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									                                     The LPA Group Inc.'s exports of engineering, architecture, and
                                     planning services often leads to the creation or expansion of
                                     international markets for other U.S. businesses. In the past few years,
                                     for example, the company has helped a number of developing countries
                                     plan, design, and build key components of their infrastructure, such as
                                     airports, highways, and traffic systems. As these projects move forward,
                                     the country will often turn to overseas suppliers for materials and
     Columbia,                       equipment. Having an existing relationship with an American
   South Carolina                    engineering firm makes them more likely to also look to the United
                                     States for these needs.
   Dennis J. Wiehl, AIA
   Vice President, Director of
    International Operations         Dennis J. Wiehl, The LPA Group's Director of International Operations,
            Industry                 says that it is very rewarding when his planners and engineers assist
Transportation Engineering,          their counterparts in developing countries to solve their transportation
 Architecture and Planning           problems through technology transfer.
   Number of U.S. Employees
              437                    Improved transportation is crucial to the economic health of these
        Exporting Since              countries, and The LPA Group is pleased to be a part of that effort.
             2002                    Since its involvement often begins with the early planning stages of
                                     service possible in order to leave its international clients with the
                                     confidence of relying on American goods and services for their future

                                     "Our team of experts is always well received by our international
                                     clients." Wiehl continues, "They appreciate our efforts in providing
                                     the best feasible, technical solutions to the challenges they
                                     currently face and expect to face in the future."

           Story published in 2007

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