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									Rising Hip Lawsuits in Canada

        Hip recall class action lawsuits for implanted hip system continues to file up. Most of the cases
were rooted with device break down and the excruciating pain associated with faulty hip implants. The
paper though refused to name the companies involved, it make me certain that they might be referring
J&J. Depuy hip recall class action had been quite the headlines in the past years.

        Due to technology advancements, Canada’s life expectancy had risen. This had prompted elderly
to sought hip replacement surgery in high hopes of having a comfortable and convenient mobility. And I
believed that the same reason had been used by US and UK recipients as well.

        To date, a minimum of four class action lawsuits had been filed against hip systems
manufacturers. Based on an interview conducted by the affected individuals, they stated that their
condition worsened after the joint surgery instead of feeling better.

        In fact one case had caught my attention. Rob Desborough, a resident of Pictou, Nova Scotia
where his implant fell apart while gardening. Just like the other 93,000 affected individuals of hip recall,
there had been a major changes in their lifestyle wherein strenuous activities is a big no because of the
nagging pain that constantly pricks them.

         Who’s to blame with this amiss you might want to ask? Asking the view of the medical
community just created a near-deadlock situation and clearly cannot be considered a huge help among
bewildered public and victims alike. Indeed it is hard to tell that lifespan of a certain medical device. Let
alone, humans will not make a reliable testing portal since every individual have different level of
activity. Hip implants in this case indeed will react differently from one person to another.

         So what would this mean to public, especially to elderly who are planning to undergo a hip
surgery in the future? The government and the medical sector must be vigorous enough to warn the
public that even approved medical devices is still considered high risk.

        It will help too if surgeons will tell their patients that no matter how careful the operation was
done still it is unforeseeable that the device will perform well over time.

       Another thing too is that doctors and patients must discuss details regarding the surgery
beforehand to ensure that both parties have a mutual understanding on the outcome.
        As for the victims of recalled hip replacements, the current law surrounding it is not enough.
They insists a mandatory tracking of implants and how the patient is dealing with it through the years
to ensure that the implanted health device is performing well and to ensure that the patient is
in the pink of health in general.

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