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					April-June 2009                                                                                                 Volume 2 Issue 2

                                                                                                      Upcoming Events
  THE STAR                                                                                        > 28 March—Roanoke Valley
                                                                                                    AFJROTC Drill Meet, William
ROANOKE CHAPTER 285 OF THE AIR FORCE ASSOCIATION                                                    Byrd High School, Vinton
        AFA’s “Medium Size Chapter of the Year 2005” National Award Winner                        > 11 April—AFJROTC Field Day;
         “Exceptional Service, Communications 2006” National Award Winner
                                                                                                    Virginia Military Institute

President’s Message                                                                                  > 11 April —Roanoke Chapter
                      Spring has arrived and       AFJROTC Cadets of the Year, Civil Air Pa-           AFA Meeting, 6:30 pm
                      the Roanoke AFA              trol Cadet of the Year, AFSROTC Yearly              Vinton War Memorial
                      Chapter 285 calendar of      Award Winners, Aerospace Education
                      events is in “full bloom.”   Teacher of the Year and Roanoke Member > AFJROTC Drill Meets-see
                      This is the busiest time     of the Year. We are extremely fortunate to          schedule on page 4
                      of the year for the chap-    have General (retired) Greg “Speedy” Mar-
                      ter as we take time to       tin as our guest speaker. You can read his
                      recognize the out-           bio elsewhere in the newsletter, but you all          Inside this issue:
                      standing contributions       can appreciate how rare of an opportunity it
within the Air Force Association community.        is to have a four-star general speak with us,
Review the Calendar of Events elsewhere            so please help us pack the house to hear Membership Challenge 2
in the newsletter to see some of those             about his experiences and to heap our ac- Cadet Sponsorship
events. More importantly, PLEASE plan a            colades on the award winners.                     Community Partners
few minutes into your schedule to attend                 Before I end this letter, I will remind you
one of these functions like the AFJROTC            that we are soliciting new or current chapter Guest Speak Bio             3
Regional Drill Meet, AFJROTC Sports Day            members for the upcoming elections in the Membership Changes
or AFSROTC commissioning ceremony. It’s            fall. We will need volunteers for at least two
incredibly exciting to see how enthusiastic        of the four chapter elected officers—             AFJROTC News            4
these young people are and to realize they         president and secretary. So...if you have         JROTC Drill Meet Dates
are the future leaders of our nation, state,       ever said “I really should get more involved
region and community, so let’s show them           with AFA,” here’s your chance. Sure, there AFROTC News                    5-6
how much we appreciate them.                       are days where you say “why did I volunteer News to Know
     Our centerpiece event is the Annual           for this?” but 99.9% of the time it is very                               6
Awards banquet on 11 April at the Vinton           rewarding. If you are interested in learning Board Member Info &
War Memorial. One of the USAF core val-            more about these or other AFA leadership
ues is “Excellence In All We Do”, and we           opportunities, please contact me.
will be recognizing the excellence of five

           Quarterly AFA Chapter Meeting is on 11 April in Vinton
      Please send your reservations and payment by 4 April to                                    Chapter Dinner Schedule
             Kevin Fuccella (mailing info is on the form).                                     7:00 pm—Welcome/Business
     Cadet sponsorship indo (page 2) and guest speaker bio (page 3).                           7:15 pm—Dinner
 Directions: From I-581. Follow US-460E. Turn right on Gus Nicks Blvd                          8:10pm—Speaker
   (becomes E Washington Ave). ~ 1.4 miles, turn left into parking lot.                        8:45 pm—Final comments
From US-460W. Turn left on Gus Nicks Blvd; (becomes E Washington                               9:00 pm —Adjourn
Ave). ~ 1.4 miles, turn left into parking lot.
Page 2                                                                                   Volume 2 Issue 2

         Cadet Sponsorship Program
Through the generosity of our membership, approximately 15-20 high school
and college AFROTC cadets typically attend our dinner meetings. If you
would like to sponsor all or a part of a cadets dinner cost, please send con-
tact Jim Tubbs at or 540-463-7024. Thanks in
advance for your generosity!

