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									          Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) Ltd.
          64 Bialik Blvd. P.O.B. 63
          Ramat-Hasharon, 47100, Israel
          Tel: 972-3-7606000
          Fax: 972-3-7606001
          E-mail: marketing@israel-weapon.com
          Website: www.israel-weapon.com


     Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) Ltd. was formerly the small        The company’s firearms are developed in close collaboration
     arms division of IMI (Israel Military Industries), before being   with the Israel Defense Forces. IWI and the IDF established
     privatized, and has been a leading firearms manufacturer          joint R&D teams to create these weapons, whose ultimate
     for over 60 years.                                                configuration is the product of ongoing interaction, field
                                                                       tests, and modifications resulting from combat requirements.
     IWI is part of a group of companies that develops and
     manufactures a wide array of products used by armies and          All our weapon systems are in compliance with the most
     law enforcement agencies everywhere.                              stringent MIL standards and ISO 9000.

     The company’s weapon systems include the UZI SMG,                 IWI’s firearms can be fitted with accessories such as
     JERICHO and BARAK pistols, the NEGEV light machine                telescopic sights, reflex or tritium sights, night vision
     gun, GALIL & GALIL ULTRA Assault Rifles, GALIL Sniper             equipment, and high-intensity flashlights, amongst others.
     Rifle, as well as the new TAVOR and MICRO TAVOR lines.
     All these firearms have been weapons of choice of top
     military units and law enforcement agencies throughout the


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