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									Surveyors and Spatial Sciences Institute Q150 Project
Positioning in the Park - Generic Unveiling Day Program (weekend suggested)

Set up:
Set up generator/s to provide power for loud speaker, PowerPoint presentations on
laptops in tents and possibly for some catering arrangements. Ensure someone
knows where the power outlets are in the location chosen.

Set up chairs at unveiling venue if thought necessary – these may be able to be
borrowed from/sponsored by schools, Service Clubs, CWA etc (remember that the
history angle of the occasion may attract senior members of the community, and we
have no way of shortening the speeches of the politicians!)

Set up tents if being used. Other venues could be a local hall, historical museum,
library or school.

Set up story boards, posters, hand outs etc in the venue. EPA and Emergency
Services have expressed interest in providing displays. The Land Museum will be
providing a set of story boards (about 12) on the subject of the Border Survey.
Where dates coincide, the displays can be shared around a number of venues.

Set up rostrum and loud speaker system (could be used for music later in the day to
attract people).

Make sure someone stays in each venue during the unveiling for security, and at
least one person is there throughout the day.

Have one or two people on hand to direct people to parking and to the unveiling.

Politicians, local dignitaries and public are invited to assemble for unveiling
ceremony of PSM and sign.

MC introduces speakers.

Premier or her representative unveils PSM and/or signage. (Unveiling kits can be

Ensure time for media to take photos and interview VIPs. Delegate a good
photographer from the Town Group to take photos suitable for print and online media
distribution later (via Wendy Moline, PR Consultant), and for SSSI internal use.

Arrange photo and interview opportunities with politicians and other dignitaries for
any local media attending.

Invite VIPs to stay and mingle with those attending (especially sponsors). If
necessary, move to Park location for further activities.

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If the venue is more than a couple of hundred metres away, it may be sensible to
have a morning tea on hand for the VIPs to encourage them to stay. We should
know how long the official Q150 representative/s have indicated they will be staying.

Announcement of day’s activities:

Brief description of venue topics and where to find it (if separate from where
unveiling takes place).

Handout map could be produced with other information on the project, particularly
local history, future of the professions etc.

      Outline of expedition with GPS. Again a map could be produced as a handout.
      Sausage sizzle or other catering (Town Groups are encouraged to liaise with
       Service Groups, schools and/or CWA to cater for the event. This will spread
       the network of awareness into other sectors of the community. These groups
       should be happy to do so for free if they can keep the proceeds. Or grant
       funds/sponsorship could provide for a free sausage sizzle etc).
      Invitation to enter draw for a prize – sponsored donation of a hand-held GPS
       or in-car or in-boat navigator (depending on location). Prize to be drawn at the
       end of the day.

Clean up:

Clean up venue and return borrowed/hired equipment.

The displays could be moved to schools and/or community libraries (if not already
there) for the remainder of the week.

Wendy Moline at or
Susan Harris at
are happy to help adapt this to a particular Town Group’s activities.

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