  Membership Recruiting is Vital
By Jim McGuire, President
    Many members do not understand why membership is such a vital is-
                                                                                     Chapter 285
sue, so I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about this topic. Currently,     Community Partners
we do not have an active fundraising program, so our funds are from              Let’s Support Them!
membership recruiting and retention. We get a small rebate from na-
tional AFA for each NEW member and we earn support payments for re-             R & K Engineering, Inc.
taining our current members. The Roanoke chapter has a very good                Bob Adams
track record of reaching our MINIMUM requirement of four new members            1700 Blue Hills Drive
                                                                                Roanoke, VA 24012
per quarter, but I doubt if any of you find reaching the minimum standard       Tel: 540-343-7300
a great accomplishment.                                               
    If ONLY one-fourth of our members recruited JUST one new member
a year, we would generate ~$1000 in funding for our aerospace educa-            Ronald W. Gibbs, MBA,
tion program. Or, if only one–tenth of our members recruited ONE com-           CLTC
munity partner (business membership) each year, we would generate               RVA Financial Specialists
                                                                                2001 S. Main Street, Ste #206B
~$1200 in funding for our aerospace education program. It’s simple, di-
                                                                                Blacksburg, VA 24060
vide and conquer math. So, I challenge EVERY member to sign up one              Tel: 540-443-3612
new member this quarter. To further sweeten the challenge, I will pay 
for the cost of dinner at an AFA dinner for any member who recruits
TWO new members or ONE new Community Partner. If you have any                   Marion L. Powell, CPA
questions or need ideas of how to “recruit”, feel free to contact me.           3959 Electric Rd. SW, Ste 301
                                                                                Roanoke, VA 24018
                                                                                Tel: 540-772-3151

         Have you signed up a new member or                                     Spring Lake Farm
                                                                                James T. Lucas, Jr.
                community partner?                                              4711 Dry Valley Road
                                                                                Radford, VA 24141
                                                                                Tel: 540-382-4681

                                                                                   Do you know a
                                                                                 business or someone
                                                                                 who can support the
                                                                                    AFA mission?
                       Book Donations
We are still collecting books for distribution to the Veterans Hospital and       Recruit them as a
Veterans Care Center. Bring them to the chapter meeting and give them to         community partner.
           George McKay, he will take care of the distribution.
                                                                                                             Volume 2 Issue 2
Page 3

               USAF General Greg “Speedy” Martin
               Our Distinguished AFA Guest Speaker
   Before retiring in 2005, Gen. Gregory S. Martin was Commander, Air Force
Materiel Command, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. The command con-
ducts research, development, test and evaluation, and provides acquisition man-
agement services and logistics support necessary to keep Air Force weapon
systems ready for war.
   General Martin was born in Fort Myer, Va., and graduated from Landon High
School, Bethesda, Md., in 1966. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree from
the U.S. Air Force Academy in 1970 and a master's degree in business manage-
ment from Central Michigan University in 1977. He entered the Air Force in June
1970 with a commission from the U.S. Air Force Academy.
   In addition to flying 161 combat missions in Southeast Asia, he commanded
the 67th Tactical Fighter Squadron, the 479th Tactical Training Wing, and the
33rd and 1st fighter wings. He also served as Vice Director of the Joint Staff's
Force Structure and Resources Directorate, Director of Operational Require-
ments for the U.S. Air Force, and Principal Deputy to the Assistant Secretary of
the Air Force for Acquisition. Before assuming his position as Commander, Air
Force Materiel Command, General Martin served as the Commander of U.S. Air
Forces in Europe and Allied Air Forces Northern Europe.
General Martin is a command pilot with more than 4,600 flying hours in various aircraft, including the F-4, F-15, C-20 and

                         Chapter Membership Changes
NEW MEMBERS                                                    RENEWALS Cont.
                                                               CAPT LORAINE FREEMAN
                                                               MSGT (ret) KEVIN FUCCELLA*
                                                               COL CHARLES GLASS
                                                               COL (ret) WILLIAM HARRY
                                                               CMSGT RAYMOND HOASTER
                                                               MSGT HUGH JACOBS
                                                               SMSGT VERNON JOLLEY
                                                               MR JOHN KEMP
                                                               MR ROGER LEWIS
                                                               COL (ret) JIM LUCAS**
RENEWALS                                                       SSGT RAYMOND LUNSFORD
COL STEVEN AMATO                                               LT COL (ret) JAMES NOFFSINGER
MR RALPH ARNOLD                                                LT COL (ret) ROBERT SPORE
SSGT JONATHAN AYERS                                            SSGT JOHNNY THOMPSON
HONORABLE RICK BOUCHER                                         CMSGT (ret) CHARLES TOTTEN
MR STEVEN BRADLEY                                              NOTE: Special thanks to Col (ret) Joe Johnson for
RAYMOND CALDWELL                                               recruiting Paul Powell as a member.
COL (ret) EDWARD CLAIBORN                                      * LIFE MEMBER
SMSGT (ret) DONALD DOUGHERTY                                   **COMMUNITY PARTNER
     Page 4                                                                                                      Volume 2 Issue 2

