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					Motorcycle Accident Lawyer
One of the most common questions about motorcycle accidents is, "Should I hire an
attorney?" The answer, without question, is yes.

Philadelphia, Jan 27, 2012 -- One of the most common questions about motorcycle
accidents is, "Should I hire an attorney?" The answer, without question, is yes.
Motorcycle accidents are among the most debilitating auto accidents a person can be
involved in. Evidence suggests that over two-thirds of all motorcycle accidents are
caused by drivers of other vehicles violating a biker's right of way.
When a motorist hits your motorcycle, the end result is almost always catastrophic
personal injury. Worse still, riders are 27 times more likely to die in an accident
caused by another motorist. If you or a family member have been injured, or a loved
one has been killed in a motorcycle accident, a dedicated attorney can help make sure
the responsible party is held accountable and full compensation is granted.
Motorcycle Accident Injuries
In rare cases, motorcycle accidents will result in little more than bumps and bruises.
This is rare because motorcycles provide no protection against the ground or the
impact from another vehicle. Even with safety equipment such as helmets, gloves,
and leather pants, impact with the ground almost always proved unforgiving.
Common motorcycle accident injuries include:
• Spinal cord and back injuries
• Brain injuries
• Internal damages
• Amputation
• Serious burns
• Deep lacerations
Most of these injuries will result in long-term medical and rehabilitation expenses.
They can prohibit you from working, force you to modify your living arrangements,
interfere with your quality of life, and cause untold emotional and physical pain and
Insurance companies will do everything possible to minimize your settlement
knowing how expensive paying actual damages can be. Your attorney will never
back down to an insurance company. He will fight around the clock, taking into
account the full extent of your damages, and seek the maximum compensation you
and your family are due.
If you have lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident, an attorney can seek damages
including end of life expenses, related medical expenses, projected future income and
financial contributions, and loss of companionship. Again, insurance will not offer
you the real amount you are due. Only an aggressive motorcycle accident lawyer can
work to ensure you are treated fairly and provided with everything you will need to

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