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									Advanced Web Ranking Review

            So I wake up early in the morning and while preparing my hot cappuccino, I get
excited wondering where my websites are ranking on the search engines with those new
keywords today. I turn on my computer, log in to my Advanced Web Ranking account and go
directly to my ranking charts… Believe me, there’s no better feeling than watching those
graphs displaying my website ranking higher every day.

While I’m there, with a click of a button, I also get to spy on my competition and see what
keywords they are trying to rank for. Sometimes I discover they are trying to rank for the same
keywords I am. Now I can make an informed decision whether I should keep trying to rank for
these keywords or simply try some new ones. Anyway, it’s so easy to find profitable, easy to
rank keywords with this search engine ranking software!

First Thing’s First… Find The Right Keywords!

Since keyword research is the most important thing you should do before trying to rank your
websites high on the search engines, the first thing I do is find the right keywords. In the old
days, I used to do this manually and it was, well, time consuming and tedious! It was plain
boring. Today, I use Advanced Web Ranking tools that makes things easy and fun. For
example, I use the Keyword Research tool to find these excellent keywords that people use a
lot to search for the products and services I’m promoting on my websites.

That’s the great thing about Advanced Web Ranking because it integrates so many tools in
one place like Google Suggest and Wordtracker which are considered industry standard
keyword research tools. This makes keyword research exciting! Before using this program, I
had to do everything manually and believe me, it takes days to do the same thing Advanced
Web Ranking does in hours.

There’s another tool I use a lot, the Keyword Builder. If I find, through the other tools, a
good keyphrase I want to target, I use the Keyword Builder to find lots of other possible

Now that I got all the keywords I want to rank for, to further optimize my on-page SEO, I use
the Keyword Analyzer tool to find the right keyword density and occurrences in the anchor
texts. I can also analyze and compare my sites with my competition and know exactly what to
do to outrank them on the search engines.

Show Your Website To The World!

Ok, what do website owners and webmasters want MOST for their websites and blogs?
TRAFFIC! That’s right, without traffic, your website is dead. The best way to get traffic to
any website or blog is through the search engines. Period! So now that I got my websites
optimized, I have to let the search engines know they exist.

What I do is let the search engine robots and spiders that crawl the web find my website so it
gets indexed as fast as possible. For this to happen, I have to submit my sites to all the search
engines possible. Many people say that Google, Yahoo and Bing are enough, well, too bad for
them and great for me! That’s precisely why I also like to submit my sites to about 400 other
search engines out there that people actually use. These have the least competition so I have
better chances of getting traffic from these too. I see it this way, I simply have to take
advantage of every single opportunity that produces traffic to my sites.

Advanced Web Ranking includes a very user-friendly search engine submitter that
facilitates the task of submitting my websites and blogs to the 400+ search engines I talked to
you about a few seconds ago so this is a very easy job that will help me get more traffic.

             Another thing I like to do is find other webmasters that have websites with
content relevant to mine and trade links. If you check the PR5 at the homepage of this blog
you’re reading, it’s thanks to a link partner that has a PR6 Website. Before trading links with
this website, I had a PR of 2 and was ranking pretty well on some keywords but after Google
upgrading my PR to 5, I began to rank with a lot more keywords I didn’t even know about.
That’s how important it is to find valuable link partners.

To make this job easy, I use another awesome program called Advanced Link Manger.

With this tool, I do several things:

   1. I find the inbound links of the websites ranking in the top 5 places on the search
      engines. I’ll obviously try to negotiate a link from the same websites as well.
   2. I’m able to keep track of the link popularity of my websites and blogs by finding all
      the inbound links to see what others are writing about my sites and what anchor texts
      they are using.
   3. I schedule the task of gathering all important information of the inbound link prospects
      before I negotiate trading links with them. Information such as domain age and page
      rank is gathered in the scheduled task during the night so when I wake up to prepare
      my cappuccino, I have my reports warm and ready to analyze.

It is very important for me to have valuable link partners and one way inbound links to my
blogs and websites and this awesome link manager software makes this job a breeze.

Where’s my Website Ranking?

                                Remember I told you at the beginning of this review that the
first thing I do when I wake up early in the morning, while preparing my delicious
cappuccino, is check my website ranking charts? Well, this is the part I like BEST because I
can see all my websites and blogs climbing steeply all the way to the top of the search engines.
The awesome thing is that I get to see this in a graphical way for every keyword, search
engine and website.

I also schedule these tasks to be done at nights and have my reports ready in the mornings.
These reports have become my morning newspaper with a big difference: I get to see many
more GOOD NEWS than bad. Bad news? Yes, website rankings sometimes drop and it’s
normal but guess what? Advanced Web Ranking always has the right tools to take immediate
action and revert that bad news to good news which would be bringing those rankings back
I added some of my family blogs to this program and the beauty of this is that they (my
family) receive these same reports on their email too all on autopilot! Why do I mention this?
Because if you have (or want to start) an SEO business, Advanced Web Ranking Enterprise
is what you need. You’ll want to take it to the next level bundling it with Advanced Link
Manager Enterprise. Your SEO customers would be so informed and happy with you,
believe me! (psst, and remember, all reports are done automatically and on autopilot!). Even if
you have customers on the other side of the world, no worries, each project can use a different
proxy integrated with Advanced Web Ranking and they’ll get the report results they can check
using their country browsers.


The combination of Advanced Web Ranking and Advanced Link Manager is ALL you need to
have much more information than you ever thought possible. Now you’ll be able to make the
right decision at the right moment.

                                 The monitoring chart system combined with data tables and
ranking visibility gives you an overview of the *BIG PICTURE* and allows you to see where
your websites and blogs stand.

Whatever you need to do to improve your rankings, these program have the right tool for you.

Both programs are constantly being updated to keep up with the search engine changes.

Whether you have one website or blog you want to rank with the right keywords or you have
an SEO business with hundreds of client websites, these programs are robust enough to handle
the job.
I’d easily pay more than twice the list price for these babies because they simply

Whatever grading system you’re used to, I give both programs an A+ or a 10!

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