               AFJROTC Drill Competitions
                                                                       Photos by Mary Grace Lemon

28 Mar        Roanoke Valley Drill Competition, William Byrd H.S., Vinton, VA
              (EC Glass H.S., Franklin County H.S., Patrick Fleming, William Byrd, & William Henry attending)
3 Apr         Air Force Nationals Drill Competition, Upper Marlboro, MD (EC Glass H.S. attending)
25 Apr        AFA State Championship Drill Meet, Richmond, VA (AFJROTC Teams from across Virginia)
1-3 May       Junior ROTC Nationals, Daytona Beach, FL (E.C. Glass attending)

 No Horseplay—EC Glass Drill Team Wins Mustang Drill Meet
-reprinted from The Cadet Gazette—EC Glass AFJROTC newsletter
The EC Glass AFJROTC Drill Team competed in the Mustang Drill Meet at Monticello High School in Charlottesville on 7
March and captured the overall title. The team beat 15 other schools from Virginia, Maryland, and West Virginia to claim
                                                 the top spot. Glass took first place in the Armed Regulation Flight, Un-
                                                 armed Regulation Flight, and the Inspection categories. The cadets also
                                                 took home the second place trophy for Armed Regulation Element and
                                                 the third place trophy for the Armed Exhibition routine. The team also
                                                 received points towards the overall championship in the Color Guard and
                                                 Unarmed Exhibition performances. EC Glass tied William Byrd High
                                                 School for overall points and then won the tiebreaker which was the in-
                                                 spection score, in which Glass team placed first. EC Glass and William
 Photo by Mary Grace Lemon
                                                 Byrd high schools next compete at the Roanoke Valley Drill Meet on
                                                 March 28th.

      Roanoke Valley AFJROTC Drill Meet March 28th
    Everyone is invited to attend the Roanoke Valley AFJROTC Regional
Drill Meet at William Byrd High School on 28 March. Opening ceremonies
begin at 9:00 am. Cadets from E.C. Glass, Franklin County, Patrick
Henry, Richlands and William Byrd and William Fleming will enthusias-
tically participate in six team and two individual events. This is the third
year that the Roanoke AFA chapter has sponsored this event. Medals will
be presented to the top three cadets in the two individual events. Trophies
will be awarded to the top three schools in each team events and the top
three schools in the overall drill competition.
          Please come out and support the cadets!                                 Scott Van Cleef at the 2008 Drill Meet Opening

     William Byrd AFJROTC Awarded $250 AFA Grant
    Thanks to a grant from the Air Force Association, William Byrd HS AFJROTC will be buying new radio controlled air-
planes! "We applied back in November and I was about to give up hope when the check came in the mail," said SMSgt
Richardson. "Major Pruitt and I felt it would be a great way to supplement his lesson plans on flight by giving the kids
some hands on experience with flying." The unit is looking for advice from any of you members that have experience with
RC's. Any information you can provide on durability, type of aircraft, etc would be greatly appreciated. You can reach Ma-
jor Pruitt at 540-562-3900 ext 24055 or email him at with any suggestions.
     Page 5                                                                                                  Volume 2 Issue 2

                                    VMI Shares some Love!
On February 9th, a group of cadets and AFROTC staff mem-
bers participated in Valentines for Vets. The group went to Sa-
lem Virginia Medical Center to visit with Veterans of WWII, Ko-
rea, and Vietnam. They brought goodie bags filled with cookies
and candy, a tray of Valentine cookies, and a Thank You poster
signed by students from Kling Elementary School to give to the
Veterans. They were able to visit approximately 25 Veterans
and spread some cheer. The group also learned about our mili-
tary heritage by listening to their stories from WWII, Korea, and
Vietnam. Cadets and staff members both agree that it was a
humbling experience and the detachment hopes to take more
people out next year and spend more time with our Veterans.

