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					                                     PRESS RELEASE
                 Indesit Company wins the 2006 “Oscar di Bilancio”
              The Company’s 3rd Oscar for excellence in communication

Milan, 29th November 2006 – Indesit Company won the 2006 “Oscar di Bilancio” in
the Corporate Governance category for its handling of change required by new
legislation and growing awareness of ethical business concepts.
Organized and promoted by FERPI (Federazione Relazioni Pubbliche Italiana) and
chaired by Prof. Angelo Provasoli, Magnifico Rettore of the Bocconi University, the
award will be handed over toady, at 5.30 pm, in the prestigious venue of the Italian
stock exchange - Borsa Italiana - in Piazza Affari, Milan.
The Corporate Governance category, of great interest to the entire business
community, was introduced this year. The Award is open not only to large but also
small and medium size companies.
Indesit Company won the award in this new category for its outstanding corporate
governance reporting in terms of legibility, completeness and clarity. The Company’s
compliance with best practice – national and international – was judged exemplary
regarding the Board of Directors and its transparent working, appointment of
statutory auditors, the various supervisory committees within the Board and the
efficacy of the procedures they adopt, as well as fully effective compliance with
Borsa Italiana’s Code of Self Discipline.
This is the 3rd “Oscar di Bilancio” the Company has won, after the Financial
Communication award in 2001 and the On line Financial Communication award
in 2002. Further demonstration, therefore, of the excellence achieved by Indesit
Company in communication with its stakeholders.

Indesit Company is Europe’s second and the world’s fifth biggest manufacturer of household
appliances. Founded in 1975 by the current chairman Vittorio Merloni and listed on the Milan
stock exchange since 1987, the Group posted sales of over €3 billion in 2005, having turned out
over 14 million appliances. Indesit and Ariston are the Company’s two international brands. Its
other brands - Hotpoint, Scholtès and Stinol – are the best known in the UK, France and Russia
respectively. Indesit Company operates through 18 production facilities and 22 commercial
branches worldwide and employs over 17,000 people.

For information: Federico Ziller, tel. 0732 662432 – 335 7555508, e-mail:; Chiara Iasiuolo, tel. 0732 662048 – 335 1093601, e-mail:

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