Jagged Alliance Online open beta officially launches by reffat950


									Jagged Alliance Online open beta
officially launches
gamigo announced that open beta for Jagged Alliance Online officially opened today.
The publisher extended a hearty thanks to all testers for the feedback they received in
closed beta.

There are also some changes implemented with the arrival of open beta. Defeated
opponents now drop loot that your mercenaries can collect. The explosion radius of
barrels and crates can now be seen when aiming at them as well. Aiming at an
opponent will show you where they are most vulnerable.

gamigo also publishes Black Prophecy and King of Kings 3.

                   Jagged Alliance Online Gameplay Screenshot


Jagged Alliance Online opens its gates for all beta testers!

Hamburg, February 16, 2012 – Jagged Alliance Online, the next part of the legendary
turn-based strategy series with a full-fledged multi-player mode, is leaving closed beta
testing today. The game’s publisher, gamigo, would like to thank all the testers for the
feedback and is now inviting all players to to experience the quality of the thrilling
PvE missions and PvP matches first-hand during the open testing phase.

The advent of open beta testing will also bring a number of new features to the game:
Defeated opponents now drop loot that can be collected by the mercenaries during the
mission. When a player aims at an explosive barrel or crate, the explosion radius will
be shown, making it easier to judge to results of one’s actions. Aiming at an opponent
will now show which direction he is most vulnerable from.

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