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					                                           Middle Tennessee Industrial Development Association
                                                                             2011 Community Data Profile

                              DeKalb County

                  QUICK FACTS
County Seat: Smithville             Year Incorporated: 1848
Area in Square Miles (County): 304 Latitude: N36° 04.65'
Elevation: 709’                     Longitude: W86° 02.00'
Market Region: Cookeville                                                       TAX STRUCTURE
Distance From Nashville: 60 miles; Cookeville 28 miles
City Email Address:                                                   LOCAL
Additional Incorporated Cities within County: Dowelltown; Lib-
 erty; Smithville                                                                             City                County
                                                                 Property Taxes:
                                                                  Rate per $100 value       $ 0.7615               $ 1.46
                                                                 Ratio of Assessment:
                  POPULATION                                      Residential and Farm          25 %                25 %
                                                                  Commercial/Industrial         40 %                40 %
                          City           County
                                                                 Personal (Equipment)           30 %                30 %
2000 (Census)             814           17,423
                                                                  (Inventory Tax) Raw Materials Only:
July 2009 (Estimates)     952           18,954
                                                                 Bonded Debt               $ 563,860          $ 9,180,000
Percent Population Change
                                                                 Assessed Valuation         $ 95,853       $ 469,000,000
        2000 – 2009      14.5 %           8.1 %
                                                                 School Tax                      0%                0.90 %
                                                                 Hotel-Motel Tax                 0%                   5%

                     CLIMATE                                     Sales Tax 5.5% tax on food and food ingredients; 7% on all
                                                                 other tangible personal property unless specifically exempted.
Annual Average Temperature: 59.2°                                Local Sales Tax Rate 2.75 %
Average High Temperature: 69.2°
Average Low Temperature: 27.0°                                   Income Tax
Annual Average Precipitation: 47.30"                                 • Personal: 6 % on Interest & Dividends
Annual Average Snowfall: 8.0"                                        • Corporate Excise Tax: 6.5% of Tennessee taxable
Prevailing Winds: South-Southwest                                       income
Mean Length of Freeze-Free Period (days): 180-220                    • Franchise Tax: .25% of the greater of net worth or real
                                                                        and tangible property in Tennessee. The minimum tax
                                                                        is $100.
                                                                     • Unemployment Tax: New Employers 2.7% of first
               COMMUNICATIONS                                               TRANSPORTATION
 Post Office Class: First
   Newspapers:                   Frequency:                  AIR SERVICE:
   Smithville Review             Weekly                      Nearest General Aviation:
   DeKalb County Times           Weekly                          Smithville Municipal Airport
   The Tennessean                Daily                       Location Identifier: 0A3
                                                             Distance from City: 3 miles NE
 Telephone Companies: DeKalb Telephone Cooperative           Runway Length: 4,107 feet
 Radio Stations: WJLE AM & FM (Smithville)                   Surface: Asphalt
 Television Networks: 5                                      Lighting: MIRL/VASI
 Cable Companies: Yes                                        Fuel: 100LL
 Channels: 28                                                Repair: Major
                                                             Transportation: Rental and Courtesy Car
                     EDUCATION                               Nearest Commercial Service:
                                                                 Nashville International Airport
                                                             Location Identifier: BNA
               # Local                      Pupil/Teachers   Served by 13 airlines; operating 346 average daily flights to
(Countywide) Schools         Enrollment      Ratio           62 markets and 42 non-stop markets (as of January 2011).
Elementary         2           1,546
Jr. High           2           685                           HIGHWAYS:
Sr. High           1           796                           U.S Highways: 70
Adult High         1           11                            State Highways: 53
Private/Parochial 0                                          Nearest Interstate: 8 miles to access Interstate 40
Technology Center:
                                                             COMMON CARRIERS:
                                                             Air Freight Companies: None
                                                             Motor Freight Companies:
                                                             Terminal Facilities:
State Industrial Training Service Available: No              Bus Services – Inter-City: Yes
Type of Public School System: Consolidated                   Local: No         Carrier Service: Yes

                   GOVERNMENT                                RAILROADS SERVED BY:
                                                             Nashville & Eastern

