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									Forsaken World: Nightfall Details
Perfect World has announced details about the upcoming expansion to Forsaken
World: Nightfall.

Players will be able to experience a brand new flight system. With flight comes new
bosses, dungeons and events specifically designed with flying in mind. A sky fortress
has been shown, as well as many new places to discover.

The Immortal Rift is also being redesigned in the expansion. Guilds may now claim
territory, and must defend it, or seek new territories by attacking other guilds.

Perfect World also publishes Perfect World International and War of the Immortals.

Forsaken World: Nightfall Teaser Trailer


Experience Forsaken World like never have before! The brand new flying system will
take players through the skies of Eyrda with new bosses, dungeons, and events
designed specifically for flying. A new fortress in the sky has emerged along with
new, unexplored areas. Be the first to experience the exciting new quests and
monsters that roam the land. The Immortal Rift is being revamped into an all-out land
conquering system. Attack and defend against other guilds to claim a territory within

These are just some of the new features that are coming with Nightfall! Stay tuned for
more information!

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