarin classes

Program Coordinator: TBA
                           Buenos Aires
2008 will be the seventh year of the Buenos Aires IFP, where students
learn firsthand about Buenos Aires’ social, economic and cultural

Students will work with:
• The Faculty of Architecture and Urban Development of University of
Buenos Aires, which will lead internships related to development
projects in deprived areas of metropolitan Buenos Aires, and
• Fundación SES, an NGO dedicated to development issues,
developing research and active, practical field experience in education,
youth and work, local development and ongoing scale projects.

Language requirement: Spanish

Program Coordinator: Alberto Minujin
                       Rio de Janeiro
The Rio summer program, in close collaboration with Pontifica
Universidade Catolica and Viva Rio, one of the leading NGOs in the city,
offers the possibility of studying the human rights and media in practice.

The program will place students with various NGOs to experience and
work on particular media projects such as street children, women's human
rights, sex workers and human rights, HIV harm reduction and human
rights, violence and public safety.

The course, complemented with site visits to community-based human
rights organizations, presentations by human rights and media scholars,
and exhibitions/film screenings is designed to introduce a wide range of
initiatives to present a holistic experience of human rights and media

Language requirement: One semester of Portuguese language course

Program Coordinator: Peter Lucas
This is the third year of the Bogotá IFP. The program offers students the
opportunity to experience a major Latin America city. With close to 7
million people, Bogotá presents major challenges, making it a great site to
engage with international, local, and government organizations working on
urban and cultural issues, development and poverty.

The program will offer internships with various NGOs, IOs and city
government, working on issues related to the urban setting, governance,
foreign direct investment, gender, and poverty. The program will be
complemented by site visits and meetings with experts on issues related
to students’ interests.

Language requirement: Spanish

Program Coordinator: Lisa Guáqueta
             2008 IFP Information Sessions

1. Intl Rescue Committee: Thursday, Oct. 4, 6 pm, Rm TBA
2. Kenya and Ethiopia: Thursday, Oct. 4, 7pm, Rm TBA
3. Mumbai: TBA
4. Buenos Aires: Tuesday, Oct. 9, 5pm, Rm TBA
5. Bogotá: Wednesday, Oct. 10, 6pm, Rm 609
6. Hong Kong: TBA
7. Kunming: TBA
8. Rio de Janeiro: Friday, Oct. 12, 6 pm, Rm TBA
 Application Deadline:             October 29, 2007

          For additional Information and questions:

Lisa Guáqueta, IFP Coordinator,

Marc Mousky, IFP Assistant,

Mark Johnson, Faculty Director,

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