 Governing Body:                                             NAVIGABLE WATERWAYS:
  City: Mayor and Aldermen                                   River: Cumberland
                   Meets: 4th Tuesday                        Channel Depth: 9 feet
                   Time: 7:00 p.m.                           Nearest Port Facility: Nashville
                   Place: Town Hall
                                                             Miles: 53
   County: Mayor and County Commissioners

 Fire Department:
   full-time fire fighters in city: 0
   city volunteers: 16                                         INDUSTRIAL SUPPORT SERVICES
   full-time fire fighters in county: 0
   county volunteers: 79                                     Service                Town            Distance (Miles)
   fire stations in city: 0         city fire trucks: 3      Tool & Die             Local
   fire stations in county: 11 county fire trucks: 13        Heat Treating          Local
                                                             Foundry                Lebanon                 18
 Law Enforcement:                                            Heavy Hardware         Lebanon                 18
   full-time police officers in city: 3                      Sheet Metal            Local
   full-time police officers in county & sheriff: 17         Lubricants             Local
   city patrol cars: 4        county patrol cars: 25         Welding Supplies       Local
                                   City:        County:      Other:
 Insurance Rating:                     6         6/9
 Zoning Regulations:                Yes          No
 Planning Commission:               Yes         Yes
 Industrial Development Corp:       Yes         Yes
          COMMUNITY FACILITIES                                              SELECTED ECONOMIC INDICATORS

  Health Care:                                                             2009 Annual Average
     Hospitals: 1           Beds: 71                                                                 County        Labor Market Area*
     Clinics:               Beds:                                          Labor Force:
     Doctors: 35            Dentists: 4                                     Civilian Labor Force       9,900           132,180
  Nursing Homes: 1          Beds: 117                                       Employment                 8,810           118,520
  Retirement Homes: 3       Beds:                                           Unemployment               1,080            13,650
  Residential Care/Assisted Living:                                         Unemployment Rate         11.0 %            11.9 %
                                                                            HS Graduates (2008-09)       176             2,776
  Religious Organizations:
     Protestant: 8         Catholic:      Other:                           Manufacturing in Area (Annual Averages 2009):
     Jehovah's Witness:    Seventh Day Adventist:                          Number of Units:               27
     Latter Day Saints:                                                    Ann. Avg. Employment:      1,523
  Day Care Centers: 2       Day Care Homes: 0
                                                                           Per Capita Personal Income
  Recreation:                                                              Year: 2008              Amount: $ 27,592
    Libraries: 1           Parks: 1
    Golf Courses (Public & Private): 0                                     Retail Sales
    Swimming Pools (Public & Private): 0                                   Year: 2009                Amount: $ 122,058,379
    Country Clubs: 0       Theaters: 0
    Bowling Alleys: 0      Softball Field: 1
                                                                           Estimated County Available Labor:
                                                                           Date (month): December 2010
  Hotels & Motels: 0        Rooms:
  Bed & Breakfasts: 0
                                                                                               County         Labor Market Area
  Largest Meeting Room Capacity: 200
  Restaurants: 0
                                                                           Total:                1,050              12,930
  Other: Center Hill Lake, Edgar Evins State Park, Joe L.
                                                                           Male:                   530               6,930
  Evins Appalachian Center for Craft. Various docks and
                                                                           Female:                 520               6,000
  recreation areas.
                                                                                       County 10-Year Growth Report
          NATURAL RESOURCES                                                Years: 2001-2010    New Plants     Expansions
                                                                           Number Projects:             1             34
Minerals:                                                                  Job Opportunities:          10         1,734
Timber: Oak and Hickory                                                    Total Investments:   $ 800,000 $ 105,081,497

      AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS                                                * Labor Market Area is defined as Cannon, DeKalb, Putnam,
                                                                           Smith, VanBuren, White and Wilson Counties in Tennessee
Crops: Hay and Tobacco

       FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS                                                                   The Industrial Advantage

