Bachelor of Arts _ Communication and Media Management_ by linxiaoqin


									          Bachelor of Arts
( Communication and Media Management)
          What is Communication and Media
                 Management about?

In technologically developed societies,
communication in its many forms has become a
major industry. Computerisation, electronic
information, satellites and other information
delivery systems have transformed national and
cultural boundaries, leading to an
increasingly globalise culture.

This has led to a growing demand for people
with knowledge of human aspects of
communication and different media, who are
competent in analysis, and who have skills in
the use of communications technologies.
                 Is Communication and Media
                     Management for you?
It is …. If you are:

 An organiser and manager
 A planner
 Able to see the big picture

But especially if you are interested in:

 Current affairs and all forms of media
 Interested in working with ideas and language
 The social uses of communications technology
Students are encouraged to pursue work
experience in relevant organisations during their

The program balances theory and practice in

Assignments and activities provide practical and
applied projects for students
to acquire skill and understanding required in the
media and communication industries.
             International Focus of Program

• Students in this program become
  graduates of a cohort of students

• Program is also offered in
  Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia

• Program developed from key
  courses in programs offshore
Entry requirements

 SATAC Code: 444011

 TER for 2008 entry: 57.05

 Alternative pathways:
 • STAT special entry
                        Program structure

Combines compulsory and optional studies over the duration of the program.
     Foundation courses
The Communication and Media Management Professional Major
•Public Relations,
•Document Design and Publication
•Digital Media Techniques
•Reporting for the Media
•Advertising: Images, Industry and Audience
•Creative and Feature Writing for the Media
•Communication and Organisations ( Capstone course)

Sub-major and minor studies allow students to develop skills and
knowledge in specific fields, for example, Professional Writing, Multimedia
Studies, Film and Television, Performing Arts, International Studies or a
range of disciplines from across the University.
                         Program structure

• Contact hours vary according to individual
  program structure

• Study Full-time or Part-time, or even
  accelerate the time it takes to graduate by
  doing some courses in Summer and Winter
  School Study Periods
Our graduates

   Within the broad range of disciplines
   studied in this program, graduates find
   employment in various professions and
   The diverse skills and knowledge
   obtained are attractive to employers in a
   wide range of sectors of the economy
   who are looking for graduates with
   versatility and flexibility.

   Communication and Media
   Management allows you to combine
   your skills and interests for a profession
   that is both creative and practical.
                Popular Areas of Employment

•   Advertising
•   Arts administration
•   Consumer research and education
•   Education
•   Event Management
•   Health Promotion
•   Marketing
•   Media production management
•   Public Relations
•   Publicity and Promotion
•   Tourism and Hospitality

….In small and medium sized businesses where a broad range of skills in
  communication and the management of media are required.
… In various different sectors where communication and media management
   supports the efficient organisation of the enterprise.
            Contact details

Program Director:
   Dr Collette Snowden
   ph (08) 8302 4474

Undergraduate Programs Officer
  Ms Rosie Paradiso
  ph (08) 8302 4561

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