; Stress Tests For The Heart
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Stress Tests For The Heart


A look at cardiac stress tests normally carried out to determine our cardiac health

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									Stress Tests For The Heart

A Peek at Cardiac Stress Tests

A huge part of determining disease is by testing, and a lot of people have had to endure
one at one point. However, accurately finding heart problems and disease can be hard
enough even with the high tech gadgets and equipment.

One of these such tests is the cardiac stress test. This type of test is usually utilized
by cardiologists to obtain a good image of how well a person's heart respond to stress
brought about in a controlled setting.

The typical scenario involves an external stressor such as physical exercise; however
stress can be induced through special drugs. The purpose is to tell you about bad or
abnormal blood flow to the heart.

This article will discuss the different stress tests.

The heart must have both regular capacity but also the ability to function well, even in
stressful conditions with an excessive load. Ascertaining that your heart is healthy and
normal is the main goal of a stress test, no matter the reason your doctor ordered it.

Nowadays, the medical field uses the non-nuclear, or exercise stress test quite often.
A treadmill isn't the only exercise equipment used as it can be replaced by a stationary

During the test, leads are connected to the chest to ascertain what the electrical
activity of the heart is. A completely normal and healthy heart will reflect in the ECG -

Likewise, a less healthy heart will also be revealed in the ECG.

The stress EKG test is very helpful for doctors because it can give an exact picture of
how well the heart pumps blood.

Also, the walls of the heart are exposed and the motion can provide more clues about
abnormalities or issues with the heart.

As with other test, the response of the heart while in a distress condition is what doctors
are most interested in learning about.

The echocardiogram simply provides an image of the movement of the patient's heart
during this time of stress.

The thing that makes this test so advantageous is that it can see problems with blood
flow that other tests might not have seen in terms of blockages.
It is of the utmost importance that your heart gets the correct amount of blood supply
levels during the time that you are extremely stressed.

Stress tests may be required, though, for other reasons such as judging how effective
certain heart medications are for a particular condition.

These types of medications are usually prescribed for angina and for getting symptoms
under control.

Another very vital application is to find out how a specific medical procedure was formed
such as bypass operations or the usage of stints.

Plenty of times people will get irregular heartbeats over the years, and stress tests are a
way to continue monitoring these.

Upon completion of the test, a cardiologist will look over the results to attempt to identify
any potential problems, whether they are structural or functional.

The image produced by a nuclear stress test is essential because it shows a big
difference between areas where blood reaches normally and areas of restricted blood

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