                                                                                            In addition to its strategic location, Middle
Name of Banks:            Number of Branches:     Deposits                                  Tennessee offers other advantages to a
Liberty State Bank               1            $ 19,248,000                                  wide variety of industries:
Regions Bank                     1              18,455,000                                  ♦ Cap on franchise/inventory tax for distri-
Wilson Bank & Trust              1              19,718,000                                       bution/warehousing facilities.
                                                                                            ♦ Tax incentives on machinery, manufac-
                                                                                                 turing, and distribution equipment/
                                                                                                 racking systems.
Commercial Banks: 3                                                                         ♦ Jobs Tax Credit Program
Savings Institutions: 0                                                                     ♦ Abundant workforce in “Right-to-Work”
Credit Unions: 0                                                                                 state
Total # of Institutions: 3                                                                  ♦ Reliable TVA electric power
Total # of Branches: 3                                                                      ♦ Highly-developed transportation system
Combined Deposits: $ 57,421,000             (Deposits for June 30, 2010)
                                                                                                     And a climate that supports
                                                                                                       business and growth.
Local Distributor: Middle TN Nat’l. Gas Utility District                         ELECTRICITY
Phone: 615.597.4388                                                              Source Company: Tennessee Valley Authority
        Source Company: East Tennessee Natural Gas                                                  Local Distributor City:
        Fuel Oil Suppliers:     2
        Suppliers of LP Gas:    4                                                Electric Power System:
                                                                                      Middle Tennessee Electric Corp.
WATER                                                                            President:    Frank Jennings
Water Supplier: City of Alexandria                                               Address:      555 New Salem Road
Phone: 615.529.2171                                                                            Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37129
Website: None at this time                                                       Phone:        615.890.9762
        Source: Smith Utility District/Caney Fork River                          Fax:          615.849.2170
        Capacity: 3,000,000 GPD                                                  Website:
        Current Consumption: 85,000 GPD                                                     Local Distributors County:
        Storage Capacity: 2,840,000 Gallons
                                                                                 Electric Power System:
SEWER                                                                                 Caney Fork Electric Cooperative
Sewer Provider: City of Smithville                                               General Manager: William Rogers
Phone: 615.597.6318                                                              Address:          Post Office Box 272
Website:                                                             McMinnville,
        Type of Treatment: Activated Sludge                                                        Tennessee 37111
        Capacity: 150,000 GPD                                                    Phone:            931.473.3116
        Current Usage: 80,000 GPD                                                Fax:              931.473.4939
        City Sewer Coverage: 95 %                                                Website:
        Storm Sewer Coverage: 50 %
        Solid Waste Disposal Type: County landfill                               Electric Power System: (northern DeKalb Co.)
                                                                                      Upper Cumberland Electric Mem. Corp.
                                                                                 General Manager: Jimmy Gregory
                                                                                 Address:          Post Office Box 159
                MTIDA works closely with the Tennessee
                                                                                                   South Carthage,
                Valley Authority, which supplies electric
                                                                                                   Tennessee 37030-0159
                power to Middle Tennessee through 27
                                                                                 Phone:            615.735.2940
                                                                                 Fax:              615.735.2603

Firm                                 Product or Service                   Total Employees            Union            Phone Number
Industrial Machines Service, Inc.    Heavy duty spring brakes                 35                     None             615-529-2145
Tri-Star Aluminum                    Aluminum ingots                          17                     None             800-254-4352

       For information on industrial sites and available industrial buildings contact:
Mr. George W. Shuff, III, Executive Director                                   Suzanne Williams, Executive Director
Middle Tennessee Industrial Development Association                            Smithville/DeKalb County Chamber of Commerce
2108 Westwood Avenue                                                           Post Office Box 64
Nashville, Tennessee 37212                                                     Smithville, Tennessee 37166
Phone: 615.269.5233       WATS: 800.227.6628                                   Phone: 615.597.4163          Fax: 615.597.4164
Fax: 615.269.5184                                                              Email:
Email: Website:                                  Website:

Mayor Ria Baker                                                                Mike Foster, County Mayor
City of Alexandria                                                             DeKalb County Courthouse, Room 204
102 High Street                                                                Smithville, Tennessee 37166
Alexandria, Tennessee 37012                                                    Phone: 615.597.5175         Fax: 615.597.2986
Phone: 615.529.2171         Fax: 615.529.4345                                  Email:
Email:                                                      Website:
                 The information contained herein was obtained from sources we consider reliable.
                     We can not be responsible, however, for errors or change in information.                     Updated March 2011

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