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					Look for portability, durability and less contamination – use plastic water tanks

From daily use water storage to rain water storage plastic water tanks are very useful and
playing their important role in preserving water through rain water harvesting. Unique
benefits like portability, durability and less contamination make plastic water tanks a really
good choice for water storage purpose.

Water tanks are liquid storage containers, and we store water for our various needs like food
and other household works in it. Well the use of water tanks is very old and there are
instances that people were using water tanks in the early days of civilization although they
were very different from our regular plastic water tanks. A plastic water tank provides for the
storage of drinking water, irrigation agriculture, fire suppression, agricultural farming and
livestock, chemical manufacturing, food preparation as well as many other possible solutions.

There are many materials which may use to create any plastic water tank for example plastics
(polyethylene, polypropylene), fiberglass, concrete, stone, steel (welded or bolted, carbon or

Materials used in the manufacture of these water tanks must have following qualities -

Durability – Often plastic water tanks are one time investment and people do not want to
change tanks very often therefore it is required that material used to manufacture plastic
water tank must be durable. Polyethylene, polypropylene is such durable materials and
average life of plastic water tanks is in decades.

Portability – The biggest disadvantage with concrete, stone, steel water tanks is their weight.
They are often very heavy and moving them here to there is really a though task. While
plastic water tanks are very light weight a even a single man can move plastic water tanks
with ease.

Temperature control – Biggest advantage with plastic water tank is their temperature resistant
material. Plastic is highly thermo resistant and water stored in plastic water tanks get less hot
or cold as compared to other water tanks like steel and concrete water tanks. Making them
ideal for sunny or winter season.
Contamination free - Plastic water tanks are contamination free, It has been observed that
concrete water tanks develop microorganism and other water based plants very often while
plastic has natural resistance to such contamination.

There are various types of plastic water tanks which basically depends over their use and
water storage need for example there are rain water storage tanks, underground water storage
tanks, elevated water storage tanks and commercial water storage tanks. Water storing
capacity of plastic water tanks also differs and could be anything between 100 liter to
thousands of liter water. Water has its density equals to one means that any area having one
cubic meter of volume can have one thousand liter of water.

Areas where water supply is such that you get any amount of water by just opening the tap
may not have essential need of plastic water tanks but in areas where the water supply is not
so good like in rural areas extra storage of water is very essential. However in urban areas
also there is a need of extra water storage in order to cope with any water issue. Rain water
storage tanks are playing their important role in preserving nature as in many continents
where water is a really scares resource people use to store rain water in such tanks for future

Plastic water tanks is not a alien thing to all of us but when we go out to purchase any such
water tank we must take care of our material used to make water tank. There are few good
companies in Australia producing highly durable, contamination free, easy to move and
reliable water tanks.

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