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                                                                                  Head Office 1984 - 2004
                                  Back in 1973, the founder of PT. Tulus Tri Tunggal, Agus Angkriwan,
                                  started working in coconut industry as a copra trader. Later, in 1976,
                                 he began a rattan trading business in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia.
                                The business expanded and made our first rattan export in 1980.
                               Following the growth of the business, PT. Tulus Tri Tunggal was then
                            formally established in 1984. Since then, our company have moved on
                        from rattan trading and started producing and marketing processed rattan in
the domestic market. In 1986, the first of several local rattan distribution centers is opened in Cirebon,
West Java, Indonesia. Currently we have 3 authorized distribution centres covering West Java, Central
Java, East Java and Bali. Our company also ventured with Taiwanese counterpart to established a
partnership in veneer tape manufacturing supplying to most of Indonesian plywood industries.

The years 1988 and 1989 marked two important milestones in our history: First, in 1988, the beginning
of our rattan furniture manufacturing division in a newly built factory (Plant II) compound in Gresik,
East Java. This was followed with the opening of our door manufacturing and woodworking division
in 1989. The products from these divisions are directed mainly to the international market. In 2002, we
began marketing our wooden doors in the domestic retail market under the brand “Tulus door”. In
2005, our company acquired a foreign owned woodworking company PT Kalindo Adisakti with 13.5
ha facility in Gresik. We relocated our head office and woodworking and rattan processing factories to
the new location in the same year.

Tulus Group consists of 7 corporations with seven divisions:
1. Rattan Processing.
2. Rattan Furniture Manufacturing.
3. Wooden door Manufacturing & Retail
4. Veneer Tape manufacturing.
5. Integrated Coconut Processing
6. Real Estate & Property
7. Pertamina’s Products Agency
Branch Offices and Factories
Our focal clients are both Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) businesses
located in Indonesia, Australia, Japan, East Asia, Middle East, South America, USA, and many other
countries around the world.

As a group, our businesses now include property investments, commercial & residential real estate
developments, distribution agent for Pertamina (the Indonesian government’s oil company), for
certain regions of Indonesia, and integrated coconut processing; all are managed by different companies
under Tulus Group. As a result of business expansion, PT. Tulus Tri Tunggal is now an important part
of Tulus Group and has many branch offices in the major cities of Indonesia and abroad. For export
products, PT. Tulus Tri Tunggal is actively doing market surveys, contacting foreign commercial
attaches and chamber of commerce. We also try to maintain close contact with our buyers. One way
of doing that is by routine participation in trade exhibitions, which enables us to obtain information
regarding the latest development on the rattan and wood industry.

Global Customers
Darmo Sugondo, Gresik
Head Office and Factory 2005 - onward

PT. Tulus Tri Tunggal is a leading rattan processor and supplier
in the domestic rattan raw material market, with sales of up
to 1,500 tons monthly. We try to be one step ahead of our
competitors, by constantly figuring out ways to lower costs,
improve product quality & service to our customers. This is why
PT. Tulus Tri Tunggal is able to maintain an excellent and long
lasting relationship with its buyers.

                                                                   Sumengko, Gresik
The Ten Tulus Cultures:
1. Accumulate, live modestly and be economical.
2. Self-confident and never say, “It can’t be done”.
3. Honest, clean, transparent & selfless.
4. Proactive and anticipative.
5. Perpetual progress in learning and working.
6. Willingly accept critiques and complaints.
7. Fairness of earnings according to each employee’s contribution.
8. Teamwork and mutual commitment in living up to every decision.
9. Flexibility in company organization.
10. Suppliers are our partners, employees are our family, and customers are our masters.

“Tulus” in the Indonesian language, holds the meaning “sincere”. That very meaning, forms the foundation
from which we do business. With that in mind, we define our vision to be “serving with sincerity”, and
to do so not only to our customers but also to our employees, suppliers, and shareholders. To help us
achieve our vision, we define our mission to be “Always creating better quality, lower cost, and excellent
service”. This is further supported by our ten cultures that are formed to be the definitive guiding rules
of what is expected from each individual in Tulus Group.

The company itself is well balanced, and has a commitment to systematically try to conduct the best
possible ways for perpetual self-improvement. Moreover, the philosophy, cultures and working values
that we have developed so far, have proven well and managed to carry us through these years.
                        The employees have always been
                                      the top priority of
                                       the management
                                                      As the means to realize our goals, we are using
                                                      many prevailing techniques in everyday
                                                      management situations. Some to be mentioned
                                                      are Scientific Management, Kaizen, Total
                                                      Quality Management, Reward and
                                                      Punishment evaluation system, Delegation
                                                      policy, Motivational Behavior Management,
                                                      Ergonomy, Man-Machine working
                                                      methodologies, extensive use of Information
                                                      Systems technologies, our own unique Internal
                                                      Controlling and Improvement system, the best
                                                      facilities available for learning and self-
                                                      development designed for our human
                                                      resource, and so forth; with wisdom and care
                                                      as the foundation.