                                          VMI Cadet News
By Capt Sabrina L. Sparkman, USAF                                   By Cadet Conrad Knight, AFROTC Det 880
Letters to Airman                                                   Life as a Prisoner of War
      This past holiday season AFROTC cadets expressed ap-              On February 19, Ret. Lt. Col. Berger, class of 1961,
preciation to AF Airmen who are deployed and did not have the       came and spoke with the detachment about his experi-
opportunity to spend Thanksgiving or Christmas with their loved     ence as a POW in Vietnam. He was shot down on De-
ones. The cadets of 2011 and 2012 sent over 125 letters             cember 2, 1966, by a surface to air missile and spent
through Detachment 880’s “Letters to Airmen” program. The           the next 2,271 days as a prisoner of war. Lt. Col. Ber-
Letters to Airmen program is a means for our cadets to express      ger gave insight on his daily routines and the harsh-
a thank you and appreciation to deployed Airmen for their ser-      ness of being a POW for six years. Cadets asked
vice and sacrifice to our nation during a time of war. It was a     questions about how his time at the Institute helped
great opportunity for the cadets to reflect on that service as      him through his imprisonment and throughout his suc-
they spent their Holidays with family and friends. Capt Kristen     cessful and distinguished career. He said the Institute
Pate, the Public Affairs officer at the 379th Air Expeditionary     made him tough both physically and mentally from the
Wing in Southwest Asia wrote back to Detachment 880 “Wow!           vigorous cadet lifestyle. The cadets were thankful for
Thanks so much for thinking of all of us. I will make sure the      the opportunity to listen and learn from a gentleman of
letters are distributed throughout the base. Please pass on my      Lt. Col. Berger’s stature.
thanks to your cadets--there are plenty of people here who          USAF Selects Cadets for Future Careers
never get mail so knowing they are appreciated back home is a       Pilot Slots: Cadets Eric Blum, Conard Knight, Carter
big deal.”                                                          Kunz, and Justin Ong alternate: Cadet Hozik
Cadet Snuffin attends Symposium                                     Navigator Slots: Cadets Hugo Bustamante, Michael
      One AFROTC cadet, Cadet Durham J. Snuffin ’09, recently       Hozik, and Tyler Tucker
had the opportunity to gain a greater appreciation of service by    AF Free Fall (USAF Academy): Cadet Conrad Knight
attending the Marshall – Arnold AFROTC Symposium 29 Janu-           Cultural Immersion Program: Cadets Jacqueline Had-
ary – 1 February. Cadet Snuffin was selected to attend as one       ley (India), Johanna Gleason (Turkey) and Jessica Tait
of the Detachment 880’s outstanding seniors. The symposium          (South Africa)
drew in top cadets from AFROTC detachments from across the          National Reconnaissance Office Program: Cadet Ryan
nation. Cadet Snuffin participated in round table discussions on    Crean
National Security Issues and interacted with top AF military and    Operation Air Force: Cadets Randolph Baird, Aaron
civilian leadership. This was an outstanding opportunity for a      Bradley, Aaron Trujillo, and David Wagner
well deserved cadet.                                                Congratulations to these cadets for their selections!
     Page 6                                                                                                Volume 2 Issue 2

                                            News to Know
This is a new section of the chapter newsletter                President_Ltr_Feb09.pdf
for those who lack the time, but have the motiva-                 - This is an article by Robert Kagan which
tion, to keep informed about the Air Force/Air                 discusses why we should not cut defense
Force Association issues. If you want your news                spending.
short-and-sweet, we highly recommend that you                  content/article/2009/02/02/AR2009020202618.html
sign up for the AFA Daily Report to be deliv-                      - Mark Bowden wrote an article about air
ered to your email inbox. Get your No cost sub-                dominance with an element of the human-
scription at                 interest side of the issue. The author cites the
                                                               fact that the last American soldier killed by an
                                                               enemy aircraft occurred in 1953. You can find it
For those who want a bigger bite of information,
here are some informative articles and videos.
   - Check out our own AFJROTC unit at Wil-
                                                                   - For those who wonder what the Air Force
liam Byrd High School. They were on the news.
                                                               does in a ”ground war” environment like Iraq and
   - Gen Norton A. Schwartz and Lt Col Timothy
R. Kirk co-authored a paper called Policy and
                                                                  _ Here’s a very cool You-tube Video about
Purpose - The Economy of Deterrence. It’s a
                                                               military flyovers.
lengthy, but interesting work.
  - Here is a peek at the letter sent to President             If you find any interesting reading, please
Obama by the National AFA Board of Directors.                  forward it to us for the next newsletter.

