Program of Sudy MS in GUIDANCE 7.28.09 by yangxichun


									                                           Suggested Three Year Program
                                 Master of Science Degree in Guidance & Counseling
                                                  [Pre-K-12] (7.28.09)
                                        (With School Counseling Licensure)

                                                          FIRST YEAR
         SUMMER/FALL SEMESTER                                                   SPRING/SUMMER SEMESTER
Summer:                                                              Spring:
Pre-requisites:                                                      PSYC 5136 Abnormal Psychology                              (3) ___
                                                                     PSYC 5530 Psychometrics                                         (3)
Fall:                                                                PSYC 5080 Professional Issues & Ethics in Sch Coun              (3)
PSYC 5040 Statistics and Research                              (3)   ___
PSYC 5090 Counseling & Guidance in Schools                (3) ___    (9)
PSYC 6360 Pre-Practicum                                        (3)   Summer:
___                                                                  PSYC 5170 Counseling Theory                                     (3)
(9)                                                                  EDSE 5530 Educ & Psych of Exceptional Child                     (3)
                                                                     ___ PSYC 5630 Child & Adolescent Development                    (3)


                                                        SECOND YEAR

 PSYC 5190 Group Counseling & Guidance                         (3)   PSYC 5270 Vocational Choice, Theory & Testing                   (3)
 ___                                                                 ___
 PSYC 5570 Ind., Couples, Family Systems                       (3)   PSYC 6320 Practicum: Middle School                         (3) ___
 ___                                                                 PSYC 6370 Interest, Aptitude & Achievement Testing              (3)
 PSYC 6130 Social Basis of Behavior                            (3)   ___

                                                         THIRD YEAR

PSYC 6405 Internship: Elementary                               (3)   PSYC 6406 Internship: Secondary                                 (3)
___                                                                  ___
                                                                                                                   Total Credit Hours: 51

Requirements for Full Licensure: Completed and signed Application for Tennessee Teaching License (form available from the
Teacher Certification Office or from the State Department of Education); Official transcripts from all schools attended (schools must
be accredited and your Master’s degree must be listed on the transcript); Proof of passing PRAXIS (minimum score of 580 required);
Current, updated Program of Study/Advancement to Candidacy or Licensure Agreement, with evidence of all courses completed and
form signed by Dr. Lee

Requirements for Transitional Professional School Counseling Licensure: Master’s degree in school counseling will be completed
within 1 year OR Current master’s degree in school counseling or a related field, and remaining licensure coursework will be
completed in one year; Official transcripts from all schools attended (schools must be accredited); Proof of unconditional acceptance
into TSU’s Guidance and Counseling Program and good standing (maintaining a 3.0); Proof of passing the passing the Praxis for
School Counselors (minimum score of 580 required); Current Program of Study at TSU signed by Program Coordinator; Intent to
Hire form signed by school and the local education agency certifying that the candidate will receive direct supervision by a licensed
school counselor (having a minimum of two years experience as a school counselor) for a minimum of one hour per week; Contract
signed by TSU Ass. Dean of Teacher Certification, Student, Principal of school offering the position, and Coordinator of TSU
Professional School Counseling Program

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