Choosing Drain Cleaners

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					Choosing Drain Cleaners

Dirt, sludge and mud can quickly build up in sewers and drains. Without using
machines, it can be an incredibly time consuming job for your staff to clean
effectively. That's why manufacturers provide specialist devices that are appropriate
for the job.

Drain cleaners come in all shapes and sizes. As a result, your purchasing decision is
likely to depend on a number of key factors:

• Engine types: These machines are generally powered by petrol or diesel engines.
This means that they work independently of a power supply. This is a key advantage,
ensuring that you'll be able to operate in any environment. Whether you choose
petrol or diesel may depend, to a certain extent, upon the costs involved for your

• Type of work: When looking at drain cleaners, your purchasing decision is likely to
be driven by the type and frequency of work that you'll be doing. Powerful machines
produced by the likes of Honda and Yanmar, for instance, are well suited for use by
mining companies and on construction sites.

• Power ratings: If you're expecting to be carrying out drain cleaning work on a
regular basis and you believe that you'll be faced with difficult conditions, then you
might want to consider investing in a high powered machine. These will assist with
removing sludge and dirt, even if it's built up over a considerable period of time.

The power of drain cleaners is usually measured in terms of the pressure provided
by the pump. The greater the maximum pressure, the greater the effectiveness of
the machine. The cleaners are usually classified as being standard pressure washers,
or High Pressure drain cleaners. The former are suited to a variety of uses, including
for many commercial purposes. The latter are high performance machines designed
for industrial use.

• Life expectancy: Most drain cleaners make use of a powder-coated frame. This is
designed to minimise the impact of corrosion and extend the working life of the
appliance. Both standard drain jetters and high pressure washers will usually make
use of this type of coating.

• Mobility: Despite the need for strength and reliability, you may also require a
machine that's highly mobile. Fortunately, most drain cleaning devices are mounted
on wheels, allowing them to be moved nice and easily. If you're concerned about
mobility, then it's also worth checking out the weight of the machine prior to
purchasing. Heavier devices will tend to require more effort to get them into

As you can see, choosing the right cleaner for your business is all about thinking
about your requirements. These machines are all built to last, but some are more
powerful than others. More powerful machines tend to be more expensive, so you'll
need to consider how frequently you'll be using the appliance and the conditions
that you'll be facing.

Most drain cleaners do allow for a considerable level of mobility. Lighter machines
will usually be easier to move.

If you can't find a cleaner that completely meets your requirements, then you can
always ask about having one custom-built. Many reputable providers will be happy
to carry out this work for you.

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Description: If your business involves cleaning drains and sewers, then you'll undoubtedly be in need of specialised help. There are numerous drain cleaning machines available, but it's not always easy to identify those that are right for your requirements.