                           VMI Cadet Selected for
                        Combat Rescue Officer Program
By Cadet Christine Beach, AFROTC Det 880
     The intense Combat Rescue Officer (CRO) program is the most elite and arduous program the United States Air Force
has to offer. The formation of CRO in 2002 allowed for commissioned officers to participate directly in the extremely dan-
gerous combat rescue mission of US service members for the first time. Less than 80 men can actually call themselves
members of the elite CRO team, 8 of which are VMI graduates. In October 2008, Cadet Karsten Bloomstrom (2010) was
awarded the status of a CRO Select and is on track to become the ninth cadet from VMI to become a CRO.
     The first phase of CRO selection consists of an application package, which ensures they are physically qualified to
meet the rigorous demands required during phase II. Phase II is one week long and located at the USAF Survival School
at Fairchild AFB, WA. Cadet Bloomstrom was one of 30 who started the training, one of 10 who completed it, and one of
the 6 selected. Bloomstrom described it as, “a week long sweat party” with little sleep, lots of harassment, and physical
demands on land and in the water.
     During the week Bloomstrom was competing against active duty USAF Captains to cadets. He noted that being from
VMI was a help. “I didn’t shy away from working with officers and it gave me more confidence, it also set the standard with
the cadre because they’d trained VMI people before.” The week was designed to determine which candidates would be
able to successfully lead a team through Indoctrination, The Pipeline, and eventually into combat rescue operations. The
ratio of VMI graduates as operators in this career field speaks greatly to the type of officers VMI and AFROTC produces.
Cadet Bloomstrom said the selections week was “the hardest but most rewarding week of my life. The only thing that got
me through was faith that CRO is God’s plan for my life and relying on Him and all the support from friends and family.”
      AIR FORCE ASSOCIATION WEB SITE LINKS                                     Air Force Association
                      AFA National: (                              Roanoke Chapter 285
              Virginia AFA: (
        Roanoke Chapter 285 AFA: (
                                                                               Star City of the South
     Roanoke Chapter 285 Officers - Year 2008-2009
President/VP Membership:
       James H. McGuire       540-343-7300          (
Vice President:
       Jim Tubbs              540-463-7024     (
       Thomas B. Moncure      540-463-9316              (
       Kevin Fuccella         540-529-8127              (
V.P. Aerospace Education:
       Paul Richardson        540-473-3976          (    VP for Newsletter
V.P. for Programming
       Scott P. Van Cleef *   540-473-8681            (
V.P. Communications:                                                            Robin Thompson
       John F. Ree**          540-772-4446                    (    120 Serenity Drive
V.P. Newsletter:
       Robin L. Thompson      540-460-7143   (      Glasgow, VA 24555
V.P. Veterans Affairs:
       William T. Harry       540-387-0866             (
V.P. Special Programs                                                           Phone: 540-460-7143
       George W. McKay        540-365-7208            (

* National Director   ** State Vice President (West Region)

     Quarterly Virginia AFA Chapter Meeting Reservation Form
             Saturday 11 Apr 09 ( CUT-OFF DATE: 4 Apr 09)
     Location: Vinton War Memorial 814 E. Washington Street, Vinton, VA 24179
Name:________________________________Phone. No:____________
Email address:_______________________________________________
  Members & Guests = $25.00 # of dinners: _____X $25.00 = $______
  Cadets/Students = $20.00 # of dinners: _____X $20.00 = $______
          Donation for Roanoke Chapter’s Education Fund: = $______
           Donation for Cadet Sponsorship Program        = $______

                              Total Submitted:                            $___________
Reservations are required for the meeting. Please return form by 4 Apr 09
                     (Make checks payable to AFA Chapter 285)
Mail to: Kevin Fuccella, Treasurer, 648 White Oak Dr. Blue Ridge, VA 24064

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