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  1. When is the next ACF?
     ACF 2008 will take place on 7 and 8 November at the Renaissance
     Conference Center.

  2. Why did you choose that time period to hold the event?
     Students who wish to apply for a government student loan must submit their
     application in November of the year prior to receiving the loan. Having the Fair
     right before allows the information you receive to be fresh in your mind,
     making the process of choosing a school and major easier.

  3. Why is ACF held only every two years, as opposed to every year?
     ACF is a very big event, bringing a lot of international colleges and
     universities to Aruba. Unfortunately, the scale of the island and the quantity of
     prospective students does not allow us to organize the event yearly. ACF is
     for the students, but it also has to be beneficial to the exhibitors (colleges and
     universities). Because of Aruba’s small size, not all schools can travel to
     Aruba every year. Scheduling the event every other year gives the schools a
     larger pool of students to give information to and gives the students a larger
     variety of schools that are present.

  4. Do I have to pay anything to go to the Fair?
     No. At the moment, entrance is free of charge. However, if costs for
     organizing the event increases, we may have to charge in the future.

  5. Which colleges and universities will be present?
     The Aruba College Fair Foundation (ACFF) does its best to bring to you a
     great spectrum of schools, from Aruba, the Netherlands, the USA, the
     Caribbean and Latin America. It is too early right now to say which schools
     will be present. We will be updating this site as time passes and as the
     colleges and universities register to participate. Check this link for a list of the

  6. Do I have to be in my final year of secondary education to attend ACF?
     Not necessarily. ACF is for everyone. You can be in your first year and still
     profit from the information you will receive at the fair. ACF can help you
     prepare yourself to be able to get into a particular school if you so wish. The
     school can tell you which classes you are expected to have completed and
     what minimal grade average you require to be accepted. But if you are in your
     final year, it is the right moment to attend.

  7. I am already working. Is ACF for me?
     Definitely. Just because the majority of students attending ACF are of school-
     age in no way excludes any other adult who is looking for information. ACF
     has colleges and universities and any of these institutions cater to working
     individuals as well. Some may even have an online or correspondence

  8. I was not able to attend ACF. How can I still receive the information?
We urge all students to make every effort to attend ACF. However, if you were
not able to attend the Fair, you can contact ACFF to see if any of the schools
left brochures or informational packets behind. In most cases, ACFF gives Mi
Futuro of the Department of Education any left over material.

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