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					                 dining & entertainment dining ProFiLe
                                                                                        tables. Raw fish alone is actually called   For the true sushi connoisseurs, deli-
                                                                                        sashimi. For those who find the idea        cacies such as Uni (sea urchin), Toro
                                                                                        of eating raw fish less than palatable,     (fatty tuna), and Amaebi (sweet shrimp
                                                                                        there are many other delicious, cooked      with fried heads) is also on the menu.
                                                                                        options on the menu at Mt. Dora Sushi       At Mt. Dora Sushi Co. to insure the
                                                                                        Co., including beef and chicken.            quality of the raw fish they serve, the
                                                                                                                                    fish is purchased and delivered whole
                                                                                        A popular midday menu choice is the         and then cleaned fresh by the sushi
                                                                                        Bento Box. On our visit, we sampled         chef, rather than receiving it frozen in
                                                                                        the Teriyaki Chicken Bento Box,             vacuum packs like many other sushi
                                                                                        which included a generous portion           bars.
                                                                                        of chicken breast chunks and sliced
                                                                                        mushrooms in a richly flavored home-        The customary Asian themed décor
                                                                                        made teriyaki sauce, two gyoza (pork        sets the mood for your dining experi-
                                                                                        filled, fried dumplings), a salad with      ence, starting with the koi pond just
                                                                                        ginger dressing, half a California roll,    outside the entrance. Inside, it’s your
                                                                                        and a bowl of miso soup. This cre-          choice – sit at the sushi bar and watch
                                                                                        atively presented collection of flavors     your meal be prepared by the talented
                                                                                        allows the diner to indulge in a variety    chefs or go for the more traditional
                                                                                        of cravings all in one very filling dish.   dining room. Wherever you sit, you are
                                                                                                                                    in for a treat!
                                                                                        Next up we sampled one of the Mt.
                                                                                        Dora Sushi chef’s own signature
                                                                                        creations – The Gator Roll. This im-
                                                                                        mediately became a personal favorite
                                                                                        and would be a good choice for one            Mt. dora sushi co.
                                                                                        who prefers their sushi cooked. The
                                                                                                                                      124 E. 3rd Ave.
                                                                                        tempura shrimp is rolled up in the Nori
                                                                                        and rice and then topped with imitation       Mt. Dora, Fl
                                                                                        crab meat and spinach in a spicy may-         352-508-4387
                                                                                        onnaise sauce. The crunchy shrimp
                                                                                        and spicy topping make this roll highly

MT. dorA SuSHi Co.
rATed one oF THe BeST in cenTrAl FloridA.
S t o ry a n d P h o t o S by H e AT H e r g r A H A m

Although it has only been open since         sushi restaurant and recruited Janet’s
January 20 of this year, Mt. Dora Sushi      mom, Fumiko Gamache, and Takashi
Co. has already gained quite the repu-       Kobayashi, who had owned and oper-
tation as the place to go for great sushi.   ated a sushi restaurant in upstate New
In fact, they were recently awarded          York for over twenty-five years to
Third Place for the Best Sushi in Cen-       move down and join them in opening
tral Florida, a fact that does not come      Mt. Dora Sushi Co. Being owned and
as a surprise to anyone who has been         operated by a Japanese family lends
fortunate enough to sample their deli-       authenticity to the restaurant and the
cious dishes.                                dishes they prepare.

Janet and Eric Craig relocated to            Sushi is a commonly misunderstood
beautiful Mount Dora from Pennsyl-           menu item, as many believe it to mean
vania where they previously owned            the raw fish itself. However, in Japa-
a coffee shop. They quickly realized         nese cuisine, sushi is the vinegared
their new home was lacking a quality         rice, which is generally topped by
                                             other ingredients, such as fish or vege-

32     november 2008 FocuS mAgAzine norTH lAke

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