We take pride in
our continuous
efforts. For us,
business       is     a
wonderful incessant
journey, a divine blessing. We
hope, and therefore also have the strongest faith,
that we are on the right track to develop ourselves
with the credo of ours:

 “Serving with sincerity, by creating and attaining better
   product quality, lower cost and excellent service.”
Our portfolio consists of a wide variety of products. In the rattan
raw material category, we offer a line up of rattan products that are
used mainly in furniture making, such as rattan poles and cores of
various sizes, rattan peels, wickers
and rattan webbings. Our
furniture division manufactures a
diverse mix of rattan-oriented
furniture, including but not
limited to full rattan, rattan &
wood, rattan & metal, and rattan
& natural element furniture.
The wooden door division produces engineering doors and flush
doors. Door designs and sizes can be suited to the customer’s
needs. In addition to door products, the wooden door division
is also capable of making other types of wooden products,
such as door frame
and architrave.


                                                                DOOR FRAME

Jl. Kapten Darmo Sugondo No.232, Gresik - Jawa Timur - Indonesia
Phone +62 (31) 3990001, Fax. +62 (31) 3990002

e-mail        : info@tulus.com
website       : www.tulus.com


Jl. Kapten Darmo Sugondo No.232, Gresik - Jawa Timur - Indonesia
Phone +62 (31) 3990001, Fax. +62 (31) 3990002

Ds. Sumengko, Kec. Wringin Anom, km. 31, Gresik - Jawa Timur - Indonesia
Phone +62 (31) 8974120 / 21, +62 (31) 8971172 / 74, Fax. +62 (31) 8971171

Jl. Kapten Darmo Sugondo No.232, Gresik - Jawa Timur - Indonesia
Phone +62 (31) 3990001, Fax. +62 (31) 3990002


SURABAYA    : Jl.Margomulyo No.46 - B1, Phone +62 (31) 7498800, Fax. +62 (31) 7498801
SEMARANG    : Jl. Arteri Sukarno Hatta No. 100, Phone +62 (24) 6730066, Fax. +62 (24) 6730151
SOLO        : Ds. Trangsan, Baki. Sukoharjo ( samping masjid Al-Hikmah ), Phone/Fax. +62 (271) 788806
SUMBAWA     : Dusun Labu Alas RT. 14 / RW. 06 Desa Luar, Kec. Alas, Phone/Fax. +62 (372) 91401
CIREBON     : Jl. Bodesari Blok Karang Malang Rt. 07 Rw. 01 Plumbon, Phone +62 (231) 325489,
              Fax. +62 (231) 325490
MANADO      : Jend. Sudirman No.12, Phone +62 (431) 862827, 860142, Fax. +62 (431) 868036
PALU        : Poros Palu Pantoloan Km 14 Taipa Kec. Palu Utara, Phone/Fax. +62 (451) 491094
TOLI - TOLI : Tadulako, Ds. Tambun, Kec. Baolan, Phone +62 (453 ) 22996, 23204, Fax. +62 (453) 23204
SINGAPORE : Anghauz Singapore Pte Ltd 21 Toh Guan Road East, #01-07 Toh Guan Centre,
              Singapore 60860. Phone +65 63164044, Fax. +65 63164144 email: info@anghauz.com


JAKARTA 1  : Jl. Raya Fatmawati 26 B ( Depan BRI Fatmawati ) Jakarta Selatan,
             Phone +62 (21) 7658287, Fax. +62 (21) 75903850
JAKARTA 2  : Jl. Boulevard Raya WD 2 No.4 Kelapa Gading Permai, Phone +62 (21) 4531952
SURABAYA 1 : Jl. Mayjend Sungkono 3, Phone/Fax. +62 (31) 5624743
SURABAYA 2 : Jl. Kertajaya No. 171, Phone. +62 (31) 5031790
SEMARANG : Jl. MT Haryono 102, Phone/Fax. +62 (24) 3541947
MAKASSAR : Jl. Gunung Bawakaraeng Ruko 68 C, Phone/Fax. +62 (411) 329691
MANADO     : Ruko Miangas Blok A-4 Jl. Martadinata Dendengan Luar, Phone/Fax. +62 (431) 845612
BANDUNG    : Jl. Cihampelas No. 56-B, Phone/Fax. +62 (22)-4202356

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